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July 2006 Email Newsletter
Violence is non-sacred Chaos

posted July 21, 2006

Please keep in mind that this information comes within the context of empowerment. By asking how a situation wants to be resolved we offer the consciousness of those involved in it the power to change it. By sending energy, even love or peace, we are infuring that we know best. And we are limiting the energies being sent to our own concept of love or peace, rather than Spirit's view of love and peace.

As Michael and Mary state below, there are reasons for chaos, and it is our own behaviors that turn creative chaos into violence. One of the most powerful prayers can be the prayer that asks 'What is the soul's true journey?" "What does this situation want to look like?"

 Posted July 22, 2006

Before everyone takes this information as being the complete picture, please know that it isn't! The comments made, in particular about Israel, are comments about an aspect of consciousness that many people hold in the world. It is held by people so that this very quality of consciousness can be transformed. Any quality of consciousness that manifests here can be transformed. If that quality of consciousness or energy does not manifest in some way amongst us, it cannot be transformed.

Just as communities hold similar qualities of consciousness, so do nations. Every nation holds a variety of qualities of consciousness. There is a vein of consciousness that believes power will put right what needs to be put right in the way that is right. The power is always meant as a means to improve and make better. It is particularly visible in some countries, such as the US. This does not mean each person who is living in the US believes in this fashion. It is a portion of the larger mass consciousness that we, as citizens of a country or region, agree to receive and transmute during our lifetime journey.

This sense of power is also manifesting in many other countries. Again, it is a sense of using power to do right, rather than asking the situation 'what is wanting to unfold here?" From some vantage points it will appear appropriate, and from other vantage points it appears inappropriate. What is the difference between sacred power and simply power? That is precisely what we are all learning right now.


How are we doing?

from Michael and Mary-
The necessary chaos is not seen as a portion of the natural cycle. For this reason your cultures continue to perpetuate violence. Your violence is the result of not honoring the type of creative cycles that bring about ascension. Chaos must exist so that order might exist. Many eastern yogis know this. Kali is honored by many. The consciousness of the American people does not yet understand. And so wars continue to break out in regions where this same consciousness exists.

Israel as a nation is a strong reflection of the non-sacred or profane masculine element of America's mass consciousness. This non-sacred masculine values power. It is the bully amongst young children. There is a quality to the violence that this non-sacred masculine energy creates through its power. These wars feel different to you than other wars.

When the bully begins to push, only a wise (or experienced) child knows how to move away, allowing the bully to fall to the ground. Most push back. This creates the series of violent wars on your planet now.

(NOTE: This channeling came through using Israel as an example. This particular vein of power is wielded by many nations, including the US, and is held by many people world-wide. It is only one quality of consciousness held by those of us connected to Israel and the US. There are of course many incredibly wonderful gifts held in the consciousness of Israel and those who liive there. Remember that an aspect of Divine Feminine is being held in trust by the women of the middle East, including those living in Israel. This will be a huge gift to the world in due time.

All who hold this non-sacred quality of power do so so that is may be transmuted. There are so many other issues at play in the mid-east, and this channeled information is pointing out merely one of them that is up for healing now with current events.)


What can we do when we see others fighting?

There is lightness within your being that you, as witnesses, can tap into. When that lightness, that humor is accessed, it becomes a means of uplifting the energies of the situation into greater clarity.

Those whose energies are drawn into a battle become part of the battle. Those of you who stay in witness position hold the sacred circle around the battle fire, so that it may not spread.


Michael and Mary-
At this moment, middle of July 2006, your planet is preparing its greatest leap yet. As the Sirian Portal opens for its yearly visit, your world stands on the precipice. How will you utilize the access to Sacred Masculine thoughts and energies that come now until the middle of September? As you have clarified your Divine Feminine chalice (your hearts, or more literally the spleen) your body is ready to receive the gift of strength that this Sacred Masculine provides.

The dance of polarity exists still. As you have made ready the heart in deep stillness, you have created the sacred space into which the Sacred Masculine will lie. Here is your heart's purpose; to host your own spirit.


The two Heart Chakras

For so long I have wanted to share some insights about a newly emerging series of charkas in the body. Let me point out one set that is imperative to understand at this moment; the two heart charkas.

The lower heart chakra is the traditional one, focused on unconditional love for All. The upper heart chakra is based in the thymus gland. You can feel it as a small bump just beneath the shoulders and several inches above the traditional heart chakra. This heart chakra says 'no'.


Michael and Mary-
The upper heart chakra or Personal Heart Chakra defines who you are and what you have come to do in this lifetime. For this reason it says 'no' to the myriad possibilities presented to you in each day. It clarifies for you when you see a need whether or not that is a need for you to fill.

But you have not yet learned to listen! Running hither and yon, you take everything you see as yours to do. Be aware that this means you are most likely not doing the very things that you have come to do. And you are busy doing what someone else is meant to do.

If you do for another what they are meant to do, how will their soul learn?

Your first lesson is to begin to hear when this chakra says 'no' and to honor that 'no'. If your day contains 99 times a 'no', then it will contain one true and pure 'yes'. That 'yes' will resound within you from head to toe. All the energies of unconditional love you carry in your traditional heart chakra will burst through in the expression of that one 'yes'. The focusing of such energy causes movement of that 'yes' at unparalleled speed and ease into your being and your external world.

The best example they have given me is one of driving. If we are heading down a highway invariably we see bits of litter and perhaps a downed tree. If we were to stop and pick up every piece of litter, we would never get to our destination. We can certainly be aware of what we are seeing, and report the equivalent of litter or a downed tree to the local authorities. But unless we are on the road crew, it is not ours to do more. We then are a part of the process, but we continue to keep moving towards our destination.

Michael and Mary-
Be a 'yes' woman or man. Listen to your own spirit. Here is a means of facilitating peace, by allowing each person to feel the strength of spirit that exists when the two hearts are focused as one. This is a sound that all of the mass consciousness of humanity hears. When you, (humanity) learn to listen with both hearts, that which turns chaos into violence will cease. You are learning.


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