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September 2003 Email Newsletter
Taking Advantage of the (energy) Times

Dear Friends,

We are entering what I find to be the most intense and exciting part of the annual Sirian Portal cycle. Coupled with the retrograde paths of Mercury and Mars, as well as the attention Mars is receiving from all of us, the splitting off of the traditional warrior path from the spiritual warrior path is becoming more apparent.

As the general media is making the population world wide aware of Mars, its influence is drawn into our collective psyche at a more and more conscious level. Events and energies reflect this awareness.

The annual cycle of the Sirian Portal opens the doorway between our Sun and the star Sirius A. This allows the Creator energy of our system's Father, Sirius, to flow directly into the earth.

This flow is at its highest point now. All that is not of the Sacred Masculine is under extreme pressure. Introspection and discomfort are natural ways of releasing from ourselves that which no longer serves. As we allow ourselves to release, there is room for the new.

This newsletter is going out early, as the next two to three weeks are primary times to utilize the energy of Mars, Sirius and all the other events to co-create your life. If there is pressure to release the old, it is because there are new patterns pushing through.

I myself have been looking at habits and assumptions. These are underlying daily energies that create the web of my life. I assume that they are unchangeable. &endash; largely because they are invisible to me. They are like the air that I breathe &endash; I only notice them when they truly are not pleasant.

One thread of habit that I have seen and noted in myself is the dependence on others to move and change as I move and change. Mentally I understand that if I wait for another to shift, I am only slowing myself down. In fact, if I move more fully into who I am and what I am here to do, it tends to act as an encouragement to others to do the same. So if I am wanting a partner or a family member to be more caring towards their health, the best thing I can do is examine the example that I am setting.

As a woman in this culture I was taught to care for others first. As a spiritual being, I know that when I care for myself, I create a field of love to which others may choose to resonate. This field of love extends across the planet, including to those not yet awake.

When I care for myself first, and give only what I genuinely love to offer, I create a stronger field. As the boundary of the field grows stronger, I know more clearly what is mine to do. I can contain more power.

Archangel Michael has been sitting in my heart for many months. It is his energy that I originally utilized to set my own heart boundaries. Now that has shifted. So as I am fond of saying at the end of healing sessions, I give you all permission to know that I have changed, and you don't have to change at all.

My schedule of events is below, and you can find the details on my website, under Itinerary.

Oh yes, as part of the shift I have cut my hair. Those of you that know me well know that I have had waist long hair since college. And I may again. For the moment however I am enjoying hair so short I don't even have to comb it out.

My best to each of you. If I can be of service please do be in touch.
-Norma Gentile


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