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September 2006 Email Newsletter
What have we Wrought?
Choosing Fear or Compassion as building blocks of our life.

We are in the midst of the final week of a cycle that has been challenging. And this final week is very potent.

Here in the US, and elsewhere, media reports lure us into a remembrance of fear and grief. These are emotional expressions that we are meant to use as catalysts for change. When we are fed them, over and over, our immune systems and central nervous systems gradually retune themselves to a lower and lower frequency of consciousness.

Expressing our own personal sorrow always moves us forward. Expressing and re-expressing another's sorrow leads us into an unending loop of that emotion. We cannot transform what is not truly ours to transform. We can, however, be aware of our own strength, and continually ask if the emotions and thoughts we experience are our own.

Mary has this to say:

Especially during a time when the focus of the world is (seemingly) upon one issue, it is useful to contain within your vision All That Is, for truly God/Spirit/All That Is contains more than the one issue before you at this moment.

All That Is desires no outcome other than the revelation of True Love. For this was the race of humanity created to reveal the myriad and complex virtues of the Creator. God is the expression of consciousness of All Life within your Universe. And so as you worship, allow your heart and attention to fall open before the revelation of that True Love. Whether that True Love falls open to your eyes in the eyes of another, or in the moment of a glorious picture of earthly heaven before you, the Creator Being from which you spring, and to whom you belong, is 'well-pleased'.

Of all the gifts humans offer to us, who dwell among the stars on the other side of your veil (for it is not a veil we have placed upon the earth, but one to which you agreed to place upon yourselves), the gifts of sincerity, honesty and forthrightousness are prized. Be true and honest to yourself first, and all else will follow.

My blessings fall upon you as dew showers,
-Mary Magdalene

The lunar eclipse on September 7th ended a long period of 'over-spilling' of Sacred Masculine into our planet. I believe it also marked a stationing of the sometimes planet Pluto. Within esoteric science, Pluto represents Death. It is the sort of death that means releasing what we are holding onto and forces us to transform ourselves into something new. It's the sort of Death that our Soul brings into our life when we are ready for the next step. Not surprisingly at all, it's the sort of change that we most resist. I am not surprised that in order to increase Pluto's impact this year, there has been so much media attention to its status as a planet. What we give our attention to, grows.

Last spring I was shown by Archangel Michael that the solar eclipse on September 22 will mark the 'slamming of the door' on certain ways of being. This information, combined with the strength of Pluto this year, leads me to feel that a major shift of the world consciousness is imminent.

The sensation of ungroundedness, of being unable to focus or simply not caring enough to focus, are side effects of this. About July 23 each year our solar sun aligns with the Sirian sun (A or B) and this opens the floodgates for Sacred Masculine energies to enter our solar system. This lasts until about September 17.

What does this look like? We experience lots of activity, creative urges, flashes of awareness and ideas born of the expanding new consciousness that becomes available during this time.

Starting in 2002, and lasting until at least 2014, this annual event will intensify. Our charge as humans is to create a space to receive all of the Sacred Masculine energies that pour into our world. It is the chalice, or grail, of the Divine Feminine that is able to receive the Sacred Masculine.

When the quantity of Sacred Masculine energy exceeds the size of the chalice of Divine Feminine we have prepared, there is an overflow. When the Sacred Masculine energies are not able to be received, they spill out. Much like ocean waves boil as they roll up against the beach, the Sacred Masculine energies boil over and stir up everything. Have you ever tried to stand against a wave as it begins to fall over itself and break at the beach? It takes a wave of very little height to pull the sand right out from underneath your feet, while the receding water pulls you face first into the surf. If you are out a bit further in the ocean, even a small whitecap forming along the top of the wave sweeps you into its path.

And so the energies of the past three weeks have been sweeping all of us off of our collective feet. As we approach the closing of the Sirian Portal on September 17, we experience a slowing of the flow of Sacred Masculine energies. What is being offered can be contained by the quantity of Divine Feminine that we have built, both individually and collectively.

I point this out so that in future years during the time of late August and early September we might each remember that it is our ability to generate the Divine Feminine that allows us to embrace the Sacred Masculine energies that are overwhelming us. It is the place of the Feminine to come before the Masculine now.

Is it not funny that the Christian Bible story of creation has been interpreted as woman being created from man? My understanding is that the story of Eve being created from Adam's rib actually alludes to the creation of the human race from a physical, third dimensional race, signified by the rib of Adam, and from a non-physical (or perhaps more largely energetic) race, who gave their consciousness to us. In this manner Adam's rib became the form of our race, but our consciousness is descended from these Creator Beings.

The patterns of energetic creation are repeated in both the micro and macro versions of our lives. In order for us to manifest, we must utilize principles that are considered masculine as well as principles that are considered feminine. And yet when we are conceived, we are always conceived into a female body. The determination of gender comes later, as the testicles either form and descend, or fail to descend and are reabsorbed into the fetus' body. In Nature's scenario, man is therefore only and always a woman first. As in the energetic scenario we are experiencing, where the awakening of the Divine Feminize within us allows for the entrance and absorption of the Sacred Masculine.

And so Thoth and others tell me that it is our ability to create and maintain a chalice of Divine Feminine energy that determines our ability to accurately and easily receive the guidance that the Sacred Masculine provides.

Certainly the past few weeks have proven this to me. The quality overall has felt uneven and unsteady. The froth created by the spilling over of the Sacred Masculine energies has clouded vision and created unsteadiness all around us. Within these sensations it is easy to create merely from the head and from rote habit. Doing anything, merely because you have done it before, is an act of the non-sacred or profane masculine. It is up to us to maintain consciousness of why we are choosing to do or behave a certain way. With conscious choice comes our ability to act as the Creator Beings we are meant to mirror.

And how we choose, what we choose, and why we choose things has a lot to do with where our focus is. In fear, we are separated from spirit and from our knowing of ourselves as Creator Beings. Compassion for All Beings springs from the awareness that we are not separate. Therefore in having compassion, we recognize the falsehood of separation, and undercut the power upon which fear is built.

May each of you find a sweet moment of pleasure within the day,


Sept 17 Singing the Songs of Hildegard (Singshop),
Sept 30 Meditation Concert

Saturday, Oct 14 Concert St. John Evangelist Church
Sunday, Oct 15 2-5pm Sound Healing and Hildegard Workshop (same church)
Mon-Tues, Oct 16-17 Private Sessions

Practitioner's Workshop - Sound Shamanism Nov 4-5
Private Healings Sessions (mid-town) Nov 6-7

Ann Arbor Nov 18 The Conscious Singer


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