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September 2007 Email Newsletter
Fresh Financial Breezes
you may want to listen to the podcast Healthy Wealth

Dear Friends

We are in the midst of a fresh breeze blowing. It is on and off, but do you feel it? This is the breeze that we can turn and face now, and choose as our new shared way of living.

Watch the news, listen to people talking, and listen to what you yourself are saying! You can feel when you are experiencing the old way of being (its 'their' fault, 'they' did this to me) versus the new way of being (I'm open to hearing ideas, I know I need to do this differently).

As we all embrace a fresh breeze of ownership of our lives we will find that we are offered opportunities to make new choices. I find that when I feel I have no options, it is usually because I have not been open to seeing possibilities. The more I insist that something must happen in a certain way, the more I limit the possibilities that Spirit might touch in my own mind, or let me hear by bringing ideas to me through others.

The telephone meditation last week yielded an interesting focus on creating with this new breeze of energy a global system of Healthy Wealth. I would encourage you to listen to it, and utilize the meditations. Not to become a personal millionaire and remove yourself from the current financial turmoil. Rather to become a vessel for the flowing of spirit and money through you, and therefore for the building of the new sacred economy. You can find it at iTunes (under podcasts, and search for my name) or listen to it from your computer or download it at Yes, please share this email and podcasts with friends.

One aspect of this fresh breeze, is that financial structures (i.e. corporations and businesses) founded on non-sacred principles are crumbling. The breeze is going to continue. For these non-sacred business structures, it will become a gale force wind. There may be moments where it seems the old way of making money has returned, but these are merely moments. The global economy, has become the economy of each of us. The US mortgage problem affects the EU, and China's method of producing goods will be a major factor in the rest of the world seeing the ugliness in creating out of power, rather than out of love and compassion. The damage that China has done and is doing to the planetary eco-system rivals and is now surpassing all that the US and its related manufacturing systems has done. And the revelation of this damage is the awakening, the clarion call, to which businesses worldwide will respond

Watch for this shift in about two years time. This new breeze is just now starting. As more and more people feel it, move with it, and enjoy facing into it, the impulses towards creating with Spirit are drawn out of us. Have you seen the bliss and joy dogs experience when they ride in a car and can poke their heads out of a window? Their eyes closed, their skin and jowls and ears stroked back by the wind so it looks like they have a great big smile on their face. And maybe they do. In time, this new breeze will become stronger. And perhaps it will be we who are facing into it, loving the experience of feeling Spirit stroke our bodies, minds, and hearts.

When this new breeze wafts into your daily life, let yourself notice and feel its gentleness. The solar eclipse on Sept 11 is the doorway into this new breeze. We will have many months after that (until June 08) to learn how to use this new breeze. It is now that by our actions, our thoughts and our hearts, we choose the new breeze over the old.

My love and care to each of you,

-Norma with Atamira (a Hathor guide)

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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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