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September 2001 email Newsletter

Over the next 10 days or so you may notice a strong shift outwards. The emotional clearing that has been the mainstay of the summer is now coming to a close. Emotions serve as one of the mediums through which spirit flows. Because that medium is clearer now, our flow increases. And so we find that our desires manifest even more quickly. Whatever we have been working on this summer tends to come to fruition in the second half of September.

One of the main themes I've noticed is that of taking back one's own power. So often in our culture we think of power as being a linear, worldly masculine trait. But it has a larger, feminine aspect to it.

This female power is already present within all life. It merely waits for us to acknowledge it. In so doing, we invite it to support our bodies, letting the power of the physical be more balanced. And when we invite it into our lives, we release control, and allow the larger energies of spirit to gently lead us. So in an odd way, we take back our power by simply letting go of the beliefs/emotions. We don't really have to 'do' anything.

In considering grounding, I see that acknowledging the feminine allows the earth soul, which is the mirror of the heavenly soul, to more fully encompass and balance the physical body. No matter how much I've read, when I let my body do what it wants, rather than what it 'should', things flow much better. When this happens the amount of ease and relaxation increases. Certainly, we can use a bit more ease in how we think, as well as move.

For those who are watching the financial picture here in the US, Atamira assures me that we will begin to feel a change in November. Much of what is happening is the connection between emotions and finances - we in the US have much work yet to do in the emotional realm. The good news is that we aren't trading it off to other parts of the world to do for us, as we did with the Balkans for the past couple of years. Likewise, other 'developed' nations also have emotional aspects to consider. We are a global economy, not just financially but also energetically.

A forewarning - the emotional/mental shifts that were made this summer have the potential to play out again (the repetition of the spiral learning path) for a few weeks in February, 2002.

More than this, we simply acknowledge your continuing growth, and are glad to assist.

The planet has a series of events occurring on September 17th. It is of course Hildegard's feast day, the date of her passing. It is also the closing of the Sirian Portal (sacred male energy from Sirius has been flowing into the solar system since late July, and now slows until next summer). The 17th also is the new moon, and I believe there are two triune type alignments that appear as a MerKaBa in the sky during that time frame. Not to mention the fall equinox.

The work we've all done this summer will 'ground' into our lives in a through these events. To help move more easily into this process you might want to spend some time quietly outside, letting there be space for your inner knowing and appreciation for the physical.

For those of you in the Michigan area, I offer the opportunity to do this as a group, meeting in Ann Arbor on Wed, Sept 12. This is a chance to come together and consciously create with the new energies, using sound, visualization, and nature. This is open to all, but please let me know you are coming. For more info see below in the itinerary.

For those outside of the area I encourage you to join long-distance, or to find a group and create with sound, movement or meditation in a way that suits you, and with those who live in your area.

More info on this, as well as my travel schedule is below. If you would prefer not to receive this update please just let me know.

My blessing to you,
(with some help from Atamira)


(for details see:


Wed, Sept 12, from 7:30-9:30pm in Ann Arbor

I'll be singing, creating a sound healing with Atamira for everyone to start, and then leading a concise meditation to connect to guides for this evening. (they may be ones you know or new ones), Then we'll be breaking into chant circles and use our guides, our connection with Nature and our own voices.

Please RSVP via email or call 734-330-3997.
Cost is $30 at the door

Our hosts are Diana and Matt Chapman
2600 English Oak, off of Newport, near the Steiner School
PLEASE NOTE: this is a private home surrounded by natural forest. If the weather permits, we may move outside for a chant or two.


Sat, Sept 29, 3:30-4:30 Rochester, MI FREE DEMO

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival sponsored by PhenomeNEWS
I'll channel Atamira for a sound healing demo, and show you one method to connect to your own healing guides with sound.


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