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May 2007 Email Newsletter
Stirring Many Pots

Dear Friends,

How many pots can we each keep stirring at one time? We are quickly learning in this time of year that many projects can be started, but finishing anything of spiritual quality requires attention and care. My guides are stressing the need to assess what is ours to do, as well as what is ours to do right now, this day, this hour, or this coming week.

As an example: every year brings the opportunity to work outside in your flower or herb garden. What exactly is needful, healthful, and beneficial to do this year, in this portion of the cycle? Learning to listen internally, as well as externally, is the key.

Listening to silence, I hear the symphony of tones that emerge. This symphony is my way of hearing Spirit. Not always in words, but in tones and sensations and colors, Spirit shows me clues and gently helps me navigate all of the possibilities that surround me. I find my way through the many opportunities, and learn to choose what most resonates with my heart, and nourishes my soul.

If you are interested in pursuing some of this listening to silence and combine it with learning some of my Sound Shamanism healing techniques, please join me in Atlanta Friday, May 11 (evening) and Saturday, May 12 (day). (Click for flyer). I will most likely sing a bit both Friday evening and Saturday, with songs from the Hathors, and words from Archangel Michael and Mary. I will offer Private Healing Sessions on Sunday and Monday, May 13-14, also in Atlanta.

I will be in Richmond and Portsmouth Virginia this weekend (May 2-6). Private Sessions May 5-6, and an impromptu gathering focusing on healing into death and releasing cords that cause us to form emotional ghosts are most likely the topics. (see Itinerary for more info)

There are suddenly a number of interviews and articles with me online. All are free &endash; read and listen as you desire.

I am honored to have been included in the May issue of the online magazine Spirit of Maat. This issue, dedicated to the Awakening of the Sacred Masculine, includes a channeling of mine on this topic.


Last month's Teleconference on Weather and Emotions is now available online. You can listen for free. Follow the link from

PS - The next Teleconference is on the New Moon of June 15th. Topic: Letting ourselves be supported: A new concept of Grounding, Earth, Nature, and the Human Energy Body. See Itinerary for details.


LISTEN, (this interview and meditation expires May 8th)

An audio conversation between myself and Dr. Maria Moratto is available now until Tuesday, May 8th at Especially good for those beginning their path of energy, healing, and spiritual exploration. Dr. Maria Moratto says:Norma shares a specific meditation that will absolutely change your life. If you are interested in how you can clear all accumulated energies so that you can move forward and heal faster, you can't miss this.


RETREAT INTENSIVES 2007 &endash; General Information ----------

Two opportunities to study with me intensively are now set. Each and every workshop is different, so please tune into which dates and location you are being called to participate in.

Sound Shamanism is drawing out of someone their own balance, rather than giving to them our energy, or even energy of the earth or cosmos. Each of us has the ability to come into greater balance, according to our soul, our body, and our journey for this lifetime. We will create together a time of exploration into Grounding, Nature and Earth energies that support our bodies, and gather Wisdoms from Ascended Masters including Archangel Michael, Mary, with some toning and creation of Healing Music. This time is participatory, and limited to 14 people.


Fri-Sun, June 29-July 1 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Retreat Intensive in my home. The richness of Summer Solstice Season, the full moon on Saturday and the joy that you bring in your heart are the basis of this weekend. No doubt we will enjoy meditations by the pond and waterfall.

CONTACT: $199 paid by June 17, $225 after



Fri-Sun, December 7-9 Orlando, Florida

There is a very clear and clean energy associated with this weekend. A new wave of energy comes upon us at the close of November. I wonder what this new cycle will bring? Come and let's find out together, how far we can go when there is no hindrance.



And if you know someone who is interested in any of this, please forward the newsletter to them. I look forward to meeting new friends, and seeing old ones soon,


For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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