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May 2001 email Newsletter

Compassion has been the primary interest of mine this past year. As we approach the political and celestial events of the next few weeks I am drawn ever more deeply into asking myself how compassion, towards others as well as towards myself, might transform the energies surrounding these events.

In any moment or action, there are a number of factors converging. By giving our attention to one of those factors, we give our energy to it. The event then loops into our energetic aura based on our choosing of the factor to which we pay attention.

When we look at an event and see humor, we are apt to remember that moment as humorous. When we look at an event and feel angry, we are apt to continue to loop in and create more anger when remembering the event. However, we can change our perception of the event by stepping into the larger picture through compassion.

This is certainly easier to do with an event that has less personal impact. But even events that seem removed, by geography or from not personally knowing those involved, echo through the nation's larger consciousness to which we are all connected.

In the next few weeks we as a nation will be experiencing the energies brought up by anger, spitefulness, and greed. We can also meet these energies with forgiveness, loving friendship, and communal healing.

Atamira shares with me the insight that in order for healing energies to move into or out from the planet they move through ourselves. In order for new healing energies to be drawn through us there must be a need through which they are being drawn.

My own observations, from both reading newspapers 'on the road' and locally, are that the coverage of Timothy McVeigh's execution in two weeks will be massive. Our attention, as a nation, is going into this moment. Atamira asks, "What is the quality of attention that we each would choose to give this event?" "What is the quality of forgiveness, and compassionate response that can be called through us?" Where are the parallel events in our own lives that mirror this situation?"

As we each find the darker edge of emotions that this event brings up, we have the opportunity to step back into compassion and feel new healing energies move through our lives, and out into the larger national psyche. We may already be experiencing personal events that magnify in our own lives those same energies that are coalescing around the execution. Know that as you meet these events with your own tools of love, you transform these events.

It is not coincidental that the June 21st solstice and full eclipse come 36 days later. There is a 'rest' period between these events in which we can transform energies on a national scale. Whatever is transformed during this time period will be re-grounded with the eclipse and solstice as our new reality of love.

In the strangest of paradoxes, the act which sprung out of hatred serves to open the door to an array of new healing energies for our nation. It is with the deepest of compassion that I ask each of us to consider and allow the circumstances that come into our lives (especially mid to late May) be carefully examined. Be open and aware that new possibilities exist. Find them in gentleness, care and communion with Life.

May all who read this be blessed,
-Norma (with help from Atamira)

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I'm spending July and August close to home in Michigan, writing and editing music for a new book and CD based on the Heart of Light. As a complement, I'm meeting with small groups of people in a series of LIVING ROOM FORUMS. If you would like to host such an event all you need is 6 friends and a room or patio space in the greater Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area for an evening. The cost is $50 per person. Topics so far include;

INDIGO CHILDREN: Helpful Insights and Practical Ideas for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers (communicating with them more effectively, handling situations of fear, anger that are unique to this generation, honoring their physical traits and boundaries)

CONNECTING TO YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE OR ANGEL: We each have a number of helpmates on the other side. Whether or not there is a clear connection often depends on how crowded our energy field is. A few practical energy exercises can help to clear out the old and make way for the new.

TOPIC of OUR CHOICE: A current event, a relaxing healing evening for women,…

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