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June 2007 Email Newsletter
Ping Pong Balls of Possibilities
and Creating and Resolving Energy Hunger

Dear Friends,

What's Rumbling Beneath Us?

June Newsletter from Norma Gentile


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The next FREE TELECONFERENCE is on the New Moon of June 15th. Topic: Letting ourselves be supported: A new concept of Grounding, Earth, Nature, and the Human Energy Body. See Itinerary at for time and call in details.




Fri-Sun, June 29-July 1 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Retreat Intensive in my home. The richness of Summer Solstice Season, the full moon on Saturday and the joy that you bring in your heart are the basis of this weekend. No doubt we will enjoy meditations by the pond and waterfall. $199 paid by June 17, $225 after. See Itinerary at






What's Rumbling Beneath Us?



Imagine: It's a beautiful day, and I'm sitting on the mountainside. Only just now am I becoming aware of a gentle stirring underneath me, and it is occurring to me that this is an old volcano and perhaps the stirring and pulsating vibrations I feel more and more strongly beneath me are…by the time the thought finally happens, the lava is flowing down where I was sitting a moment ago, and I find myself floating above this bright red river of molten earth saying "ah well, next time, don't picnic on the side of a volcanoes when you know darn well it is about to erupt!"

This is the most apt metaphor I can come up with for the energies that surround us now, entering into this June. Do we continue to picnic on this amazingly serene moment, or pay attention to what lies beneath and is just beginning to rumble?

Obviously there are a number of things going on which don't reflect the seeming serenity of the metaphor - the war and the local Michigan economy being the most visible things from my vantage point. But so many more things are rumbling. Health overall, especially in terms of food products being tainted or compromised, a growing number of fast tracked pharmaceutical drugs with unforeseen side-effects, new global warming alerts…pick any area of daily life, and the imbalances are becoming more noticeable.

The bottom line at the physical level is this: Earth would seemingly get along fine without us, but how would we do without the Earth?

There is an unseen bottom line at the spiritual level also: Gaia, the soul who is the Earth, cannot evolve unless we evolve. Each of us has a portion of soul, which is also woven into the fabric of her soul. And in becoming the physical form that we worship as our beloved life-giving Earth, our bodies are women into her body as well.

When she moves, we feel it, and respond. When we move our consciousness, she feels it, and responds.

Recycle, Reuse, and Respond to Earth. And know that as we honor Gaia and her body the Earth in prayers and worshipful ways, she receives these spiritual tithes and is able to use them as balms for her body, our Earth. New and unforeseen ways of healing pollution and bring about not the balance that once was, but a new balance have the potential to emerge.

What I'm being shown is not the need to pray 'at' Gaia or Earth, but rather to enter into the states of thankfulness, of gratitude, and of wonderment for Gaia and her lushes body, Earth.

We are enveloped into the arms of Gaia's body, and just as we snuggle into her warmth, her heart is called upon to open more and more deeply in loving response. We heal together. Souls who chose human paths, and souls who chose planetary paths, are intertwined before their birth into physical form, and embrace again in moments of intimate worship. Gaia responds to the love that human hearts create. We come from the same source, and will return again to that same source. Healing each other is a portion of our shared experience here, on this side of the veil.

-June 1, 2007
Norma Gentile (with Shesat and Ascended Friends)

So what about the rumbling underneath us? Pay attention Soon it will be time to pack up the picnic, whatever you have been doing up until now, and move onto something new. There are many good 'moving sidewalk' sorts of energies coming in middle and later summer. Stepping into these energies will help bring you to expand new areas of your life, and do it quite smoothly.

If you would like to look at this more in depth, please join me for the teleconference on June 15, or the weekend workshop in Michigan June 29-July 1. info on both is below.

For complete information please see ITINERARY at



June 11- 28 PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS are available in person in SE Michigan, by phone to other locations

FREE TELECONFERENCE: Letting ourselves be supported:
A new concept of Grounding, Earth, Nature, and the Human Energy Field.
Friday, June 15 at 9pm Eastern Time (same as New York City Time) NOTE TIME!

What better time to adjust our relationship to Earth, Gaia and Nature than just before the Summer Solstice and on the New Moon?


FORMAT: One hour on topic, with an opening meditation and words from Norma and her guides (most likely Archangel Michael, Mary, Thoth or other Ascended Masters). Q&A on-topic until 9 pm, followed by closing meditation. Those who wish to ask off-topic questions may do so after the meditation has closed..

This is freely offered to all.

Dial-in Number: 1-641-297-5600, or 1-641-297-5610 (if you know you are using Sprint, Qwest or Cingular) Access Code: 6396666. As long as everyone enters the same Participant Access Code, we will be joined together.





- General Information --

Each and every workshop is a bit different, so please tune into which dates and location you are being called to participate in.

Sound Shamanism is drawing out of someone their own balance, rather than giving to them our energy, or even energy of the earth or cosmos. Each of us has the ability to come into greater balance, according to our soul, our body, and our journey for this lifetime. We will create together a time of exploration into Grounding, Nature and Earth energies that support our bodies, and gather Wisdoms from Ascended Masters including Archangel Michael, Mary, with some toning and creation of Healing Music. This time is participatory, and limited in size.



Friday 7pm -Sunday 4pm JUNE 29 - JULY 1
Ypsilanti, Michigan, in my home

The richness of Summer Solstice Season, the full moon on Saturday and the joy that you bring in your heart are the basis of this weekend. No doubt we will enjoy meditations by the pond and waterfall. LIMIT 8

CONTACT: $199 paid by June 18, $225 after FLYER.



Fri-Sun, DECEMBER 7-9 Orlando, Florida

There is a very clear and clean energy associated with this weekend. A new wave of energy comes upon us at the close of November. I wonder what this new cycle will bring? Come and let's find out together, how far we can go when there is no hindrance. LIMIT 14



Richmond, VA possible Fall 07 intensive. Please RSVP to Myra if interested



these articles of mine are posted through the end of June at Spirit of Maat (

New Women, New Earth, New Grounding

(with sound clips for meditations to bring your body into a new relationship of nourishment with the Earth)

Clitoris Chakra - A Dance of the New Lights

(Sacred Sexuality, tuning a woman's body to increase intuition and light. Channeled from Shesat, Thoth, Archangel Michael and others


The previous Teleconference on Weather and Emotions will be available at Itunes only until this coming Friday. To download it for free, go to, click on podcasts, and search under my full name. You may also download my healing music by searching for me in the music catagory.



NEW CD - Songs from Spirit eta late summer

SPAIN A concert and workshop fall 07

BALTIMORE / DC AREA A concert and workshop Feb 08


For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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