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August 2004 Email Newsletter



Dear Friends,

During August 18 &endash; September 2ne I will be in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. Through a combination of spirit and people a beautiful location in a nature preserve adjacent to where the Kogi live has been made accessible. We will be recording at least one CD, and moving in and out of sacred natural spaces in the area. Musicians from the area, some indigenous folks, and not doubt some who live in the little town will join us. I don't know exactly what the form will be, but I feel the energy is rich and feminine with a purpose.

For those wanting to contact me, I will be offering sessions in person or by phone through this Saturday, August 14th, and then again starting September 5th. I will not have a phone in this lovely village that is playing host to us, but they have Internet cafes and state of the art uplinks. If you would like a session before I leave please call or email me. I do have time and spaces available.

We are in the time of year where motion and movement do not necessarily mean forward motion or nourishing and supportive movement. Until the middle of September, our solar sun is in alignment with the Sirian sun. This brings a flood of Sacred Masculine energies into our embrace. How we use them is up to us.

One of the hardest courses is to simply sit still with all the pulsing and churning energies. Yet, at least initially, that is needful so that each of us can hear exactly how to use these energies. This Sirian energy magnifies the structures (masculine elements) of our lives. Naturally, what works will flow more easily, what doesn't breaks down. AT the moment the planet Mercury is retrograde, which typically means chaos in communication and electrical items malfunctioning. I can vouch for the magnifying effect the energy of the Sirian portal is having on all of my correspondence, email, and elderly electronics.

On the plus side, this is a huge amount of Sacred, not mundane or worldly masculine energy. Its quality will assist us to further understand how to use power in a sacred manner in our world. In the US, the use of power as a tool of compassion is not yet understood. For those interested in what Thoth had to say about the upcoming elections, new articles will be on my website by the weekend. On a personal note, I would also encourage anyone not yet registered to vote in November to do so. A simple way to register is to call any candidate running for office (local or 800 numbers from website) and they will fall over themselves to help you.

The election is so much about whether we live in fear or in the energy of empowerment. The Sirian energy can be used to magnify both qualities between now and mid-September. And the choice is ours. The next full moon occurs as this potent energy is cresting in its influence upon us. What a lovely time to allow ourselves to sit in an expanded pool of both Divine Lunar Feminine and Sacred Solar Masculine energies.

I will be in the Andes Mountains of Colombia at that time. I have no doubt that the call for me to be there is a part of a larger picture I do not yet fully comprehend. I know that the land energy is exquisitely feminine. I am thrilled to have the opportunity and invitation to record in a nature preserve that adjoins the Kogi lands. We will be recording in a very old church within the preserve, as well as out in nature herself. There are sacred spaces in caves, waterfalls, and areas not yet seen where we will be traveling.

Longer articles will be posted on my website this weekend from Thoth and others that I have been receiving information from. The music that I am recording will debut in North America in Boston, then in Toronto. I have listed my fall events below, and complete information is on my website.

For those interested, a new link supporting Women for Women International is on my site. They sell hand-crafted items, made by women around the world, and return the money to the women. They educate, help women empower themselves, even when their culture doesn't empower them, and show them how to create their own economic and social networks. You can find them and their items under BOOKSTORE on a page called HEALTHY BODY &endash; there are links to free live food recipes, yoga tapes and live food books, as well.

I wish to each of the very best in the fullness, and stillness, of summer. I promise to write and share more when I return.

Blessings to each of you,


For complete information on events, please see my Itinerary


August 12-14, Ypsilanti, MI


734-330-3997 or


Aug 16-Sept 2 Andes Mountains, Colombia

A new CD, or perhaps two CDs, recording with musicians from the area, using sacred spaces, natural spaces, and honoring the sacred land.


September 5-20, Ypsilanti, MI


734-330-3997 or


Satruday, September 18, 2-5pm, Ypsilanti

HOME GATHERING $35 suggested donation, 734-330-3997 or




Sponsored by One Heart Space. Please see their website for directions and registration form, or call 978-337-4686. Events take place at First Parish Church, 225 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA



September 24 , 8pm,


Tickets $15 at the door or in advance..


September 25, 1-4pm $40



September 26-28,



October 6-9, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Hildegard von Bingen Symposium


October 6-10 in Muncie, IN


Sessions include both information and energy healing around your current issues, and can be extremely effective on chronic and deeply rooted issues. Sessions are one hour. recorded for you, and cost $145.

734-330-3997 or



TORONTO -- November 12-16

Sponsored by Starlight Events &endash; or 416-873-1514..


November 12, 8pm


The Church of the Holy Trinity next to the Eaton Centre. Tickets $15-$20


November 13 and 14th,

SOUND HEALING WORKSHOPS, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools.


November 15-16



PORTLAND, OREGON January 28 &endash; February 2

January 28


The Old Church, with Anne Rutherford, storyteller

January 29 or 30

SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools.

January 31, February 2 in Portland, OR






Florida, winter 2005

California, winter 2005


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