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September 2008 email Newsletter
The Brighter the Light
the more dirt you can see
(and a thought for September 11 meditations)

September is always a little crazy. There is a rush to finish up summer activities and simultaneously start the school year here in the Northern Hemisphere. At the same time we are concluding a nearly two month period of being awash in Sacred Masculine energies from the Sirius stars.

In a culture more in tune with the seasons and astrological energy flows, this might translate into setting oneself in quiet meditation during the heat of the day in order to hear the next step to take later. Utilizing the Sacred Masculine energies that come to the planet, and so to each of us every year, is a task that we, as humans, are just beginning to comprehend. These energies offer us a potential to create something without having to recreate what already is. More on that, and links to two free Sound Healings, in the article below.

I want to be sure that you know about a
Full Moon Meditation in Ann Arbor (Sept 13). This meditation we will focus on using the emotional energies around Sept 11 and ask "What is their next step?" "How do the energies of the event want to be now?"

I feel that continuing to look back means we aren't looking forward and letting transformation take place to the full extent possible. We can utilize the Sacred Masculine energies that have accumulated in our plane of reality since July 23, and act as conscious stewards for 'the next step'. If you feel drawn, please join me, in person or long-distance.

Ann Arbor, MI
Saturday, Sept 13 from 7:30-9:30pm
Full Moon Gathering: A Chant and Meditation Evening

And for those of you in OTTAWA and TORONTO
I'm also singing two types of healing concerts in Ottawa. One is in a big beautiful church in cottage country. The evening concert starts in twilight, and will move into complete candlelight (Sept 26). The next night I'm in Old South Ottawa at the home of Paula Norman. This is more improvisation, channeling and mediation.

I'll stay in Ottawa to offer
Private Healing Sessions Sunday and maybe Monday, Sept 28-29. I'll also offer Private Healing Session in Toronto on Oct 1-2. Please be in touch if you wish to reserve an appointment time. Tickets and more info for both concerts are available on my Calendar page.

And yes, tickets for my early December concert and workshop in Portland Oregon are now on sale. See the
Calendar page.

onto the official article------

The Brighter the Light, the more Dirt you can see
(a true story)
-Norma Gentile

The other day I was waiting for a client to arrive. As I stood in the hallway, I noticed the sunlight pouring in a window it seldom shines through. The sunbeams slide underneath a couch, glinting off of the beautiful natural wood floor, and illuminating a pile of cat vomit. Yes, a fur-ball. And yes, there is a spiritual message here.

I sighed very deeply. I had just cleaned. And I had missed it. Totally missed it. Until the setting sun was at just the right angle to reach all the way underneath the couch, I had no clue it was there. It was nice and dry. It probably dated from a few weeks earlier, when I had heard that infamous sound of a cat releasing a fuzzy fur-ball.

Upon hearing the cat's cough, I had dutifully pulled myself out of a sound sleep. I walked through every room of the house. Turning on all of the lights, I searched for the inevitable warm slippery pile of kitty fur and dinner remains. For me, the one thing worse than cleaning up a fur-ball at 3am is finding it with my bare feet during my morning somnabulance. And yes, I wanted to check on my kitty, to make sure he was comfortable.

As I gazed at the now setting sun and what it illuminated underneath the couch the doorbell rang. I didn't have time to fetch the hairball, as my client had arrived. The sun was setting, and I knew that within a few minutes the area under the couch would no longer be visible. I made a mental note to move the little couch later, and give the floor a good cleaning.

Why share this story? Besides giving away that I am a cat person and perhaps not the Martha Stewart of housekeeping, I mean to point out an opportunity we are given each year with the arrival of a special Light.

Each year the Sirius stars provide our solar system with a surge of energy. From about July 23-September 17 there is an influx of Sacred Masculine energies into our planet from Sirius. These energies build and peak in the middle and third week of August, slowly fading away by the end of September.

While we are bathed in these energies, they provide us with an abundant amount of Light that reveals what other Light does not let us see. Just as I could not see the cat's fur-ball under the couch with regular lighting, there are personal issues which the Sirius energy illuminates for us that we normally cannot feel or see.

For this reason, I invite you to consider what you have noticed is most 'up' for you in August and early September. What issue or issues do you feel like you are tripping over? Pay particular attention, my Hathor guide Atamira says, to 'whatever you don't want to deal with, because you already dealt with it.'

It's like having to do again something that you feel you just did. I felt a great, deep sigh of resignation about having to clean under the couch, again, when I thought I was done cleaning. So too, we often address an issue, go as far as we can with it, and assume we are done.

It's hard, especially for some of us (like me) to remember that it isn't a failure on our part when an issue reappears. It means that we worked the issue or situation as far as we could with the tools and experience we had at the time. The re-emergence of an old pattern into our lives means that we are allowing the Light to shine even more brightly. And we can now see more than we could before. It also means that this is an issue or situation our soul is choosing to change. Our personality may or may not want to change it.

As you listen to the sound healings, know that whatever you are noticing and addressing now in your life comes because you are ready. Not just to change yourself, but also to give a gift. Every time we change, we offer that change to the pattern or situation itself.

Every time you or I change, the energy that makes up that pattern is freed from its form and can itself change. Every energy is in a cycle of evolution or involution. All That Is is learning from itself. When we change, we also set free the energies of that same pattern which were in our bodies or energy field to continue on their own journey. When we release these patterns onto their own sacred path, we experience an uplift ourselves. This is the healing sigh that often comes just after a sound healing. Just as we desire to grow, so do all energy patterns desire to move into their next step of growth.

If you want to read more about this healing process, please see my article
Escorting Energies Homeward
This is what you will experience during my concerts, workshops and individual sessions.

Have a listen to this month's sound healings

1. A Cricket's Serenade for Your Heart (piano and voice)

I love sitting down and just playing piano, letting whatever wants to come out express through my hands and voice. I am not as trained at playing piano as at singing. Sometimes this means that when the guides suggest certain harmonies, my mind lacks the speed to remember that 'oh no, you can't play that note with this other note'. As I result I wade right into odd harmonic patterns and eventually find my way back out into a comfortable musical clarity.

As an energy healer, I know that those moments of tension, created by the journeying into odd harmonies, are what help to free the mind to think new thoughts, and let the body bring to the surface those tensions that are not serving its health. As you listen, be aware that these moments of discordance are intentional, and are meant to shake a little something loose in your mind and body. Ideally, you are just a little bit different after each listening.

I made these two recordings in my home. As I was recording I found a cricket happily accompanying me. After several tries, I gave up thinking that I had to record without him helping. I sang to him as he sang to me. He seemed to enjoy this song the most, so I dedicate it to him. Enjoy!

2. Opening the Door (voice and Tibetan bowl)

My Hathor guide, Atamira, moves through my voice most easily in very simple formats. Slow notes, accompanied by a single Tibetan Singing Bowl, let us both concentrate on conveying patterns of intentional energies in the music. Close your eyes, and feel how the sound baths you. Remember, each time your body sighs, a small bit of healing has been received.

-Norma Gentile
(with a little help from Atamira, my Hathor guide)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N O R M A' S    E V E N T S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Private Healing Sessions
available in SE Michigan or by phone to other locations now until Sept 23
(Sun Sept 14 reserved for out of towners)

Ann Arbor, MI
Saturday, Sept 13 from 7:30-9:30pm
Full Moon Gathering: A Chant and Meditation Evening

Ottawa, Canada
Friday, Sept 26 Candlelight Meditation Concert (Eganville)
Tickets online now
Saturday, Sept 27 Private Home Healing Concert (Ottawa)
Tickets online now
Sun-Mon, Sept 28-29
Private Healing Sessions

Wed-Thurs Oct 1-2 Private Healing Sessions

Phone Meditation
Tuesday, October 14 at 8pm-9pm Eastern (New York City time)
Full Moon Free Telephone Meditation

Information and meditations from Norma and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira.

Portland, Oregon ------- December 5-8

Friday, December 5 at 8pm
SONGS of SPIRIT: a Candlelight Concert of live sound healings
at The Old Church. Tickets online now $20 at door.

Saturday, Dec 6 from 10am-1pm
Embodying Healing Sounds Workshop
held at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
Tickets $35 now, $45 later

Sun-Mon, Dec 7-8

Private Healing Sessions

Coming Soon
Retreat Weekend near Madison/Chicago

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