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mid-June 2008 Email Newsletter
Chaos, Creation and Healing
Chaos can be a step in creating a healing pattern
which resolves into unimaginably beautiful order

Dear Friends,

From Archangel Michael and the many guides and angels that watch over and support each of us, comes a joy of recognition. Their joy comes from our own deepening awareness that we, as humans, are not as separate from them as our human-ness has experienced in the past.

For many years we have heard about co-creation. That includes asking Spirit as well as Earth to help us fashion the form about us; be it gardens or homes or events or careers.

- What if, as we approach and pass 2012, conscious co-creation with Spirit and Nature were to become a conscious motion in the majority of humans living on the planet?

- What if part of the inevitable change in consciousness meant a change in how we create our physical bodies?

- What if our bodies were able to tap into the same underlying energy that the elementals use to create form here on Earth?

- What if our bodies became un-solid?

These are the questions that underlay the new podcast. It is an edited version of the teleconference from June 11. You'll also find more detailed information on creating the healing grids I use, and a bit about weather patterns and how we as humans impact them.

Below is a bit of the text from the podcast. To listen to any of my podcasts, go to, or iTunes (search under podcasts, then my name) or the podcast page of my website. This podcast only you can listen by phone Dial - (641) 715-3413 and Enter Access Code - 555220#

There is a musical sound healing and written article relating to Chaos and Creation offered freely through the Spirit of Maat e-zine (

For those interested in knowing more about the weather patterns and how we as humans impact both Earth and weather, please listen to the podcast Weather and Emotions (available from the same sources as listed above, no phone option)

Several newsletters and articles address this issue as well,
June 2005
January 2006

a podcast
Meditations for your Body and our Earth

1 Introduction
Chaos can be a step in creating a healing pattern which resolves into order

2 What does Nature feel as unconditional love?
An Invocation and Exploration of Unconditional Love from the perspective of the Nature Spirits (2nd dimension) and Pure Energy of Nature (1st dimension)

Unconditional love, as felt by Nature Spirits, may be different than what we humans think it is. First, define the space you wish to make sacred. Nature spirits within a room echo our activities &endash; from TV watching to yoga to meditation. To create a healing space don't invite them all. Invite only those that vibrate at what they consider to be unconditional love. Watch &endash; it will be different from what you think it will be, because they, not you, are doing it.

3 Pure Divine Energy of Nature
Perhaps this is the Divine Matrix others speak of. The pure, Divine energy of Nature as I know it has a gentle, rich, almost thick watery quality. This is a first dimensional energy, and is the source of all form. It is the energy from which the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences emanate. Listen, and most people can feel it for themselves during the meditation.

4 Potentize Healing with the Pure Energy of Nature
There is always a level of consciousness within form. When I interact with that level of consciousness as a peer, rather than as its master, I find it easier to hear the opinions and ideas that it would like to share with us more easily.

Our human body recognizes what is serving us, whether it is man-made or nature-made. But our prejudices may unconsciously over-ride what the body needs, and contribute to the rejection of transplantations, medicines, or trouble integrating metal plates, screws, etc that are assisting the healing process of our physical body.

The Pure energy of Nature helps items see their interconnectedness. When the consciousness of seemingly unrelated items, feels Nature, these unrelated items build a bridge between themselves.

5 Inviting Archangel Michael's Presence
Michael, like all larger beings, can present himself (and even herself) at many levels of consciousness. You can ask for the face or aspect of Michael most useful in each situation or healing session.

6 Releasing Human Fear Energies from Storms
Within each of us, we have a pull between maintaining what is, and flowing into what is coming. The body likes to stay in form, and always moves to maintain itself in form. Yet, we know ourselves as Spirit. The human being, with both body and soul expressing into Earth, brings its own unique vibrational quality. Just as we can speak with Nature and Nature Spirits and Earth, we can turn and address weather patterns.

As humans we know we impact weather through global warming. What we are less aware of is how our combined emotional fields effect weather patterns. When I feel a sense of trepidation riding on the edge of a storm, I ask the fear within the storm if it is really in tune with Earth. Or if the fear or trepidation is in tune with the storm itself. And usually something changes.

Just by asking the storm what it wants, and what Earth wants, our human bodies become channels for Earth and Heaven to speak with each other. When we consciously speak to Earth and the weather patterns, they also have the opportunity to develop deeper communion with each other. Because we are birthed out of both Heaven and Earth they listen to us.

7 Rejuvenating the Human Body (2012)
Gaia is feeling the energies that are awakening, and is looking forward to her own next step of growth. As her physical body reflects what she is growing into, which is best described as an emotional state, our bodies and rules of physical being will bend to move with her.

This bending of physical rules lets our bodies change much more quickly, both taking on and shedding diseases.

8 Our New Porous, Pliable Bodies
Our physical bodies become more pliable and porous, letting Spirit and Nature support us in new ways.

The body wants to stay in form, and only the soul decrees when the connection of the soul into the body is meant to be broken. In the future, our bodies will become more porous. It becomes less tethered to the lower aspects of the 3rd dimension. With this porous quality, the energies that surround us and support us are more able to nourish us. And what we consider physical, changes.

As the body becomes more porous, we will have greater access to those energies that Nature uses to create form. You feel it now a bit when you are outside in Nature. It is as if the wind were blowing through the open heart space, or as if the sun were shining, and its warmth touches all the way through the body and out the other side. Right now we can begin to feel how Nature and Nature Spirits use their level of unconditional love to convey to us, through our bodies, their support, which will heighten over the next few years.

9 Chaos and Healing
Healing with tiny steps, at a speed in accordance with the body and soul, lets all of the patterns around a disease change together.

When healing comes in small, incremental steps, we don't tend to move backwards after a certain amount of time. And we take all of the aspects of the issue with us into the new level of consciousness.

10 Releasing Magnified Spiritual Connections
Let Nature cleanse yourself and your space in this meditation.

It is our life-force that asked Nature and guides and Angels to visit us, so be sure to thank them and let them go home. Letting Michael's energy step back to wherever it naturally connects to you at when you are in a waking state. Any messages can come to you at this time.

11 What you might notice afterwards
Energies that are truly in tune with us are vibrationally connected. Anything you see or feel is typically not an energy that is yours. Notice, but don't grab onto, any sensation or old thought pattern. They are on their way out.

Each time any of us take a small step forward in healing, it sends out a little ripple to everyone, everywhere, telling them they can do the same. This may be the most potent healing modality we have, because it awakens others to their own potential to learn and grow.

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