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June 2001 email Newsletter

Finally, the June update!


Several different currents and events are shaping this month and the rest of this year. We are all preparing to utilize the energies of the solstice and eclipse occurring later this month.

During June 8-9 (end of last week) there was a pivotal shifting, which as we resisted felt like intense energies holding us back or creating constant stumbling in what we perceived 'ought' to be a straight forward situation.These stumbling blocks were actually our own energies realigning themselves with the new potential reality that will come out of the June 21 solstice/eclipse. A part of us was jumping ahead, anticipating our growth directions outside of our linear habit patterns.

Part of this realignment has to do with realization. To that end the execution today of Timothy McVeigh has helped to reveal the consciousness of America. Whether we agree with it or not, the act of committing another being from among our collective consciousness to death has a far reaching impact upon the shared energetic consciousness of all of us living in theUS.

And on those sharing and supporting the spiritual awakening all around the world. The motion of spirit in this time is to clear out what no longer fits. In order to know what needs to go, we each have to first notice those beliefs, feelings, or habits which don't feel comfortable. Some of us may need to experience pain before we stop and ask, 'Does doing this, thinking this, or believing this cause me pain or pleasure now?"

That is where the power of the emotions behind today's execution comes in. Emotions are merely spiritual energy held in a web of belief. If we take away the belief web, the emotions are simply energy. We have the ability over the next 10 days to release the webs of belief that surround and (often) keep us from accessing the power of our emotions. As we move towards the summer solstice, we desire a greater clarity in our conscious and unconscious minds. This clarity lets the spark of creation move more clearly through us as the total solar eclipse occurs during the solstice energies on June 21st.

For those who keep track, this is related to the total lunar eclipse of last January 9th. There is another partial lunar eclipse on July 5th. This is the entry of the sacred feminine - not a large energy like the grand entrance of the masculine that is being heralded on June 21st.

The awakening of this spiritual feminine compassion doesn't announce itself like a gentle friend, it walks in softly, waiting for you to acknowledge it. Forgiveness is the gift she brings to each person who lets her embrace them.

Until next month, blessings to each of you,



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I'm spending July and August close to home in Michigan, writing and editing music for a new book and CD based on the Heart of Light. As a complement, I'm meeting with small groups of people in a series of LIVING ROOM FORUMS. If you would like to host such an event all you need is 6 friends and a room or patio space in the greater Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area for an evening. The cost is $50 per person. Topics so far include;

INDIGO CHILDREN: Helpful Insights and Practical Ideas for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers (communicating with them more effectively, handling situations of fear, anger that are unique to this generation, honoring their physical traits and boundaries)

CONNECTING TO YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE OR ANGEL: We each have a number of helpmates on the other side. Whether or not there is a clear connection often depends on how crowded our energy field is. A few practical energy exercises can help to clear out the old and make way for the new.

TOPIC of OUR CHOICE: A current event, a relaxing healing evening for women,…

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