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May Newsletter
Rallying Against


Dear Friends,

I write a newsletter when there are events that I feel moved to address. " Rallying Against" deals with a pattern I've seen for several weeks - the ease of the US government, the new Pope and others to move forward with agendas seemingly not connected to my own perceptions of world service, and a rash of small but annoying breakdowns and repairs in my own and other's daily life experience.

Thoth has helped me understand better the Heart of Light meditation that I taught several years ago, and has added new material linking the heart into the power of the body. This entails opening the thymus or High Heart as well as traditional Heart Chakra, and exploring the energetic staircase that spirals downward from the Heart into the navel and hara. For those who have studied the MerKaBa or Unity Breath, it seems to be the next step.

I will be teaching this using sound as the activating current of love in my upcoming European and Canadian workshops.


May19 - May 30 Healing Sessions in Michigan
June 4 Ottawa Heart of Light Workshop
June 5-6 Ottawa Healing Sessions
June 9-10 Toronto Healing Sessions
June 12-22 Healing Sessions in Michigan and by phone
June 24-26 Bingen, Germany Hildegard Solstice Retreat
June 28 Germany Healing Sessions
July 1 Alicante, Spain, Meditation Concert
July 9 Estepona, Spain Heart of Light Workshop (bilingual)
July 10-11 Estepona, Spain Healing Sessions
Aug 4 Ann Arbor Concert
Aug 14-19 Asheville, NC Hildegard and Healing Workshop


All these events are listed on my ISchedule of Events or click on their name for more information. And now, for the newsletter!

My very best to each of you, and may the spring (or autumn) blessings of the Earth fall gently upon you.

-Norma Gentile



Rallying Against

The more energy you give to something, the more it grows.

Let's try this one again: Want to stop something? If you send your energy up against it, your energy will become part of what it can feed upon. Throw paper on a fire, and the fire will eventually consume it.

The current US government. Those of you who sense or feel energies may have noticed a slippery, smooth feel to how hot-button issues are sliding through the approval process. Artic oil drilling, the new UN Ambassador, pulling school funding, continuing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while contemplating Iran….all have the same smooth feeling.

Not every move by the current administration is based upon this smooth or slippery energy. But all those things that are, have a tendency to gladly receive the energies generated by those who are protesting, letter writing, hand wringing and generally creating opposition energies. The energies of protest, because of the way they are rallying against something, actually become fuel for whatever they are rallying against.

We are in a cycle of learning how to encourage each other and ourselves. So as we discourage anyone, our energies are moving away from us and out towards them. As we encourage anyone, our energies bloom around our own bodies and life paths.

When we rally against anything, we are forming our emotional energy into the equivalent of a sticky ball. Our judgment forms a web around and inside of the emotional energy ball, giving it structure. As we throw the energy balls at our target, they do not strike the target down, but rather fall into the target, becoming a part of the target's own energy.

One side effect of throwing these energy balls is the rash of small, annoying breakdowns. Computer problems, paperwork mix-ups, little things that break and need to be fixed are all examples.

In each case, it is our guides who are intercepting the energy balls we are throwing. Rather than allow us to hurl our energy away, they are fragmenting the balls, and letting our energies disperse, slowly. As our energy ball returns to us, the bits and pieces are striking our lives, and creating small patterns of chaos.

Why is this good?

Because we are learning not to throw our energies away in judgment. The repercussions of rallying against anything become more obvious to us. Either what we are opposing grows, feeding on our energy, or our own piercing judgment boomerangs back to us, splintered by our loving guides, so that it does not overwhelm us.

We are in essence energy beings, capable of great love and great power. Wielding our minds with love creates a unified web; a matrix upon which all of creation rests. Sporting the swords, which our minds are capable of wielding with power cuts to ribbons all those before us, and slices our own bodies as well.

from Thoth
Ascension is no longer about power over. Life is a unifying factor in all existence. This life is connection to others, support for others, and an eyes-wide-open love for each other. No longer is this love for merely family or a spouse, but it is to be shared with those who are desiring to receive it; from your mouth, your eyes, your lip's smile; all may receive this loving blessing.

So what can we do when we do not agree with something?

Behold it in the loving gaze of wonder. Question it with kindness in your heart. What forces, beings or energies are creating this situation? Do even they truly desire it to be as it is? Perhaps the judgments and energies of so many have distorted the original intention.

The Earth is much stronger than most humans believe. And changing. Know that as she shifts, you will continue to open and explore new areas of energetic responsibility in your lives. This is a first lesson: Do not move your energy in judgment. Move your energy in compassion.

When your emotional energy (your sticky ball) is moving in compassion, there is no tuning, no web or structure that another can grab onto. A ball of emotional energy meant to oppose something, has its web tuned to what you are opposing. In this manner, your energy sticks and becomes fuel for the very thing you are standing against.

Create your emotions and hold them with compassionate questions in your heart. This lets your energies interact with the situation, but not tune to the same frequency as the situation.

From Norma-
It is a learning process. Not a single lesson, but a continuing process. We need to open the High Heart, the thymus chakra, and learn to hear what it tells us about our likes and dislikes. This learning not to throw energy balls is a part of learning to listen, but not react. No doubt there will be more lessons to build upon this one!

For the moment, notice when you are rallying against something, and notice also if you later experience a number of small glitches in computers, cars, or such. Then thank your guides for intercepting that ball of your own personal emotional energy, which you had tuned to whatever you opposed.

Rather than becoming a part of what you opposed, and feeding what you were rallying against, the ball was stopped by the love your guides have for you. They intercepted that ball, broke it into pieces, and slowly returned the energies in it to you. Interlaced as it was with judgment, maybe a little hatred even, it caused chaos to ensue in parts of your life. This is our first lesson as humans, what we give our intention to, grows. We all live in glass houses. Be careful to love stones, not throw them!

until next we meet,



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