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Mid-May 2008 Email Newsletter
a note about AtlasPROfilax

Hi Everyone,

A couple quick event notes and some info on a new healing technique, called AtlasPROfilax.

- web audio interview Sunday 6pm eastern
- Toronto &endash; AtlasPROfilax this weekend
- Ann Arbor concerts, workshop next weekend


WEB AUDIO INTERVIEW Sunday, May 25 at 6pm eastern

This weekend I'll be interviewed by Rev. Rhonda Smith her show, AWAKE, on Blog Talk radio Blog Talk Radio 's call-in number is 646-716-8988

The focus will be: Healing according to your Soul.

What is it that your soul truly desires? Healing may appear to be an action of the body, but I find that it begins when we allow the dreams and desires of our soul to speak to us. Listening to our soul let's us bring into our lives what our soul needs to both nourish and challenge us into spiritual growth.


in TORONTO this weekend &endash; Atlas PROfilax highly recommended

This weekend in Toronto, Rob Koliner is offering individual AtlasPROfilax adjustments. It is amazing. This process, which is painless, involves relaxing soft tissue between the head and top of spine. What I see psychically is that it begins to release the veil of energy over the top of the spine. Physiologically, it corrects an imbalance that almost all of us have in the atlas and topmost portion of our spine.

I had my atlas corrected last fall with this process, and my entire body continues to shift as a result. My voice is sounding better than ever, and I seem to be re-creating the arches in my feet! Chronic tension areas between my occipital lobe and spine are gone. I also notice that the healing energies I can access have come to greater focus. Personally, I find that things that I used to 'get away with' are more clearly not suitable. My body says 'yes' and 'no' more strongly and clearly. After studying Alexander Technique for 7 years, and then receiving Feldenkreis, this adjustment feels like 'permanent Alexander release' and I can access the joint release of Feldenkreis throughout my body with just a moment of thought.

I strongly suggest that you tune in and see if it is for you. There main website (in about 8 languages, because this started in Europe) seems to be down for revamping. Try googling, and see what others are saying.

If you live near Toronto and want the adjustment this weekend (remember, it is soft tissue, not a chiropractic adjustment, so no cracking or pushing involved, all very light energy touch) contact the local Toronto sponsor of his visit, Marie Christine Beth at or

If you live elsewhere, Rob does travel. Be in touch with him directly for more info. Rob Koliner at

And for those in Ann Arbor, you know Rob has a practice in Ann Arbor, and is now taking appointments for AtlasPROfilax locally. He is one of 8 or 10 people in the US and Canada trained in this technique.


in ANN ARBOR next weekend - (flyer here)
Healing Concerts and a Chanting-Meditation-Gathering

Saturday, May 31 Meditation Concert with myself and New York based sound healer and singer Ruth Cunningham of Anonymous 4. We'll be at Kerrytown Concert House with some Hildegard, and lots of sound healing improvisations like this one. Listen to us now: Waves -duet improvisation with medieval harp

Friday, May 30 Light & Shadow,Chants, Prayers and Improvisations. A wonderful healing concert with medieval harp, flute and Ruth Cunningham singing. Ruth is well known as a member of the woman's group Anonymous 4. This is the her only solo midwest performance. For tickets see Kerrytown Concert House. Listen to a bit of this healing concert now: Ave Maria / O lillium.

Sunday, June 1 meditation-chanting-gathering
Healing in Sound and Silence Workshop
with Norma Gentile and Ruth Cunningham. Chants and Meditation. A good energy time. All welcome.

Ruth and I will join together on Sunday, June 1 from 10am-1pm in my home. All welcome! Ruth has a rich background in sacred chant, and I'll offer some energy pieces to go along with the chanting and toning. $45. You can pay using and send the money to I'll send you directions. If you prefer, call to register at 734-330-3997.

See my Calendar Page for more detailed information

I so appreciate everyone who made the past weekend in Madison and Chicago possible. I look forward to seeimg many of you again soon.


June 2-16
Private Healing Sessions in SE Michigan or by phone available.

June 11
Meditation with Earth and Heaven, June 11 FREE
8pm EDT (New York City time) Call (641) 715-3200 and Enter Access Code - 555220# This is a Teleconference. Portions will be recorded and posted as a webcast later.

Ottawa, Canada
Fri-Sun, June 20-22
Sound Shamanism Workshop (full-waiting list)
Monday, June 23 Private Healing Sessions (3 spaces open)

Tues-Wed June 24-25
Private Healing Sessions (4 spaces open)

YES please pass this email onto anyone you think would be interested. Just be sure to include my contact info below.

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