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August 2001 email Newsletter

As you are no doubt commenting to yourself, this update is coming in the middle rather than the beginning of the month. My sense of timing doesn't always run with the Gregorian calendar.....

You may have noticed this past week a shift in energies. What has been an inner work time for the past month is now turning outwards. All the clearing, updating and reassessing that has been done at an internal level (especially of emotions and out of date belief systems) is coming out. You may be intolerant of circumstances or behaviors, in yourself as well as others as a result.

Over the next month the inner work that has been done will become the outer world. What we no longer choose to live with will dissappear. The ease of its disappearance is up to us individually. If you have beliefs around change being hard or painful you may want to start asking yourself if this is actually your belief now, or is it left over from a learned family pattern or other external source?

One of the interesting things about this week, and I suspect this weekend and early next week, is that all of the inner work we have done is flowing, is in motion, outwards into our new reality.

I've seen an email (no, please don't send me more copies of it) stating that the world is ending Sept 17. What I believe people are sensing is that we are stepping, as a planet, as a whole, into yet a slightly higher level of reality. The inner work of the past month is flowing outward to create that reality now. September 17 (and the days around it) will be when the new reality 'sets' itself. We will then be in the new reality, until of course we move upwards yet again.

I am reminded by this email predicting the end (again) that it is easier to be reactive to information rather than sit and consider it deeply within. Keeping that in mind, I would share with you that over the past several weeks a shift has occured in my own life.

During a deep extended meditation I found a group of guides helping me to shift my overall aura. This has led to my using a completely Hathor version of my guide, Atamira, as well as a Hathor group working through me. I completed an agreement with Sri Yukteswar and have been able to integrate some of the sacred masculine energies that were opened to me.

If you've heard about my energy/sound healing sessions and have been waiting to sign up, perhaps this is the shift that you sensed was coming. If your internal sense is that what I do fits what would help you to serve yourself and others, I am available for phone and in person sessions now through mid-September. My travel schedule is below, and as always if you would prefer not to receive this update just let me know.

My blessing to you,
(with some help from Atamira)

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