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July 2008 email Newsletter
Welcoming the Sacred Masculine with Divine Feminine

I've been noticing a craving for deep stillness coming from within my body. It arises from my low body and inhabits my heart. In my mind, I see an image of me being absolutely still. I move into a state that I experience as being near to not even breathing. The stillness and silence are profound in this state. The process of breathing moves past quieting the mind . The body, mind and heart are so silent that the mere act of breathing feels loud.

This is the state that my body goes to when I must listen deeply. This is not my only listening mode, but here is where I find change. The kind of change that simply happens, and you don't realize it happened until months later. Anchoring ourselves into our bodies allows our souls fly more freely out during mediations, sleep or healings. Funny isn't it, that by going down we are more able to go up and out? By anchoring more deeply into what is, we can change.

I have posted a sound healing that I sang in this state of deep stillness online.
Singing in Stillness

to read the full article, not included in this newsletter, see

My thanks to Spirit of Maat e-zine for publishing my monthly sound healings and articles on-line. These are separate from the monthly newsletter, which you are reading now.

The chant invokes the Divine Feminine qualities of Mary, held within the Earth herself,. One might say that these qualities then arise up into the room and the awareness of those who listen to the chant. I believe that rather than rising up, the chant welcomes your body and awareness to stillness, so that you feel the connections your body, male or female, already has within itself to Mary's energy within the Earth. It is only when your body becomes quiet, that you become aware of the connections that already, and have always existed, between you, the Earth, and the Divine Feminine.

If you wish, please join me for an evening of group chant, meditation and sharing in stillness.

Full Moon Stillness
A Chant and Meditation Evening

Participate as you wish.
Come meditate,
be still in silence,
or join in gentle group
chants and mantras.

with sound shaman
Norma Gentile

Bring cushions, candles
(unscented) as you like.

Friday, July 18th 7:30-9:30pm
Suggested Donation $25

From within Health Center
210 Little Lake Drive #8
Ann Arbor 48103
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I will hold Private Session spaces for those coming from out of town and wanting personal sessions the next day.Please contact me if you want to reserve a space.

Starting about July 23-24 our solar system begins its annual alignment with the Sirius system. These two powerful stars and their related celestial orbs flood our system with Sacred Masculine energy. This energy fills the Divine Feminine container that all humans are building together. This energy also fills each of our own personal chalices, giving us the 'doing' and 'achieving' strength in proportion to out ability to master the Divine Masculine energies and hold them safely within our personal Divine Feminine chalice. To be clear, both men and women have this challenge handed to them. Each of us experiences the flowing (and possibly overflowing) of this energy into our lives each year at this time.

The alignment with the Sirius system begins about July 23-24, and lasts until mid-September. What I notice each year is an upshot of 'doing' and 'achieving' towards the end of this time period. Oftentimes by September there is a sense of going so fast that life becomes a whirlwind. People's schedules become so full that they don't take care of themselves. This is the effect of the 'overflowing' of the Sacred Masculine energies.

When these same Sacred energies are held within our personal and communal chalice of Divine Feminine, wonderful accomplishments and physical forms result. If you want to see this for yourself, look at some online timelines that give the month, day and year of historical events. There is an interesting surge in early and mid-September of a certain type of event. The founding of organizations, particularly those that uplift or honor humanity, as well as significant births and deaths and historical events excelerate into September. I feel that humans working with spirit use this Sacred Masculine energy to bring new sacredness into the world.

Let me bring this into practical application for this year. We in the USA are asking ourselves "What is masculine?" Many have considered and found some aspects of the Divine Feminine. But we (the USA) have not re-considered what Sacred Masculine looks like, and if it is different from the profane or day-to-day masculine.
From my travels outside of the USA, I know many people are watching the USA elections. This topic seems so far from the idea of deep stillness that I began this article with, and yet here is the parallel.

When I feel undermined, unsteady and unsure, my mind is the great decider. My heart and emotions tend to be all over the place, and so noisy that I shut them out. My body may be speaking to my mind, and my guides may be speaking to me, but I perceive only chaos outside of my mind. In these moments I can bear to hear just my mind. I can not listen to the chaos. And my mind 'sees' in straight lines. It likes simple, clean and clear actions. And because of the chaos in my heart and body, I long for a fast, direct solution to releasing the chaos.

This state of being in our minds is where, I believe, most Americans live. The experience of deep stillness, of being so at ease and at rest that the action of breathing feels disruptive is rarely or never experienced. The unresolved chaos in the emotions and body is habitually normal. Fear comes not from an outside source, but from the realization that this chaos might be listened to. It seems overwhelming. And yet, in each instance where there is even a tiny tip-toeing toward inner quiet, this chaos is heard.

And in that moment, there is a knowing that the chaos must be listened to, if even for a moment, in order to sort it out and let it resolve. Loud sounds tend to startle me. And the chaos held for a lifetime must be deafening. So no wonder people would prefer quick solutions in a noisy world rather than periods of reflective silence. When the outer world is quieter than the internal world, the internal chaos becomes audible. And it can seem overwhelming.

Last week I decided it was time to create change in my garden space outdoors. I ordered the bricks for a small patio, and a build-it-yourself garden shed. These arrived, filling my driveway and overflowing onto the frontyard, sideyard and backyard. I quickly realized I was over my head, way over my head, both in expertise and in sheer muscle power.

It took a couple of hours for me to hear my body, beyond it saying NO! to doing all of the work necessary to complete these projects. My first step was to listen to my heart. I was re-playing old emotions. And most of them resolved the moment I asked if they were really mine. Several waves of 'no one will help me' came and went. A few thought-emotions of 'I'm all alone' came and went. And each time I realized that these were not my true emotions. My true emotion was simply 'help, I need help'.

As soon as I felt this emotion clearly, the emotional energies in my heart and around my body became stable. I felt my body relax. The connection from my mind to my navel strengthened. I called a friend, who referred me to another friend, and a week later the projects are nearly done. Getting myself to a point where I could listen let me hear who to call, and how to proceed. And of course, my friends heard my need, and balanced it with what they were able to offer &endash; in this case, a bit of supervision to start the project off, and a referral to someone else who could see it through.

In moments of chaos, no one thinks clearly unless the body and emotions are clear. Here in the USA, our society puts an emphasis on 'doing' and 'achieving', but not on the underlying qualities of stillness and contemplation that let us choose how to 'do' and 'achieve'.

As we move into this season of receiving the influx of Sacred Masculine energy from Sirius, my desire is to use this energy in a manner that reflects its sacred origins. May this Sacred Masculine energy form within my life, and within your life, more that is truly sacred in our external world. May the forms that arise, be they institutions, businesses, creative undertakings, new careers, or inner personal gardens, reflect the sacredness within each human moving out into the physical world we share.

My blessings and love to all who read this.
Norma Gentile
(with a little help from Atamira, my Hathor guide)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N O R M A' S    E V E N T S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ann Arbor, MI
July 18 7:30-9:30pm
Full Moon Stillness: A Chant and Meditation Evening

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