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June 2002 email Newsletter

Venus is Dancing with Jupiter


Gentle Eros woos the King


Ever feel like staying in bed and just experiencing the sensations all around you? The feel of your body, supported and totally at ease, the flow of energy through your feet and fingers, the smell of the morning air &endash; especially if it is raining…Eros is at hand.

The influence of the stars and planets upon us has been known for centuries. Marsilio Ficino wrote over 500 years ago that to sing one should 'vehemently direct' attention to a chosen star and breath in the influence of the light, thusly bringing the quality of the heavenly sphere through the music.

While my focus on Hildegard's music has allowed me to explore many ways that consciousness, mysticism, and music overlap, I had not taken Ficino's comments seriously until this past week.

Seeing Venus alight in the sky one evening I was struck by the knowing that I had regarding the light. The brightness was self evident, and yet there was something more. As a looked, I could feel a rapport with the strength of the light. Not a sense of knowing intellectually, but a sense of experiencing the totality of my own power drawing out towards the night sky.

I find it curious, how spiritual perception is an inner mirror of who I am. When I perceive something in a spiritual manner, I find a deeper sense of myself. When I perceive a truth intellectually, I understand my motivations.

All this is to say that we are continuing to experience opportunities for inner growth. Whether you perceive through your mind, body, emotions or spirit depends on the manner in which you need to grow. Balance is needed for healthy growth, so naturally each of us is attracted to stretch accordingly.

My own process at the present time is one of becoming more physical; of bringing the sometimes archaic, often mystical, and occasionally even sensual into this millennium and into my own female body. No wonder Venus speaks to me, for she is the planet of gentle Eros, and of Atamira.

The grandfather and grandmother trees are calling me to Portland Oregon for the solstice. There are 4 spaces left in the weekend gathering there at the Emissary community of Still Meadow. If you are one of those four people please let me know. We are waiting for you.

If you feel so drawn, please know that you are welcome at any gathering or private healing session. My partner Rick Vassallo and I have a strong and loving current between us which is helping many to heal deeply held wounds. We will be in Toronto this next week, and in Ann Arbor and Cleveland in mid-July.

My itinerary is at the end, and more detailed information is available at the ITINERARY link

The eclipse energy this coming Monday evening will be a highlight of the Sacred Masculine impulse that is newly coming into the planet. The alignment on June 10th will have an influence for many years to come, so my guides suggest preparing for it (and they mean for several days both before and after the set time) by taking time for yourself. Be aware that what comes up, both as internal emotions and external chaos is the result of sorting out and releasing what is ready to go. Be sure to follow through on the releasing! We, at least here in the US, are so good at throwing material things out but not letting go of hurtful emotions and experiences.

The summer solstice energy will be largely determined by decisions made in the next 2 to 3 weeks. What we choose to do, as a nation and as a single unified race on the planet, will be contrasted with our spiritual principles. It is this contrast that we will ground on the solstice. How much difference is there between our actions and our sacred intent?

A lighter approach, including self-expression through the arts and movement, will help us to bridge this space. It is not a space that can be bridged by the intellect, but only by the heart. It is the motion of many hearts into communion that let's the fear pictures dissolve. Fear is simply what our minds create with our own energies when we are disconnected from spirit.

We will have more opportunities to clear this space of spiritual connection with a final lunar eclipse of this cycle on June 24. Again, what is ready to be released is seeking its own continued growth. Let it go, as all energies seek to return home, just as we are led homeward by our soul's desire.

My blessings to all who read this,

Norma Gentile, with much assistance from Atamira


My new CD, HEALING CHANTS, which is based on the live concerts of the past year, is now available. For those of you who would like to receive a copy in your mailbox, please send a check payable to Healing Chants for $17.50 (that includes all those extras like tax and postage) to PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

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