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June 2006 Email Newsletter
Insides Out


from Norma:

Think about this phrase. It describes exactly what we have been doing since mid-April. All those things which we have tucked so expertly away inside of ourselves have been seething up and out, flowing into our outer lives.

Each and every experience external to ourselves is a reflection of some inner tidbit we are releasing or refining.

Hmm, add in potent moon cycles, a dash of eclipses and some Scorpio energy in the heavens, and you have one big melting pot of inner worries and emotions coming into the outside world. Our insides are now our outsides.

Guides and Angels advise me to take advantage of such situations. They continually comment that when something is readily apparent, it is the most maluable and easy to shift. I know from my own experiences that when a client speaks from the heart about an issue those energies are the easiest to see and help them change. And so I find my human aspect wishing for clarity, while knowing that all unclarities are there because I'm ready and willing to clarify them.

Atamira comments:
For many months, in fact years, your world has been under an energy which appears to you now as a shadow. It was not always this way. Just as a teenager rebels against parental authority, and for a while may believe parents to be the source of negativity, you too are reaching a point of turning against energetic consciousnesses which have acted as guardians for you. Now that you are reaching your teen years in emotional maturity, your minds and emotions perceive these guardian energies as 'the other'. In your polarized state of mind, your body and emotions choose to fight this 'other' and it is by this choice that 'other' then becomes negative or evil.

It has been pointed out to this channel by another that the root of evil is not God nor Spirit nor even man. It is the mind. Evil is simply that which is out of place or not yet fully shaped. It is the mind, without conscious link to its Higher Self or God Presence, that cannot see fully the formations of creation so vast before you. In this lack of perception lies the reason for the creation of the concept of evil. Truly, we (for Michael has joined me now) say to you, that evil is the resultant of humanity's short-sightedness. Evil does not exist. It is your inner world flowing outwards which creates evil. When unresolved inner turmoil erupts, the energetic patterns present themselves to all the etheric energies, nature spirits, and people in your life. Some will chose to match and create a replica of your inner turmoil. In this way it is true when you say 'everyone is against me' or 'nothing is working right today'. It isn't!

And it isn't evil. Other humans participate because you first invited them. It was you who first vomited up the inner pattern (and quite appropriately so, holding patterns such as those you are expelling causes deep physical ills). Vomiting up a pattern, it spews forth upon all those energies of the space you live (the Nature Spirits that hold the furniture and walls of your home in place, also those of your computers and electronics). It covers those people in your life and within your life circle, whether they are physically near or not. And all those people and Nature Spirits respond to your energy. You run into the same pattern, the same frustration, the same stickiness or anger or fear over and over again. Until the light bulb goes off! Illumination isn't about seeing the outside world clearly, it's about the light shining on the inside world.

The moment the light shines on the inside world, that same light shines all around you. You understand why the pattern of your emotions and behaviors was helpful to you. And you can now chose to act differently. Those same nature spirits of your home, your computer and TV and car resonate to the new frequency of light. Your friends resonate to the new ideas that you share with them. A few may use this opportunity to let the light coming from you illuminate a bit of their own inner being, and find the light switch they have been looking for in the dark.


Healing is a group process. If you could do it by yourself, why would All That Is have created itself as so many beings? Would not All That Is simply have picked itself up and become more whole? For this reason your planet, your world is healing. As anyone of you learns, many are offered that same wisdom. As your friends and you participate in mirroring each other's inner turmoil, you each further clarify the turmoil.


Love is a barrier to love. When you hold artificial ideals of love in your mind, you do not recognize them when they are offered to your hearts. Think on this with the mind, then feel the truth of this in your heart. Love comes in all ways, great and small. Within the eyes of those around you there is unexpected love. Allow yourself to seek this out, even and especially when your inner turmoil is on the outside. Let them remind you of your "You" or I AM. Illumination comes from this remembrance. And it always starts from within the heart, not the head.

May those who read and truly understand be blessed.

-Atamira and Archangel Michael
through Norma Gentile

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