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July 2007 Email Newsletter
Escalator Up?



In this newsletter: you'll find:


- Article &endash; Escalator Up? Taking advantage of Spiritual Energies July and August of 2007 (hint: Things that are uncomfortable in our lives are symptoms of our being ready to heal that issue.)

- Free Teleconference July 14 (see end for information)

- Preview my new CD (listening links and order)

- A note on today's date 7/7/07



My personal preface:

Like many people, I frequent new age bookstores and watch television. I pause occasionally while viewing the many (many) emails offering the newest herb, drug or system for weight-loss, moneymaking or perfect mate finding. And, I've been around long enough to know better.

A good friend of mine has the gift of creating money easily. He is just good at seeing opportunities and taking action. One of our favorite jokes is that the quickest way to make money is to create a seminar about making money. 1000 people at 250 each for one day…. and then sell them the book, audiotapes and annual membership. And the working title of this spectacular event?


"How to Get what You Want without having to do Anything."

What a great concept! Don't' you want to make more money, be thinner, or perhaps have more muscles or even attract the perfect mate, all without having to change anything about how you are living your life right now? As that commercial for sleep medicine running here in the US puts it, 'so not doing anything about your problem hasn't helped?'

How Spirit helps us see what we can heal

Things that are uncomfortable in our lives are symptoms of our being ready to heal that issue. Spiritual issues bubble up as emotions, as beliefs about ourselves and others, as well as physical issues. We have a chance to address these issues at each stage of their development in our energy fields. For example, any thought that we have persistently that doesn't nourish us depletes us in some manner. Eventually, that thought causes a warp in the mental field which in turn causes a malfunction in the flow of energy to our etheric body. Once the etheric body, the blueprint for the physical body, is affected, our physical body mirrors the deformity. Our knee goes out, our digestion gets funny, our muscles hurt…. over time the effected area of the body is more prone to injury, and may simply not heal as easily.

When certain cycles are at play upon the Earth, especially larger cosmic cycles such as the one we are in now (June and July to mid-August 2007) what we are not paying attention to can be brought forward dramatically by our soul. Remember, our soul has its own journey of learning and exploration. Our personality may or may not be on that same cruise ship.

Hence the joke at the beginning of the essay &endash; promise my personality that it can get out of pain and discomfort without having to do anything different, and it will strain to hear you. My personality will buy the book, go to the seminar, eat the food (as long as it is chocolate coated) or use its well-practiced ability to do nothing.

Promise my soul that my journey is being honored, and that my path needs to include making changes in my life, and my personality wants to turn the channel on the spiritual TV. How dare the guides or angels tell me to do something about the situation! "Wrong guide, bad connection to the angels" is what my personality says. "Give me change without change!" my personality demands. "I want what I want, and I want it without having to do anything about it."

And, to paraphrase the commercial, "how is that going for you?' Are you getting what you want without doing anything about it? Are you feeling how you want to feel in your heart and body without addressing the untidy and uncomfortable bits inside of yourself?

"Start where you are". That is advice that my guides keep giving people. "Don't try to jump up an entire flight of stairs in one leap. That's what individual steps are for. Do the obvious that is right in front of you in this moment. What is right in front of you that you feel is too simple, too obvious to be important? Do that now. In doing whatever that is, you have climbed the first step. From here you will see the next obvious thing to do. And so on."

I share this now, because of the energies we are in. I'm seeing and sensing people running around looking for a way out of the growing intensity; a way to change without changing.

Trying to leap an entire flight of stairs in a single bound is as much a feat for SuperWoman as it is unrealistic. It only results in bruises and a sense of failure. Seeing whatever is obvious and dealing with it lets our human abilities shine through us. Can't see that obvious next step? Get help. Ask questions. Whom do you trust to truth-tell?

In over 15 years of providing energy healing and channeling, I can tell you I have never heard my guides say to me or to anyone, that they, the guides, can change us. The guides and angels have never promised someone that they could get change without changing.

I hear and experience that we can all change as a result of love. Love in an expressive manner, such as feeling Spirit in our hearts, or love in a receptive fashion, knowing our love for those around us.

We can all change because we come to understand ourselves more deeply. This often comes as a type of change that creeps up on us. This kind of inner change feels like just turning around, and seeing what has always been supporting and helping us; be it people or angels or Nature or Earth.

And then there is change itself. From many spiritual teachers I have heard the saying 'Change is Life'. I can't help wondering then, if Life is also Change?

My body says 'yes'. My mind and personality would still prefer to get change without change. But I'm here on a journey that my soul, not my mind or my personality, has designed. So, here in the next month and a half is a huge escalator of energies. Getting onto that first step will lead inevitably to getting onto the second step and the third step. Yikes! Once I start this escalator of spiritual energies will keep carrying me along. Am I ready? Are you ready?

When I close my eyes and look carefully at the image the guides are showing me, I think I see some stairs in the corner. It's a long way up, but they are there as an option that I could choose. I could take the stairs, going up each step and flight of stairs slowly over time.

But I like the feel of going up the escalator. I'm still going one step at a time. (On this escalator you have to step up each step in order to keep the escalator in motion &endash; there is no 'just standing' option.) Even though I have to climb each step, the escalator moves me along a little more each time, giving me the sense of being assisted. And it is right in front of me. Dead center in front of me. It's the most obvious thing in front of me.

Let's review: People's guides keep asking them, "what is the most obvious thing in front of you?" Then they advise, "Do that. That is your next step." I believe it is time to take that step onto the spiritual elevator.

Are you coming?

Norma Gentile
(with assistance from her Hathor guide, Atamira)

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SONGS of SPIRIT &endash; Live Sound Healings

A series of 21 songs, most of them improvisations that came through me during healing concerts. See below for early purchase discounts. Click on the links below to hear a few samples.


Replenish with Tibetan Bowl Choir freeclips.Replenish_SOS.mp3

Awakening Touch with Schruti Box freeclips.AwakeTouch_SOS.mp3

Lullaby with Tibetan Bowls freeclips.Lullaby_SOS.mp3

Three Beauties with solo voice, invoking Spirit into a room freeclips.3Beauties_SOS.mp3

For complete CD info:
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a note from Norma:
These songs happen when I step back and let spirit sing through me. The songs are composed in the moment I sing them. The songs carry the energy essence of whomever is singing through me to those listening. Songs on this CD come from the Hathors and Archangel Michael, Mary, as well as a few chants by Hildegard of Bingen. I am joined by Tibetan Flute, Guitar, Schruti Box, and many Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Recorded in live healing settings, the CD is designed to guide you into a deeply meditative state and release what is no longer serving your soul's journey. An hour in length, the music is gentle, yet very effective is helping even dark energies in a home or office space to release. Songs invite the Nature, the Nature Spirits of your room or home (or even work cubicle) and land to support you, as well as your healing angel. Deeply transformative energies abound in the soundscapes that are created by these songs, transmitted from spirit through Norma.

Release date: July 30. PreRelease orders paid for in advance will be shipped as soon as production is completed. To order your copy of Songs of Spirit, follow the link to Norma's Recordings page below. And enjoy listening!

A note on Today's Date, 7/7/07 can be found at:


July 9 &endash; 30 Private Healing Sessions
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July 14 1pm-2:30pm Eastern Time US

Politics, Weather and Emotions &endash; what do they have in common? Us. We are what these have in common, and as such we can shift their very foundations.

Asking in prayer and meditation what our collective souls and Gaia want as our next step may be extremely powerful in revealing what and how we can take physical action.

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SPAIN A concert and workshop fall 07

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