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Being Called Home
How Acts and Actions of Chaos Lead Us to our Spiritual Purpose


Dear Friends,
It has certainly been an interesting and often challenging period of time since I last wrote a newsletter. Below you will find
an essay addressing what has been happening, some ideas about what this means to our personal lives and two related sound healings. And yes, we are already within the transmutation energies of the three eclipses which begin this coming Wednesday, June 1. See the essay below for more on that, and the Global Phone Meditation.

As always, feel free to share this with anyone whom you believe would be interested.



June 11-12

Weekend Practitioner's workshop in a private lakeside home near Ann Arbor, Michigan

June 15

9pm EDT (New York City time) Global Phone Meditation

June 24-26

Carlton WA Congress and Private Healing Sessions

June 27-28

Seattle WA Private Healing Sessions

SOUND HEALINGS (hosted on the website)

Veni Creator Spiritu (Invoking the Spirit of Creation)

A Question into the Heart of Chaos

Being Called Home
How Acts and Actions of Chaos Lead Us to Our Spiritual Purpose

I have never thought of springtime as a time of inner or outer death.  But this year, at least for me, it has been a journey through chaos into an ever deepening stillness within.

I suspect that I am not the only one who has been called, over and over again, to be present with extremes of grief and joy in these past weeks and months. Or to hold in loving compassion those who are undergoing severe and drastic life changes.  Each time I think to myself "this has to be the last crisis, the last huge political uprising, the last death, the last flood or earthquake or tornado."  But it hasn't been.

World events have had no rest.  Ever vigilant, news channels report uprising after uprising in the "Arab Spring".  The Earth seems to heave her crust beneath modern cities while unending torrents of water flow into towns and farmland.  If there is no inner personal crisis to attend to there is always an external one.

Celebrating life is associated with springtime. Especially here in the northern climate of the US it is clear that the land is verdant once again.  What was hidden, in terms of the life force of Nature, is now clearly visible as lush green fields (and lawns) host brilliantly colorful flowers.

As I look out into my wonderful blooming garden, I wonder, does this obvious beauty mean it is over?  Has the repeated cycle of being called to be present for death and illness and the world's political changes ended now that spring has past and summer is nearly upon us?  Or perhaps, because I am human, that very human part of me asks Spirit if there can be an intermission, a pause, between the incessant acts of human violence and Nature's ever increasingly dramatic storms?

Probably not.  Because with each external change, we are called to reassess who we are, and how we want to express ourselves as Spiritual Beings into our ever shifting world. Living in a constant state of overwhelm is becoming an acceptable permanent condition for many people that I see in healing sessions nowadays. Consider, even a few years ago, would you be doing all that you are doing now in a normal day? 

With each act of external change we are being called into a state of being that exists only when we are silently and firmly living from that place of "home" within our body.  Within this place there is usually no sense of rushing urgency, and no sense of being pushed or pulled by outer events.  This is the spiritual and energetic antidote to overwhelm.

As the cycles of change move, they create an opportunistic chaos.  Within this chaos are all the parts and pieces we need to create an entirely new world. I wonder if our ability to be present deep within our bodies isn't a part of creating a deepening sense of "home" for ourselves that over time might resonate to others in our world.   

I know from deep within my own "home" in my body that the continuing cycles of violence, whether from Nature or Humanity, are opportunities to let go of what we cannot carry through our personal spiritual and physical storms.  Deciding what we treasure helps us recognize who we are now.  We are then free to release into the chaos of the storms that encircle us those things, including relationships with others, that are no longer a part of our soul's journey.

Trying to do it all, or carry it all, or care for everything that is moving into a chaotic state leads to overwhelm.  Find that still center point within yourself that is home.  Here you already are.

Please join me for an exploration of where "home" is within your physical body, how to get there and how to remain there. 

Global Phone Meditation  
June 15 at 9pm Eastern (New York City time)

- on the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

This hour will include a series of silent and spoken meditations, most likely from my guides Atamira (a Hathor), Mary and Archangel Michael.  Plan on finding a quiet space where you can lie down and be deeply at rest and undisturbed for the duration of the meditation.  This will be recorded and posted as a free podcast or at-cost CD. Donations are most welcome.

Some Additional Thoughts

Of the many observations I and others have made about the past few months, here are three ideas that my guides shared with me which may be useful to consider.  I do not believe that any one person, no matter how spiritually or psychically gifted, knows all and sees all.  I offer these ideas merely as possible ways of framing for our human minds what is happening in dimensional realms that is far beyond the comprehension of our human minds. Even though we like to think we can know it all!


Shredding Yourself into Multiple Realities

As you read this don't try to make it make sense immediately. This metaphor for what is happening to us comes from Thoth. He suggests that you simply let the energies behind the words "play" with you as you go through your day and they will integrate into your subconscious during dreamstate. In a few days you may notice that somehow you experience what is happening in our world differently. And so your choices and behaviors also change.

If it was possible to put all of what you define yourself as being and doing (a mother, a teacher, a healer…) into a container, mix it well, and then shred each role and definition of yourself into the tiniest fragment, you would see all of who you are accumulated into one big pile. But the pieces that make up each of your roles in life would no longer be connected, one to another. 

We are pulling apart each aspect of who we are.  Each role that we play, (mother, daughter, good friend) or thing that we do (teach, heal, work, drive a carpool) is being shredded into its tiniest portion.  And these portions are being mixed together.  Their relationship to other portions of what we do in that same job or role in our life is not clear. Sort of like finely shredded cabbage in cole slaw before you add the dressing. All the parts of who we are still exist, but they are not connected.  There is no spiritual equivalent of mayonnaise or vinegar to bind the various pieces together.

This began last winter. In late January of 2011 up until early May we began experiencing ourselves in multiple realities.  That is a fancy way of saying that decisions we make in one moment are remade in the next moment due to quickly changing external circumstances.  Many people are experiencing a type of "sea-sickness" when their physical body is not fully engaged with and stable in one reality.  In the western culture we have seldom focused on feeling our navel chakra.  And yet it is within this chakra that our unique tone or energy signature lies that tells our soul where its home is. 

Again, this feeling of "home" being within the body.


Choosing One Reality (and living in it)

For years I and others have mentioned that the changes we make here in the third dimension move out to other dimensions.  Naturally, changes that are made in other dimensions affect us here as well.  Not all the changes or choices we make in our lives are reflected in the other dimensions.  Some choices are, and some are not, at least not in this one single reality in which our physical body lives right now. 

My guides suggest that our physical bodies are designed to exist in only one reality at a time. We shift realities as we change our minds and make new choices.  When we do not commit entirely to a new choice we straddle realities, becoming ungrounded, fuzzy, and unable to function well.  The solution is to commit to a choice, following through with whatever that would mean in daily life, and allow your body to ground into that choice and the resulting reality.  Later on if you decide to choose differently, you can.  But first you must feel in your body the results of your choice.


Our Galactic Tennis Game

Recently the consciousness of our planet as arisen to the point where we are now receiving back from other dimensions the equivalent of energetic "tennis balls" that we launched out hundreds of years ago.  When our planet began to awaken, hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago, our actions began to quietly be whispered to the dimensions above and below us.  As our awakening increased, so did the volume of our actions increase within the other dimensions.  Our actions became more and more audible to all the other dimensions.

And as those beings of consciousness that reside in other dimensions listened, they began to respond to our activity.  It is their response to our choices that is now being felt by us.  Each of Humanity's choices moved not just through our own lives, but also out into other dimensions.  Those beings of consciousness in other dimensions are now sending back to us tides of energies that reflect the changes they have made, based on our initial choices.  

Think of it as a huge Galatic tennis game between friends.  No winners will be announced.  As anyone of us chooses to do something differently, the energy of our choice is broadcast to beings in other dimensions ,who may then also choose to do something differently.  And they let us know the changes they have made, so that we can respond to their choices with additional changes on our part.

Does that mean that every choice any human has ever made is being echoed back to us now?  No.

As with an overly chatty friend, much of our energetic activity was ignored by the other dimensions.  Or perhaps we have moved so quickly through various realities that we are no longer aware of the repercussions of our actions upon realities we left long ago.

Starting in the fall of 2010 and intensifying into the Spring of 2011 more and more of our choices and activities are being heard and responded to by beings of consciousness in other dimensions.  Which means that the changes they make as a result of our choices echo back to us in our lives and in our larger world.  It is a tennis game across dimensions and time.

Which brings me to the topic of time speeding up and events happening in a non-stop mode.  This is one result of our new inter-dimensional energetic tennis game.  It is also a reflection of how quickly we are moving through realities.  With each choice a new reality emerges, and we step into it. And while my human self longs for a summer break from all of the change, I know that will not happen. 

As we head into June with three eclipses and a number of notable astrological events, I can't help but think that we are all headed for a "new normal".  Slow days used to mean a day of reflection and meditation with a few small items to do on my agenda.  Now, at least for me, those times of quiet are less frequent and more cherished.  And yet I find that deepening sense of home is carried within me at all times.

My blessings to each of you,

Norma Gentile


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Do the forms you are currently manifesting serve you? Does your life now reflect what your soul desires to manifest? What is the quality of ease that your soul wants your body to have in your life?

Manifestation is an energetic process within our throat or 5th chakra working in tandem with our navel chakra and knee chakras. The quality at which our skin rubs against our physical reality is largely determined by our soul.

Most of us have accidentally created much more friction in our lives than what our soul means for us to experience. With this meditation we help you find the quality of ease that your soul means for your body to have in your life now.

Sometimes it is our expectation that it will be difficult to release something that actually makes it difficult. Most of the time, the old is really uncomfortable, and we have simply grown used to the discomfort. The more we let go, the more ease we have in our lives.

Spiritual energetic waves are always coming towards us. But the new can't arrive until we have let go of the old. In the ocean of life, you can't surf two waves at once!

What if we were to shift healing and prayer away from the idea of needing help and giving help? What if we saw healing as being a situation where a person's soul and body are recognizing a potential for strengthening their connection? Together the soul and body have identified a weak link that they are ready to change. It is only the personality that is holding us back from moving easily along that path of change.

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I look forward to many more meditations, and many more downloads! And yes, please share these newsletters, podcasts and phone meditations with your friends, your email circle and others.

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