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April 2007 Email Newsletter
Gloomy, Gus(sty) April
(this is the first of two newsletters this month)

Dear Friends

I feel like I just didn't quite get enough winter sleep. Daylight Savings time came 3 weeks earlier this year, and with it arrived a false spring in many areas of the world. After two weeks of brilliant sunshine and warm summer temperatures, a more realistic weather pattern returned.

The gloomy overcast winter-like days are a sharp contrast to the external world's Daylight Saving Times message to get moving and get things done. Spring is here, but not quite yet, is what my inner sense says.

I feel as if someone turned on the lights at 6am, told me something really wonderful, and then turned them off, but is in the next room having a party. Part of me wants to get up and celebrate, but my body is simply not had enough rest.

This cycle of aborted winter introspection time is causing folks to feel 'not quite here' and overly tired. My suggestion is to let the wintry cycle continue to play out. Go back to bed; meditate, journal, do whatever you were doing during the longer hours of dark, and when you are feeling good and ready, engage in the quicker cycles of spring energy. Certainly here in Michigan it is easy to do this, with a mini-blizzard whirling around my flower garden and pond. I know the true and natural Spring cycle will come. Meanwhile, I'm going to finish up with my Winter introspection, so I know what I want to plant in my life's garden this year.

May you each be well and rested,


Portsmouth VA   May 2-4 Private Healing Sessions
Richmond VA   May 5  Private Healing Sessions
Atlanta    May 11-14  Workshop and Private Healing Sessions
ORLANDO, FL   A workshop is brewing 
ANN ARBOR MI weekend workshop summer 07
SPAIN  A concert and workshop fall 07 

PRIVATE SESSIONS are available: April 18-26, May 8, May 20-31 

For more information these events please see my Itinerary page

You can now listen to Sound Healings from past events and portions of radio interviews on my website. Here is one example:

And there are now many free clips of healing chants from my CDs


Please feel free to pass this on to others, as well as the info that follows:



VIRGINIA (speaking at the Virginia Hospice Conference)

May 2-4 Portsmouth
Private Healings

May 5 Richmond VA
Private Healings


ATLANTA May 11-14 click for flyer)

Fri eve, Saturday day, May 11-12
Sound Shamanism and Healing Workshop
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all.

Saturday, May 13-14 Private Healings


For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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