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June Newsletter
Be Still, Be Steadfast



Dear Friends,

My experience of spirit varies from day to day and upon the need at hand. Tonight I felt the presence of Thoth clearly ask me to send out a brief message. It is below.

For those who are interested in working with me, I am here in Michigan offering phone and personal sessions until next Monday, June 20th. After that I'll be in Germany and Spain for concerts, workshops and in-person healing sessions. I'll return July 15th to the States and be available then again for more phone healing sessions. A summary of my itinerary follows the message from Thoth.

I hope this message brings a bit of clarity to your present experiences and life. My best to you all,



From Thoth (and the others traveling with him at this time):

Your reality matrix is experiencing a loosening. Many, many beings have helped you create the illusion of three solid dimensions. But alas, this is coming to an end. In the past several weeks, and into the coming few more, you will notice that portions of the holographic field of your perceived reality will fade. In these moments your senses will see, hear, taste or smell another, truer reality. The reality of spirit, of the 5th dimension, lies behind the holograph of solid form. The world as you experience it through your senses is being projected from the realm of spirit, which you commonly refer to as the 5th dimension.

At moments when the holographic projection of form fades, chaos is present. What makes no sense happens. Erratic patterns of behaviors, erratic decisions, unpredictable changes in personal choice are examples of what happens when portions of the hologram fade. Suddenly your mind, your emotions and your body are engulfed in a sea of 5th dimensional energies. These energies reflect the emotions and thoughts of those on planet earth. No wonder your experience of them is one of chaos!

It is through the loving labor of those in ascension that these energies of tumult and discord in the 5th are translated into a somewhat stable and welcoming 3rd dimensional reality.

We need to now tend to other business. Some of the totality of who we are is needed elsewhere.

Will you help hold your own reality? Be steady. Be steadfast. Be strong in what it is that you know to be true to yourself. Know your own heart's sensation when you walk upon your true path. Know your body's fullness when you say 'yes' and mean it. Know your mind's keenness when you understand, and are understood.

Acknowledge to others when the path is not clear. Acknowledge to others when your dreams are distant and vague. Build the connecting web of consciousness not just from your dream state but also into your 3rd dimensional waking state by this honest sharing with another.

Creating from the 5th dimension into your 3rd dimensional hologram is now yours to do. Follow the stillness you know to be spirit. The stillness lies always upon the pathway that we too follow.

Walk with us now.

Thoth, Ascended Masters, and Archangel Michael

-through Norma Gentile, June 15th


N O R M A ' S I T I N E R A R Y

(complete listing at




until June 20th - Healing Sessions by phone or in person in SE Michigan or 734-330-3997





A Journey to Hildegard's Heartland - her original monatery Disibodenberg

June 28 Healing Sessions near Frankfurt (email me)



July 1 Allcalali, Alicante Meditation Concert

July 9 Estepona, near Malaga, Heart of LIght Workshop

July 10-11 Healing Sessions in Estepona



Aug 4 Concert - Ancient Healing Musickes for the Future



Aug 15-19 - Sound Shamanism and Hildegard Workshop

Aug 15-19 Healing Sessions

LONDON, Ontario

Oct 21 Meditation Concert

Oct 22 Sound Shamanism Workshop

Oct 23-24 Healing Sessions (

Viriditas Centre of Christ Church

519-438-1171 or



Sept TBA - 3 day Sound Shamanism Training (wkshp or healing sessions prerequisite)



Andes Mountains - Colombia (limit 12 people) summer solstice 2006


I desire to support the expression of Divinity through each person. A listing of events, music from my CDs, and numerous articles on healing are freely offered at my website,

For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


If you would like to receive this monthly email directly please reply to Likewise, if you'd prefer not to receive this newsletter let us know that too.

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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