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July 2004 Email Newsletter
Need versus Nourishment

Feeding yourselves feeds your worlds. Blessing yourselves blesses your worlds. Here is the greatest gift &endash; to care for oneself, and thereby care for one's world
-Archangel Michael, through Norma Gentile


For a while now I've been noticing the distinction between needing something and choosing to nourish myself with something. Spirit always brings me nourishment. If I wait too long to receive, it becomes a need. When I am in need of something I have already come out of balance. When I am desiring something as nourishment, I am still within balance, and am simply aware of what is useful to maintain that balance.

As I listen to my heart, I hear little urgings to nourish myself more and more, before I arrive at the level of need. As I do so, my heart is safe to open into the gentler energies present, behind the din of the day-to-day world. When my heart opens into these energies, my body is renewed. And my presence anywhere brings the sacred stillness that is a remembrance of spirit for others.

I am honored to be traveling this summer to several countries, including to Canada (Toronto, July 9-11) to lead a weekend retreat for a small group in a country setting. I understand that as of this date there are a few spaces open yet. This retreat will include new information from Archangel Michael, Mary, my Hathor guide Atamira, and quite possibly a live channeling from Thoth. Thoth is assisting greatly in giving structure to a new book on how Sacred Sex, Kundalini are part of the body's Ascension Process, turning the physical body into the lightbody. For a sample (click here)

During one such live channeling this past weekend a woman, who had never channeled or received transmissions from spirit, was able to connect into Thoth's energy directly and hear him and other Ascended Masters for herself. It is this sort of direct connection and personal healing that I hope to facilitate for all attending the weekend retreat. I will be staying in Toronto for a few days after the retreat to meet with people individually in healing sessions. If you feel drawn to the weekend retreat or wish to schedule a private session please be in touch with my sponsor, Brigitte Gebauer of Starlight Events (

I mention the workshop and private healing sessions because so often healers and caregivers are the last to nourish themselves. For me, need occurs when I've brushed aside the natural small urges to care for myself in some way. By repeatedly denying the moments of nourishment, I arrive at a climax of need. When I feel a desire to do something or to express something, the longer I hold onto it and do not act upon it the stronger it becomes. Anger, for example, tends to become unmanageable and lose its original meaning when expressed out of context. So too does the simple act of nourishing oneself lose its meaning when taken out of context.

If I wait to replenish and nourish myself, then I am not fully present to see those unseen and unmet needs in others. When I am nourished, I overflow with the potential to see love, as well as pain, in the eyes of others. Here, for me, is the compassion of spirit. As we fill ourselves, our arms extend further to embrace others.

There are so many ways in which we as humans nourish each other and receive nourishment from our Earth and those spirits that surround, support and guide us. Sitting and listening to silence is one such manner of nourishment.

In the silence there is the unspoken love of spirit. In between words, as someone speaks, is the intention of their hearts. In the quality of their eyes is their soul. Isn't it interesting how spirit is embedded within our physical world? It is so present, before us at all times, and yet overlooked.

When was the last time you were thirsty? When you felt a bit of a thirst, did you get up and reach for a glass of water? Or did you tell yourself that you would do it as soon as you finished what you were doing? Did you find yourself forgetting to do it?

Obviously this is a metaphor for our own nourishment. In the past I have noticed my own reticence to receive simply and easily from spirit. If nourishing ourselves in any way, be it physical food, spiritual time or emotional intimacy isn't met the urge becomes louder and louder, until it reaches a level of undeniable need. In the process our arms become weaker and less able to embrace others as our own nourishment fades. As we each heed the call to drink from our own wells of spirit, are physical arms and hearts are renewed.

from Atamira:
"In the midst of summer (here in the northern hemisphere) you have the opportunity to bath in the solar energies and breath in Nature energies exuded by the greens around you. Take the time to bath yourself and feel the support offered to you. Now is the time of rest. The end of July through mid-September brings a new wave of Sacred energies to the Earth. This annual wave of Sacred Masculine energy rests into the chalice of Divine Feminine that each of you is building now. As you meditate, rest and renew, you are preparing the divine chalice, your physical and light bodies combined, to receive this gift from Creation."

And for all of you asking, how is Norma nourishing herself?….. I have enjoyed two months at home writing my books (yes, three of them) and playing with my cats while feeding from the bountiful sun and water energies here in Michigan. I am singing and preparing a new CD, entitled Viriditas, to be recorded in the ancient and sacred fertile mountains of Colombia, South America. I will return to the states this fall, and be in Boston for a weekend (Sept. 24-29), Ball State University (Oct. 7-9) and Toronto(Nov 12-16) to debut new songs from my album.

I wish for each of you the most abundant and gracious acts of compassion,

-Norma (with Atamira)


N O R M A 'S E V E N T S S U M M E R &endash; F A L L 2 0 0 4


July 9-11 (Friday dinner-Sunday mid afternoon), Beaverton, near Toronto
A Weekend Retreat for Practitioner's and advanced students
Healing through Sound and Energy - The New Vibration of Creation
featuring chanting, toning, breath work, gentle yoga, table work, meditation, self-clearing techniques, channeling methods and individual attention

Cost: $566-$650 Cdn or $425-$495 US (sliding scale, you decide). Includes all meals, Living Foods, lodging and tuition.
Novalis River Retreat

Chant, meditation, group toning and sound healing, organic live food and yoga, sun and open spaces invite us to relax and allow the energy of Nature to support our bodies. Led by sound healer and channeler Norma Gentile, this weekend allows our physical bodies to retune to the newly emerging energy of Nature, the energy that Gaia herself used to create her clothing, our planet Earth.

By tuning our bodies more completely to Nature, the ability to nourish ourselves from the energy between the atoms, rather than food and water is heightened. Tuning the lower 8th chakra to Nature allows the upper 8th to reach a higher level of God consciousness, and often results in deeper spiritual sight (such as awakening clairvoyance, the ability to see subtle energies). Nature energy, when allowed to noursih the Unity Sphere (20 metre sphere around each of us) may also assist in the regeneration of bones, nerves, and other body parts.


Pre-requisite is a background in some type of alternative or holistic therapy, such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, psychology, massage, etc.

The retreat is limited to 12 participants. Please apply by filling out and emailing or faxing the REGISTRATION FORM available by email from Brigitte at Starlight Events.
Novalis River Resort, a Bed and Breakfast about 90 mins outside of Toronto. We will have the entire resort to ourselves, including the trails, river, swimming pool, mainhouse and meadow areas. Bring lots of lose, comfortable clothing, and your bathing suits.
FOOD: Vegetarian. Food requests and lodging requests in registration packet

July 12-14, Toronto (North York area)
Private Healing Sessions

Sessions include both information and energy healing around your current issues, and can be extremely effective on chronic and deeply rooted issues. Sessions are one hour. recorded for you, and cost $ 195 Cdn or $145 US. To schedule an appointment please contact Brigitte at or 416-873-1514.


August, one day, TBA, in Miami, Florida
Private Healing Sessions 734-330-3997 or


August 26-27 CLEVELAND, OH
Private Healing Sessions
734-330-3997 or


Sept 24-28, BEVERLY, MA (just north of BOSTON)
all events sponsored by
One Heart Space. 978-337-4686

September 24 at 8pm $15
Candlelight Meditation Concert of healing chants by Hildegard of Bingen

September 25, 1-4pm, $40
Sound Healing Workshop Experiential, will include a live sound healing transmission from the Hathors, Tibetan Singing Bowls, breath and movement, energy awareness and sound as healing tools.

September 26-28, day and evening
Private Healing Sessions


October 6-9, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Hildegard von Bingen Symposium &endash; MEDITATION CONCERT

October 6-10 in Muncie, IN
Private Healing Sessions
734-330-3997 or



Toronto, Fall 2004, at The Church of the Holy Trinity
Portland, OR, winter of 2005
Ann Arbor, MI


I desire to support the expression of Divinity through each person. A listing of events, music from my CDs, and numerous articles on healing are freely offered at my website,

For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
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