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June 2007 Email Newsletter
Ping Pong Balls of Possibilities
and Creating and Resolving Energy Hunger

Dear Friends,


This newsletter contains

-info on two upcoming events

-commentary on current energies surrounding us all

-a story "Creating and Resolving Energy Hunger"

-list of podcasts and articles online for this month only



Just a gentle tickling reminder of the FREE TELECONFERENCE this coming Friday, June 15 on the new moon. The focus is on grounding and nourishing ourselves from not just Earth but also Nature. I will ask for assistance from Archangel Michael, Thoth, and others to lead a series of meditations to help ground, open the lower chakras, then clear and reset the lower 8th. This chakra, when set properly, lets us feel more zestful and alive than any amount of caffeine or sugar. See end of newsletter for times and call in number.

Once a year I offer a WEEKEND RETREAT WORKSHOP in my home. This allows me to work closely with advanced students and others who have studied healing. If you feel drawn, here is the FLYER. I limit the group to 8 people.



It is two weeks until the summer solstice. I'm noticing that whatever was rumbling beneath me two weeks ago is now flying through the air, like a bunch of ping-pong balls going back and forth in front of my eyes. They are moving so fast I'm not sure if they are all the same, or different colors or sizes or shapes. I'm wondering if I pick up a paddle, can I hit one of them? And if so, which one is mine to hit?

My sense is that each of these ping-pong balls represents a potential project or a possible future. There are no right or wrong choices. Merely options to create.

In the past few days a few of these ping-pong balls have fallen to the ground, but too many remain for me to engage each one. Perhaps some represent old projects, friendships or ideas that are ready to be let go of. As I tune into myself, in current time, and with all of the choices I've made right up until now, a few more balls fall away. This whole choosing which one or ones to engage with is getting a bit easier.

Most of the ping pong balls shooting back and forth before my eyes seem to represent new possibilities. Perhaps possibilities created by new choices, such as opportunities that I didn't see before, even though the option was before me for some time. I believe that we blind ourselves to possibilities through beliefs of what 'must' or 'should; happen. Dropping those limiting beliefs away doesn't shift the world, it merely lets us see what has been offered to us and waiting for us the whole time.

In a few more days perhaps what the true possibilities are for each of us will be clearer. As I listen in my own body's stillness, I know that I can tap a few of these balls, and feel if the possibility it represents is one that I want to pursue now. It's time to play the game of potential projects, and see which ones my soul and body want to engage with during this summer.

If you feel the same way or feel drawn to clarify something in your life, this is a perfect time to do it. My speciality is helping clear out old and fairly chornic issues. This let's you clear out and release what no longer serves your soul and your life's journey. If this is your time to do this, please email. I'm available for sessions in the next two weeks, as we approach the summer solstice. Sessions are in person (Michigan) and by phone.

For more info see Private Sessions at


I'm working on a book (really, it's coming!) Here is a bit of one chapter, which relates to the topic of the June 15 teleconference.

Creating and Resolving Energy Hunger
(excerpted from Sacred Sound, Sacred Healing, by Norma Gentile)

Last year a friend and I were in a health food store searching for a package of exotic dried spices. It was near the dinner hour, and as we roamed between the produce section, packaged food aisle and snack food area I noticed my hunger waxing and waning. I mentioned this to my friend, also sensitive to energies and primarily eating only live food, and she shrugged and shook her head. She was hungry, but thought it was because it was dinnertime.

As we walked again from the produce section into an aisle of seemingly endless potato chip bags, she stopped abruptly. "You're right!" "I'm much more hungry now."

Why? Both of us were fine standing in the produce section. We were surrounded by mountains of fresh organic greens. As we approached the processed food sections, we both became noticeably more hungry. And the hunger had an edge to it that was very intense.

We both were eating primarily live food, which means food that is not cooked above 135 degrees, so it maintains its aura or energy field. Food cooked above that temperature does not have an aura. It loses its subtle or auric life force. We were also both healers, and so had the energetic wiring and experience to notice very small changes in our bodies.

As we continued to move from one area to another in the store our bodies responded to the changing panorama of energies which presented themselves. Surrounded by the lush organic produce, fresh and full of life-force, our bodies found balance. We agreed we were both hungry, but not overly so when near the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moving to the processed and canned foods area, we both became hungrier. My body, particularly my navel, was releasing energy outward. I was unconsciously trying to heal the food. All of the food. No wonder I was suddenly feeling overwhelmed! All of my own life force was trying to heal the aisles of processed food in the store. And the moment I realized this, I simply asked, "Is this food actually mine to heal?" And the outward-bound stream stopped.

I recognize that as a healer, I had automatically shifted into healing mode. My body registered a lack of life-force within the processed and canned foods, and my wiring and subconscious response was to heal it.

Now, the obvious silliness of this pattern became clear when my friend and I both entered the land of infinite potato chips. As we gazed upon this endless array of snack goodies (but being in a high end health store these were organic spuds) we both felt a sudden rush of intense physical hunger. We had both moved, subconsciously, into an old-fashioned mode of healing. Our own prana or life-force streamed out from our navel chakras to 'heal' the food before us. However, being a nearly endless supply of goodies and snack chips, this was not likely to happen!

More likely, we would think that the sudden onset of hunger meant we needed to buy a bag of chips and consume it. As my friend and I stood in the land of potato chips, we both allowed our navels to release our own life-force into the chips. Our bodies felt the food as having a lower life-force than our own, and so released energy from our navels to 'heal' the food.

We both became depleted energetically, and our bodies signaled our depletion with hunger. The fact that we felt extremely hungry only when around the processed and cooked food, told me that we were expending energy towards these foods. When surrounded by produce we found our bodies were not expending undue energy, and so our hunger was of a moderate level.

Knowing that sometimes hunger means what we are looking at, surrounded by, or even thinking about is lower than our natural life-force, is a valuable lesson. And one that I am constantly refining and re-experiencing.

Fast forward a year. I'm still avoiding snack aisles, candy aisles, and constantly asking when I look at processed and feel hungry if that can of peaches is really mine to heal.

It was a warm day, and my electric power was out. Again. The signal was clear - my guides wanted me to go for a swim! (OK, they probably have more important things to tell me, but it's a good story and I'm sticking to it). The water at the health club pool was unusually cold, but a good temperature for a serious work out. As I swam laps I found myself getting hungrier and hungrier. Upon finishing my workout, the live food bar snack in my locker was my intended first destination. My guides had another idea. They suggested I get into the hot tub.

While my common sense (do you know how grey hot tub water can get?) argued with my inner guidance, my body slid into the extremely hot and not at all clear water. I noticed within seconds that my navel chakra was opening wide. My hunger level dropped. Curious, I consciously focused and asked both the front and rear aspects of my navel chakra how open or closed they wanted to be. I felt a widening of the chakras in front of my navel, and in my lower back a sense of release and relief. Both the front and backside of the navel chakra were engaged and opening.

At the same time I realized the water around me no longer felt hot, merely warm. My body was feeding off of the external heat. My hunger level continued to drop. After about five minutes I felt that the nourishment my body was able to receive from the heat had been attained. I showered, dressed, and made it all the way to the car before happily consuming my live food bar. And it tasted very good.

The moral of the story:

Years ago I recall my Breatharian friend Elitom enjoying a hot tub at a hotel. The hotel hot tub water was not at all appealing in its grey color and lack of clarity, just as the hot tub I used was quite in need of attention. Elitom had strode into the grey water, chiding me for not seeing the energy between the chemicals and dirt in the water. He had tuned his body to receive nourishment from all that surrounded him. At that moment I was standing in judgment. Being in judgment of something, in this case what was in the water besides water, meant I could not receive or communicate with the water itself.

Today as I sat in the hot tub, I recalled that all water upon the planet, as well as in our bodies, is linked in consciousness. The sacred lagoons of Iguaque, the delightful sparkling waves cresting on the shores of Lake Huron, and the not tub in my health club. All these waters share a fundamental consciousness, and being in contact with anyone of them lets me access the consciousness of the other. So here I was, sitting in the grey chemicals of a commercial hot tub, and feeling the line of connection to the sacred waters of a place thousands of miles away. And the water in my body is a part of that shared consciousness. When my attention went to the sacredness within the water, rather than the chemicals, I was able to hear how the water was offering me energy, in the form of its heat. And so my navel chakra responded, and opened.

Standing in an area of food that has had its life=force removed, my body sought to bring balance by releasing my own prana to the food. Overtime, I've learned to recognize this type of behavior and ask if it is really my hunger. Usually this stops the outward flow of prana, and the hunger pangs diminish or subside.

I believe that we as a race are moving to increase our ability to share pranic energies with each other and with all that physically surrounds us. Water may be the first manifestation - a warm-up for what is to come. Tuning the lower chakras, particularly the lower 8th chakra, in a certain way opens our bodies to a greater sensitivity. It is a learning curve, balancing this opening with a firm and steady sense of your unique tuning.

Please join me for an exploration into this process during the June 15 teleconference. If you cannot participate at this time, the teleconference will be recorded and available on iTunes the next day.

If you feel so drawn, the weekend workshop in my home will focus on using this connection with sound and healing. Please see the info below.

My best to each of you who reads this,

Norma Gentile

sound shaman


For complete information please see ITINERARY at



June 11- 28 PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS are available in person in SE Michigan, by phone to other locations

FREE TELECONFERENCE: Letting ourselves be supported:
A new concept of Grounding, Earth, Nature, and the Human Energy Field.
Friday, June 15 at 9pm Eastern Time (same as New York City Time) NOTE TIME!

What better time to adjust our relationship to Earth, Gaia and Nature than just before the Summer Solstice and on the New Moon?


FORMAT: One hour on topic, with an opening meditation and words from Norma and her guides (most likely Archangel Michael, Mary, Thoth or other Ascended Masters). Q&A on-topic until 9 pm, followed by closing meditation. Those who wish to ask off-topic questions may do so after the meditation has closed..

This is freely offered to all.

Dial-in Number: 1-641-297-5600, or 1-641-297-5610 (if you know you are using Sprint, Qwest or Cingular) Access Code: 6396666. As long as everyone enters the same Participant Access Code, we will be joined together.





- General Information --

Each and every workshop is a bit different, so please tune into which dates and location you are being called to participate in.

Sound Shamanism is drawing out of someone their own balance, rather than giving to them our energy, or even energy of the earth or cosmos. Each of us has the ability to come into greater balance, according to our soul, our body, and our journey for this lifetime. We will create together a time of exploration into Grounding, Nature and Earth energies that support our bodies, and gather Wisdoms from Ascended Masters including Archangel Michael, Mary, with some toning and creation of Healing Music. This time is participatory, and limited in size.



Friday 7pm -Sunday 4pm JUNE 29 - JULY 1
Ypsilanti, Michigan, in my home

The richness of Summer Solstice Season, the full moon on Saturday and the joy that you bring in your heart are the basis of this weekend. No doubt we will enjoy meditations by the pond and waterfall. LIMIT 8

CONTACT: $199 paid by June 18, $225 after FLYER.



Fri-Sun, DECEMBER 7-9 Orlando, Florida

There is a very clear and clean energy associated with this weekend. A new wave of energy comes upon us at the close of November. I wonder what this new cycle will bring? Come and let's find out together, how far we can go when there is no hindrance. LIMIT 14



Richmond, VA possible Fall 07 intensive. Please RSVP to Myra if interested



these articles of mine are posted through the end of June at Spirit of Maat (

New Women, New Earth, New Grounding

(with sound clips for meditations to bring your body into a new relationship of nourishment with the Earth)

Clitoris Chakra - A Dance of the New Lights

(Sacred Sexuality, tuning a woman's body to increase intuition and light. Channeled from Shesat, Thoth, Archangel Michael and others


The previous Teleconference on Weather and Emotions will be available at Itunes only until this coming Friday. To download it for free, go to, click on podcasts, and search under my full name. You may also download my healing music by searching for me in the music catagory.



NEW CD - Songs from Spirit eta late summer

SPAIN A concert and workshop fall 07

BALTIMORE / DC AREA A concert and workshop Feb 08


For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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