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July 2002 email Newsletter
Facing Fear - Reclaiming your Healing Power
(responses follow)

Since writing this letter I have received a number of deeply personal responses. The nature of these responses has lead me to ask permission of the writers to share their experiences with others.

I firmly believe that what one of us learns is offered out for all of us to embrace into our experience. And so the letters which follow are put forth as touchstones for events or moments that you too may recognize from your own life path.

Dear Friends,

As you may have noticed, I tend to send out this monthly email when I feel that I have something to share, rather than according to the calendar.

The topic I am drawn to at this moment is fear. Fear brings into our awareness a part of ourselves that we are ready to integrate. That is my experience, and I feel it is the experience of the world at this moment. When we integrate rather than feed fear, we become more powerful. Why would we not choose to integrate fear? Because we are afraid of becoming more powerful.

Beliefs, often from society or childhood, lie under our conscious awareness. They tell us that having money is painful, or bad for the planet, or leads to losing loved ones. All and any of these beliefs can be bound into us in non-verbal ways. The energy of the belief itself can be hidden in muscles that we seldom use, and so we do not encounter the belief 'lighting up' clearly.

Here the role of fear comes into play. What we fear tells us what we are about to integrate. Have you been fearing a lack of money or a lack of love? You are standing upon the issues that are keeping you in the state of fear around these issues. Look at whatever is going on in your life right now. What one inner knowing is coming to you? Follow it, and reconnect with spirit. In the reconnection you will find the fear, and the lack, drop away.

This came to me this week via email &endash;

"My husband is a Special Forces instructor; therefore many of his colleagues are working in Afghanistan. Scores of them have come back from Afghanistan stating that the Air Force is out of control there. They shoot first and ask questions later. Many times they have killed their own forces.

"One of our oldest friends is missing multiple limbs and an eye because the Air Force missed their target and decided to discharge the bombs anyway, raining them down on him and ten others. Most of them are labeled as accidents but they are NOT accidents. The pilot is overwhelmed by fear and makes a poor choice and that's all there is to it.

"There is no malicious intent but it results in Karma nonetheless. Not every Air Force pilot is like that and not every situation is the result of fear but I am convinced that everything tied to this situation is just one big empty justification."

Something struck me about how we as a nation are also working on this same fear energy, albeit in other manners.

Over the past month I've noticed elements of fear in my life emerging more strongly. I have been less grounded, which for me shows up as over-eating, being 'jumpy', and feeling queasy around mice and birds that my cats leave as gifts.

It has occurred to me that I am processing out a bit of the fear that we in the USA are accepting as inevitable. I do not believe that this same type of fear exists when the connection with Spirit is complete. I do believe that we each experience a sense of wariness in situations of actual danger. Spirit is telling us we have boundaries of safety that are healthy to maintain while in physical form.

The type of fear I am noticing is a result of separation from our Higher Self or Spirit. Giving more and more attention to our fear feeds the space of that separation. Without even noticing it, we accept the fear as a part of everyday life. But it is not comfortable, because it is a disconnection of the spiritual support for our bodies, minds and emotions.

As I notice my fear, I have a choice to change how I respond to it. In meditations &endash; both silent sitting and moving Yoga, I find over and over again a theme running through my mind. I recall Marianne Williamson saying that the greatest fear we have is of our own power. It is dawning on me that all of my fears are actually ways that I disconnect from stepping into myself. When I experience fear, I am experiencing a call to connect more deeply with my own power. It is always my choice whether to connect into spirit, or deny my own tools to do so.

In a news report it was stated that 30% of Israeli children and 70% of Palestinian children suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. It is widely assumed that this is bad. What might also be seen is that these children are experiencing the result of disconnection from spirit in a manner that may lead them more strongly to seek that connection later in life. The soul urges itself to return home more and more strongly when it notices that it is straying. Physical, mental and emotional issues are the signs that we experience when we are ready to reconnect with spirit more completely.

A bit more from the same email -

"I do feel that many civilian communities, especially the communities that are more spiritually enlightened, do not comprehend (or forget) about the humanistic quality of the military…and fear is a big part of that human quality.

Many people who flock to the military are the people that look to the military to lessen their fear through the immense quantity and specificity of rules. To a younger soul, rules decrease fear and increase safety. The problem starts after these people are advised of the rules and released into sticky situations (like the Air Force Pilots in Afghanistan). They panic many times because they realize that the rules are just a band-aid for their fear and that their fear has followed them."

I believe that the fear gripping our military is the same fear I have been experiencing. It is a call to connect more deeply with the inner world, and to act from the wisdom and power of Spirit. Fear is simply our physical way of perceiving a connection with spirit that we are ready to make.

When we 'plug in' that new connection, we are choosing to take advantage of our own learning process. If we perpetuate the fear and act to keep it, we merely continue to build the chasm between who we are now, and who our soul is calling us to become.

As we each 'plug in' anew to spirit, our interconnectedness serves to support others in their own process of joining with their spirit. Meditating and praying for our own healing process echoes out to others along the shared grid of consciousness. So as we find the courage to embrace our own new areas of power, those in the midst of battle, whether overseas or in the arena of the profane world, hear a call to remember their own spiritual power.

My love and blessings to all who read this..

"A sacred choice is one that does not seek to compensate for a wound,
but to heal it"
---from the article
"The Mystery of Sacred Choices" by Rick Vassallo

Postlude: Letters of Response

"First, just finished the newsletter and that was exactly what I needed to remember. That reminder to walk through fear by moving into the silence is very important to me right now. That fear is a big block that I use as an excuse to stay stuck. Maybe the silence will help me move through it. The next challenge is quieting the mind chatter."


"Hi Norma, Thank you for your newsletter and the focus on fear. In recovery circles, we often talk about FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real. The disconnection is generated and perpetuated by the 'false evidence'. Another way it is manifested is F___ Everything And Run, whereas the solution lies in Face Everything And Recover!

Reality can be very painful at times and difficult to face when things are happening that are not within one's own domain of 'control'. It is my impression that America is suffering from a deep-seated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is perpetuating the fear and subsequent acting out that is violent towards 'others' (who are really reflections of oneself or ONE SELF!) PTSD does not get better easily until one is able to face all the feelings associated with the trauma and accept it as the past not the present. Problems continue to arise when the feelings from the past intrude on the present. Acceptance is also a challenge as people struggle between 'forgiveness' and seeking restitution..."

Best wishes, Raju.,


Dear Norma,

Just writing to say hello, thank you and to share some experiences with you.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for having me on your mailing list and sending your monthly updates. Since I saw you last, my life has been going through major upheaval, transition and growth. I would say I am living the tarot card of the Tower and it is still crumbling. What is most interesting is that each time I get one of your newsletters I find the content so amazingly relevant to what I am going through/learning at the time. This month's newsletter about fear also struck home.

I would like to share with you what has been happening in my life around fear, singing and music since last November. I know this is a little lengthy, but it is, believe it or not, the short version!

I was having a conversation within the last week with my cousin during a mini emotional breakdown I was having. I felt I was losing my faith and I was questioning my life in the last few months and why I couldn't seem to move forward to where I wanted to be. Her guided response (we come from a long line of "intuitives"), among other things, was that I had to "let go of control and step out of my own way".

We had a lengthy discussion of what that meant asI was having trouble grasping that concept. She had said that I had become disconnected from my higher self and was living in fear. I couldn't understand that at first because in my conscious mind I had no fear. I was living my life honestly and with courage, meeting the challenges life/the universe set before and with a willingness to follow my path. So I thought. We finally got to the root of my fear and how it was affecting my life choices and drawing to me exactly what I was fearing.

Now knowing what that fear is, I can choose to let go and step aside so that my higher self and guidance can help me to move forward. That is the easy part...the rationalization.I also have a birthday this month, on the 17th I turn 40. Intuitively I know my life is at a major turning point and it is the beginning of a life so completely different from what I have known. Hence the transitions. There is some fear in that as well. I am currently working with learning to step aside and release all the fears. :-)

I have come to the realization that my life falling apart does, indeed, have to do with moving forward, even though I never saw it that way. Out with the old and in with the new. I just wish that we could get to the end of the old! :-) I have also come to realize that when we are not listening to our guidance or higher selves and not doing what we need to be doing in order to move forward, the universe does it for us and by then it seems much harder.

On the up side, I have been singing since I last participated in your concert. Your kindness in allowing me to be a part of that choir even though I had not sang in over 15 years was a starting point for me. It took a couple more months, but I started to sing out loud in front of other people with my friend's band. Just at jam sessions and rehearsals, not on stage (as I was not an official band member, just the manager and the founder's best friend).

However, there were times when I would get an incredible hoarseness and irritation in my throat chakra, not only when singing, but when talking, too. I had come to realize that I had trouble finding my voice with this friend and was not allowing my self to say what needed to be said. We were once best friends, but as the band formed and our circle of friends grew, he changed toward me, and not for the better. I realized that my not talking to him about how he was treating me and standing up for myself was affecting my voice. His other best friend (of 31 years) told me that even though I had not done or said anything to cause the problems in our relationship, it was old issues and triggers around having a band again that was causing the problems with him. I was just the one who ended up paying for it.

I finally had a breakthrough.

A few weeks ago I was invited to go to a sweat lodge for a Thunderbird sweat ceremony. This ceremony is for healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels in order to help release what is keeping us stuck. There were 4 parts to the sweat, one each for the 4 directions and 4 aspects of the person. When we were doing the sweats for the directions for the emotional and spiritual levels I had the most dramatic releases. The strongest was the throat chakra. At that time the desire to sing along with the drums and chanting was over powering. I sang anyway and that hoarseness and pain struck my throat and I literally could not sing or make a sound no matter how hard I tried. As well my solar plexus was in knots and I felt like throwing up. I had the dry heaves and was coughing and choking uncontrollably as what ever was lodged in these 2 centres tried to release themselves.

At the end of each bout of coughing, choking and heaving I would try to sing again, and each time the bouts of physical reaction would take over and so the cycle went. It was like a battle of some kind with some invisible force and I was not backing down. I don't know why I kept on, or wouldn't give in, there was just this incredible overwhelming desire and need to do so and I couldn't stop if I wanted to. So, I went with it and fought the fight. By the end I was exhausted and drained. I felt like there was nothing left.

At the end of the sweats I was removed from the lodge. For some reason I don't understand, I would not let anyone help me leave the lodge. I "had" to do it myself. And I did. Crawling on all fours, barely able to move. When I emerged, I was laid on the ground and hands-on healing work was done on me. There was more coughing and choking and heaves and finally it stopped as suddenly as it had started during the sweat ceremony. When it was over and I stood up, I felt more grounded and energized than I had felt in over a year. My depression had lifted and my spirits soared even though minutes before I had not an ounce of energy, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Despite the long and arduous day I felt like I could party all night, I had that much energy and good spirits. Thankfully good sense prevailed and I went home and slept - better than I had in months. :-)

Shortly after that I found the courage and talked to my friend, who tried to convince me that the problems were all in my head and continued to lie to me. Behind my back he said different things. My friends know what he is like and they know the truth and are supportive of me. However, I made a decision to let go of my friend and this particular circle of friends.

Interestingly enough, since the sweat and letting go of the band, my voice is clearer, stronger and more melodious when I sing. Not a moment of hoarseness has crept back and I have been practicing on my own at home and when I am driving. I am amazed at the way I can use my voice now. The improvement is immense. Of course there is still work to do, but it is easier, more joyful and, as a result, I am more encouraged to continue.

Not only am I singing, but I started learning to play the cello about 2 months ago. The one good thing that came of my relationship with this man is that I got my music back. It had been a part of my life from the age of 5 into my early 20's and I had missed it in my life. Since the hearing loss in my left ear, I had not played an instrument or sang. I am doing both on a daily basis and I have learned my hearing loss is not hindering my ability to do either one. The joy I get from having music back in my life is really helping me through the transitions and is keeping me sane! :-)

These days I am feeling stronger and better than ever...look out 40 here I come! It's a new phase for me and I am looking forward with joy, and back without regrets :-)

Karen H.


-----S U M M E R I T I N E R A R Y-----

Toronto &endash; Ann Arbor &endash; Cleveland &endash; London



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