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July 2001 email Newsletter

IThe little Eclipse that Could


So much was written about the summer solstice solar eclipse of two weeks ago, but few are addressing the lunar eclipse that falls on July 5. (today)

I notice that most people 'feel' or are aware of the impact of solar eclipses. Events in their life stop or start more quickly, sometimes there is a great amount of activity around projects or themes of learning. The lunar eclipses tend to permeate into and through life cycles, melding with what is going on. Their impact is more behind the scenes.

This particular eclipse has a very gentle energy associated with it. As quiet and unassuming as this energy is, it is also as potent. I'm finding that it is, perhaps, the most potent eclipse yet. I won't be suprised at all if most of us (including myself) want to spend today sleeping and meditating and simply soaking in the energies.

Since the energies of any eclipse begin months ahead of time and linger until months afterward, don't worry if you've missed the big moment. Simply tune into whatever gentle, soft energies you are noticing, especially related to the earth, to living plants and animals. Most likely that is the energy which is becoming more available to us, in part due to this eclipse.

For several years we've been opening more and more to the sacred feminine side - and this eclipse is part of a series of celestial alignments that are bringing the compassionate feminine into focus. Watch for more and more about this energy - which I would call an aspect of Quan Yin.

Remembering that energies are drawn through us in response to need, it may be that this sacred feminine is being drawn through us in response to the political and social climate of the times. In paradoxical thought, if it weren't for the political and social agenda favoring the profane and worldly masculine, the sacred feminine might not be drawn through us and out from the planet nearly as strongly.

It seems odd to be grateful for an illness, a pain or disease, but healing energies are indeed drawn through these ills; be they social, political, or of our own physical body. Without these ills, there would be much less access to the compassionate sacred feminine.

As the eclipse falls in the very early hours of July 5, (EDT) many will be sleeping. One way of taking advantage of the energies is to remember that the portal is open not just at the moment of the eclipse but for several weeks before and after. As you open and allow yourself to receive the bounty of the earth, you are receiving the energies of the eclipse. Enjoy yourself.

For those interested in spending more time with this energy and the Heart of Light that I find symbolizes it, I'm doing workshops in Windsor (July 19) and Cleveland (July 22). I'll be offering private sessions near New York City the end of July (email me for more info) and private sessions near Ann Arbor, MI in August.

Below is my itinerary for the fall - more detailed info is available at my website Itinerary page. Several events will be added in September and October, so you may want to check back there.

Yes, I'm writing the sound healing/heart of light book. It will have lots and lots of pictures and information on breath, voice, and the heart of light. No due date yet, most likely 2002.

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