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mid-July2007 Email Newsletter
What is the will of the Earth?

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, Saturday at 1pm Eastern time I'm offering and creating a time of meditation on Politics, Weather, and Emotions. I have no desire to push or influence, merely to open and create space for souls, including the soul of the Earth, to have their own way homeward.

Please join me, if this is also your desire.

I have found that whenever energy is expended, it returns. If one sends, one receives. From our mortal minds we tend to send what we think is unconditional love. When I sit with Spirit or with Nature, and ask them to show me their version of unconditional love, I always feel a dramatic upliftment. And, they say, there is more. I am just not capable or ready in my human form to experience it.


And so, I wonder, what is the will of the Earth? What is her path?

If I assume that her path is to eliminate global warming and have peaceful relations between all humans, I do that for my own sake. War makes me angry and unhappy. I do not want to feel these emotions. Therefore, if I can make all warring parties be at peace, I need not feel the discomfort which these emotions illustrate still exists within my own being.

Global warming means I have to change my lifestyle. But I like driving my car, rather than walking or biking! I wonder if there isn't an unconscious level of wanting the pain to go away. If the earth is fine, then I don't have to change.


Big Picture from Archangel Michael is:

Humans are co-creators, not uni-creators. Humanity taps into the Creative Matrix by asking what the consciousness of the soul, the planet, the situation wants to take as its next step. Who knows what we will all learn as a result of the changes that we must undertake now. Would you go back to the way things were 50 years ago in consciousness? While messy, the cycles of working out issues between our souls, here in human form, are the basis for new qualities of creation in other dimensions.

I don't pray for the perfect picture that I hold in my mind, nor do I send the limited love that I as a human form can express. Rather, I find that infinite space in my heart that is open, and the deep stillness of my body, and let my mind simply ask, 'What do you want, dear Gaia?" What is your next step Homeward?"

My teleconference tomorrow, Saturday, at 1pm eastern on Politics, Weather and Emotions includes meditation times for exactly this. More information can be found at my website, ; I offer the time freely, and it will be available on iTunes for free download afterwards.

This stillness in the body is illustrated on my new CD, Songs of Spirit. If you wish to hear it, go to

My best to each of you in your own continuing journey,



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July 8-30 PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS are available in person in SE Michigan, by phone to other locations





- General Information --

Each and every workshop is a bit different, so please tune into which dates and location you are being called to participate in.

Sound Shamanism is drawing out of someone their own balance, rather than giving to them our energy, or even energy of the earth or cosmos. Each of us has the ability to come into greater balance, according to our soul, our body, and our journey for this lifetime. We will create together a time of exploration into Grounding, Nature and Earth energies that support our bodies, and gather Wisdoms from Ascended Masters including Archangel Michael, Mary, with some toning and creation of Healing Music. This time is participatory, and limited in size.


Fri-Sun, DECEMBER 7-9 Orlando, Florida

There is a very clear and clean energy associated with this weekend. A new wave of energy comes upon us at the close of November. I wonder what this new cycle will bring? Come and let's find out together, how far we can go when there is no hindrance. LIMIT 14



Richmond, VA possible Fall 07 intensive. Please RSVP to Myra if interested



NEW CD - Songs from Spirit

SPAIN A concert and workshop fall 07

BALTIMORE / DC AREA A concert and workshop Feb 08


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