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September 2004 Email Newsletter
Living Ahead


First, a few words for new friends in Colombia….Para la gente residente en Villa de Leyva,

Tantas gracias doy a todos Uds., por un viaje dentro del corazon, y dentro de la tierra a la qual estan guardando y cuidando para nuestro mundo. He pasado una temporada muy especial, y espero regresar en unos meses, como los ciclos y Uds. me traen.

Hay aqui mi 'Monthly Newsletter" (una breva cuenta de pensamientos y noticias que sale cada mes por e-correo) en ingles. Si quiere leerla en espanol, esta tambien puesta en mi website,, bajo "Boletin de noticias Mensual del email" El sitio tiene un sistema de traduccion a espanol (y otro siete idiomas) y claro, estoy buscando alguien para hacer las traduciones mas comprehesibles!

Si usted quisiera recibir este email mensual directamente satisfaga la contestación a Asimismo, si usted preferiría no recibir este boletín de noticias sepamos eso también. Yo se que yo no tengo todos los e-correos de amigos en Villa de Leyva. Si haya alguien a quien le parezca gustaria recibirla, por favor enviesela.

Mil abrazos y besos a cada uno de Uds quien han calientando mi corazon con amor, llenando mi cuerpo con sonrisas, y escuchando a mis cuentas de fantasmas con patientia. Que le pase a cada uno con gracia verdadera del espiritu.

And now for a bit of English---

Living Ahead (Viviendo Adelante)

Having spent just a bit more than two weeks living in the Andes, I am keenly aware of the power of intention and unconscious manifestation we as humans have been gifted with. Our ability to create outside of God, as well as within, is evident in such sacred sites.

The town I was in, Villa de Leyva, was brought to my attention by the techno-music shaman Mauricio Ardila.

It is built upon a sacred meeting point of energies, both third and fourth dimensional. There are numerous energy vortexes all around, and in it. Naturally, a church was built on each primary sacred energy site, including where we were recording.

Originally these sacred energy sites were meant to be used as journeying locations. Places to enter only after cleansing and setting the mind, body and emotions to a state of clarity not typical during day-to-day life. After passing whatever rituals or meditations needful in the vortex or area of sacred energy, one would descend from the mountain, returning to normal life, and bringing back the gifts and insight of the time spent with the sacred land.

An ancient sacred land near the town holds a special vortex whose tuning gifts humanity by creating from the conscious and unconsciousness of those near it. As Europeans settled and lived in the energy, their day-to-day living thoughts have been the structure for the vortex energy. As the energy passes through their belief structures, it naturally manifests physical reality.

The same thing happens here, and all over the planet. Living outside of a vortex simple means we have a longer time between what we think and what we experience. I would say that gives us the ability to correct the course of our life a bit more easily.

Prayer is the power of spirit to manifest. Our prayers are the structure through which spirit moves. When we limit our prayers to asking for a determined outcome, we limit the movement of spirit. When we pray using a question, 'What does this want to look like?" or "What is the next step that this event would evolve into being?", we open the floodgates for spiritual energies to flow unrestricted into a situation.

When we pray with a question, it is not our individual capacities and energies that are being exerted upon a person or situation, but the power of Creation. When we pray with a question, "What is the next step for this person or situation?" we act as stewards of God in human form. We allow spirit to move through us into the human world.

We close our capacity as creators when we ask for specific outcomes to events or circumstances. We open more fully to be the conduits for the creative energies of spirit when we use questions. "How does this want to look?" empowers the situation to evolve according the energies of all present in it, including the Earth herself. "What do I need to know?" let's wisdom, the art of the sacred masculine embedded in the Divine Feminine, into both your heart and mind. "What is mine to do here?" lets your personal heart lead you in how to interact with the situation at hand. What society says is polite to do and what is truly yours to do usually differ. If you are being pulled away from what is yours to do, who will then do your part?

If you respond to need by being pulled into it, who will stand apart and lovingly release the energies of need and neediness?

You cannot heal these or any other energies from within them or by taking them on. They can only be healed (released) by those not channeling them, but having compassion for them and the larger vision that allows them to see, along with the human healer, the way home. This larger vision allows them to leave.


Now back to the Andes &endash;

My tour guide and techno-music shaman (someone who is a recording engineer and techno geek and shaman) arranged for us to record each night in a church that was originally part of a nun's cloister. It had an odd echo in the rear &endash; the echo actually went flat as it faded. Together asked the Nature Spirits of the sanctuary and the land beneath it, as well as the pure energy of Nature, to build a sphere around the room. I then created a MerKaBa, and invited the consciousness of those beings supporting the recording project to enter it. Not surprisingly, the Melchizedek energy arrived, and filled the MerKaBa at the front of the church. After a few minutes had passed, a turbulence in the energy at the rear of the church drew our attention. Mauricio placed a portal just outside of the church for all energies that wanted to move heavenward or earthward from the town. The echo became even flatter. We stopped recording, and sat again with the energy. Suddenly there was a dark, swirling cloud emerging out of the rear corner of the church. Thickening, it swallowed the tones I was singing to it. I asked Archangel Michael and the Melchizedek beings to assist, and forgave it, on behalf of other humans, for any fright or harm that it had accidentally caused humans. At that thought of forgiveness, it freed itself from the stones of the church and left. In that same place emerged an egg shaped glow, warm and gentle to the heart. Feminine in its core, this was the presence of Divine Nature, balancing the Melchizedek's structure.

And so each night the Melchizedek sang a song through me, and the Divinity of the Feminine answered in another song. We closed as the dawn approached, and I opened to allow whatever was most needful to be given voice through me. Each dawn, a new song emerged, and was recorded.

As the energies built in the room, the echo no longer went flat, and the acoustic balanced itself more and more easily. True, a microphone burned out when the electrical system overloaded, but it was fine by the next day. (I guess some of the healing guides supporting the recording were Mauricio's, him being the techno-music shaman)

During the day I witnessed layer upon layer of spiritual beings living in the village of Villa de Leyva. Most inhabited the same physical space as humans, but at the 4th dimensional level. The difference between the physical 3rd and energetic 4th dimensions is minimal in this town. Shadows moved and walked about openly and visibly to my normal eyes. Trees rustled and fruit fell from them as groups of beings moved about.

Some of these beings were loving, in a way that my heart opened and I welcomed their presence. Many were palpable, visible shadows in pure sunlight, but not in resonance with my heart.

From these, Mauricio and I found ourselves being asked for aid. After recording until dawn, we often sat in the garden to meditate together, closing the energies of the recording session. The last night as we meditated we were approached by two groups of beings. One was of native elders, and the other a gathering of spiritual beings trapped within our Earth. The house we were living in contained these energies (as my 3rd dimensional mind can understand it) in the stones of the oldest room. These same energies were also stored in an ancient tomb-temple that we visited (another day, another story).

Just as a humans at some time had judged these energies wrong, we were being asked to sit with them, and from a point of oneness, help them to go home. As we did this it was our choice to do this, and yes, we could have simply given into the fear of the physical sensation and sounds around us as this occurred. (OK, I could have, Mauricio was probably used to it)

The rush of wind and energy past us lasted a few minutes, as multitudes of beings traveled through the connection that we as humans offered. Because humanity had been part of why they were here, a human (or humans) had to thank and release them. And so we did.

The sun rose as we finished, and after a few (very few) hours sleep, I awoke. The air in the house was crystalline. I was no longer using effort to walk through the thick air of the kitchen. The musty odor was gone from the lower level. Mauricio and I walked into the old room of the house, and found it physically warm (although the thick stone walls were cool to the touch). The sun streamed through the single window, and the bedspreads were glowing in the fresh light. Could this be the room that a friend had fled from just a week ago? And that was so dank and dark that we refused to use it?

The property manger came over a few hours later, and we sat chatting over coffee, waiting for the van to arrive to drive us back to Bogota. The manager smiled and shrugged his shoulders when we mentioned the energy activities in the house. He commented that he had never witnessed anything amiss while living there as a caretaker. The doorbell, a uniquely crafted metal bell about the size of a large cowbell, began to sound. It was visible from the kitchen table where we sat, watching it sway from side to side. Through the open door, it was evident that no one was present to pull on its cord. At least, no one we could easily see.

And so I have no doubt many layers of spirits will continue to cohabitate sacred areas of the earth with humans. As Gaia, the earth, ascends into her next step more and more of the planet will resemble this small village; where thoughts and reality merge, and we will be touched on the shoulder by all types of spirits, including those asking us for help to return home.

My best and brightest blessings to each of you. Should you be in an area I am traveling to I will be most glad to see you in person.

-Norma Gentile




See for complete listing


Ypsilanti, MI


Saturday, September 18, 2-5pm


734-330-3997 or, $35 suggested donation.


September 5-22

PRIVATE HEALINGS available in person or by phone, 734-330-3997 or,




Boston, MA


September 24 , 8pm

CANDLELIGHT MEDITATION CONCERT of healing chants by Hildegard of Bingen First Parish Church, 225 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA

Tickets $15 at the door or in advance. Sponsored by One Heart Space. Please see their website for directions and tickets order form, or call 978-337-4686.


September 25, 1-4pm

SOUND SHAMANISM AND HEALING WORKSHOP Experiential, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools.

First Parish Church, 225 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA

Cost: $40 at the door or in advance. Sponsored by One Heart Space. Please see their website for directions and registration form, or call 978-337-4686.


September 26-28


978-337-4686 or One Heart Space. Sessions will be in Beverly, just north of Boston.



Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Saturday, Oct 9, 1:45-2:30pm

Divine Revelry: A Meditation Concert of Hildegard von Bingen

Recital Hall-Newman Center, part of the Hildegard von Bingen Symposium


October 9-10 in Muncie, IN

Private Healing Sessions

734-330-3997 or



(Sponsored by Starlight Events.. or 416-873-1514)



Fri, Nov. 12, 8pm The Church of the Holy Trinity (near Eaton Centre)



Sunday, November 14th, 10am-6pm


Becoming an audible channel for Spirit. Experience carrying your unique spiritual energies in your voice and body to others for healing.

Emmanuel Chapel,Victoria University U of T

Cost is $88+ GST $77 with pre registration or $44 for 10AM-1:30PM


November 13, 15-17


Setting a healing intention (as I will teach in the Sound Shamanism Workshop) lets you receive whatever healing and change you desire. The energy and information that comes to you during your healing is recorded onto a tape.


Portland, OR


January 28th, 8pm

CANDLELIGHT MEDITATION CONCERT of healing chants by Hildegard of Bingen in complete candlelight with Tibetan singing bowls, overtone chant and the sacred medieval Gregorian chants of Hildegard sung in The Old Church, with storyteller Anne Rutherford weaving tales of Hildegard and her own bravery.


January 29 or 30th


Experiential, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools.


January 31, February 1




Stretching into both music and Shamanic healing, Norma Gentile blends transmissions she receives from spirit with advanced sound healing. Her information comes from her experiences as a channel for Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathors, as well as her academic studies (master's degree in vocal performance). She has recorded three CDs, appeared on CBS TV, and has been profiled by NPR's All Things Considered and the Toronto Star.


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