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April 2006 Email Newsletter
The Blessing of the Magdalene

Dear Friends,

These last few weeks have been an example of Gaia, the Earth, shifting into her new vibration of pure emotion. When she is in this new state, it feels to me like my feet are moving through a thick pool of water up to my calves. Every step is a little slippery, and a bit slower than usual. She is now shifting back to her more familiar, denser form.

That means that we will be choosing, over the next weeks, what portions of our lives to bring into this new cycle, and which portions to release. Your own energies, and all that serves to support you, feel as clear and light as air. That which no longer supports or serves you is noticeable for its weight, density and cloudiness. We often have carried something for so long, that we assume it is us. Now is the opportunity to deliver this energy, and let it continue to evolve into its own next phase of growth.

During these times of Gaia's shifting trying to organize events is like frying up jello. I will be in Columbus, Montreal and Ottawa in the next few weeks. Feel free to pass this newsletter to those you know who live near to those cities. Please consult my Itinerary page at for contact information for each event.

May-June-July Private Healing Sessions in SE Michigan
(in person if you are in the region, by phone to other areas)

Mary 10-14 Retreat with myself and Matthew Fox
PLEASE NOTE: This is a one time only event &endash; a few spaces remain

May 11 and 13 Private Sessions Merrickville (near Ottawa)
Mary 15-16 Toronto Private Sessions
June 22 7-9pm Evening Solstice Gathering Ypsilanti, MI
July 22-23 Sound Shamanism Intensive, Ypsilanti, MI


The Feminine Blessing

Marian energy is often described as being a trinity of energies. The Magdalene energy is one of these triune aspects. Marian simply refers to something related to the Biblical Mary. Each of the three Marys in the Bible reflects an aspect of the Marian Trinity.

Magdalene energy is a part of each woman. This quality of Divine Feminine expresses through us as wonderment. It is the experience of the emotional body as we discover something new. The energy of the Magdalene is re-creation.

And it is sorely missing in most of us today.

In the past year I've noticed a trend in woman over 35. Most have low or no thyroid function. A handful had hyperthyroidism. And fewer still had normal thyroid function.

From the medical model I understand that the endocrine system, of which the thyroid is a part, is an interrelated system. As I look to see what might be causing the thyroid to malfunction, I come to several issues.

The first is that few women honor their own feminine. The pace of life is moving faster and faster. We rush out the door without dinner in order to make it to the Crone ceremony on time, and then eat snacks at the party afterwards. A day seldom contains reflective time that isn't structured as yoga, pilates, classes on well-being, or organized meditation. While all these are great activities, they are just that, activities!

Sometimes spirit speaks to us through the din of our lives. Sometimes it just can't shout any louder. When this happens, we become less and less of who we mean ourselves to be. Literally, our soul tunes less well with the vibrations that our physical body is creating. As the body tunes to the outer world more and more, the soul has less and less connection.

As women, we have a unique grounding to the physical matter of the Earth. Gaia, the soul who has taken upon the mantle and form of Earth for us, is slowly freeing herself of form. Each time she stretches a bit more into her new energy state, we feel it. Our own grounding changes. As Gaia explains, "Each time one of you awakens to the certainty that I have stepped aside, you find new pathways. These pathways lead you to new explorations of what you are capable of, as you are able to see in new ways what lies before you."

The Magdalene energy has to do with wonderment. It is about re-creation. It is about finding that source within yourselves that re-creates. For women, it is about feeling the currents in the ovaries.

Whether they are present physically or not, the ovarian currents still flow in the physical and etheric body. As they do, they provide the energetic wavelength into which the pituitary gland lays its structured energies. These energies come from thoughts. Not from simple thoughts, such as "I am wealthy" or "I am happy". The energy structures of the pituitary are a matrix of resultant energies from unconscious thoughts. When you truly clear an issue, it is because this deeper level of beliefs also is resolved.

As the matrix of unconscious thoughts lays upon the waves of the ovarian energies, it most resembles a pattern of small stones on the shore of the ocean. Clear water, the basis of feminine creation, is tuned by the ovaries of each woman into small waves. The waves are then impacted by the woman's thoughts (and to some extent her sexual partner's energy thoughts also). These appear as small stones. Sometimes the small ripples move over the stones, other times the ripples are broken up by the stones.

But what happens if the ovaries are not creating these lovely small ripples in the clear water of creative energy? What if instead there are occasional larger waves, or perhaps no waves at all? Then the stones are washed away by the force of the wave, or not met at all by the overly still water. The play between the stones (our thought matrix held in the pituitary) and our ovaries (the gentle ripples of water) is our creative impulse into the world. This interchange creates the impulses in our bodies that tells our thyroid gland how much to embrace life. Too much of a wave, and we overwhelm. Not enough ripples from our ovaries, and our pituitary has no stimulation. It does not inform the thyroid to release its life enhancing potions into our bodies.

I cannot speak to the male thyroid at this time. This is for woman's bodies only. As Gaia turns more and more into her emotional body, it is up to each of us as women to find our own unique tuning into our own bodies. No amount of activity will teach us this. It is a matter of feeling the Magdalene energy inherent within each of us. It is as a gentle current that arises out of our groins, out of our ovarian spaces. It is soft, yet unmistakable. It cannot be ignored. It fills and brings a mist like sensation to the physical body and the space around the body. Each of us has a different quality, yet we each represent an aspect of this energy.

It is no longer Gaia's responsibility to hold sacred all of the energies that make up the range of Divine Feminine. As she moves into a being expressing pure emotion, she leaves to us the expression of humanity's Divinity. Thus we, as women, are welcomed and invited now to express the Magdalene quality residing within each of us.

As we find our path to expressing this quality more fully, I wonder if our physical bodies won't also reflect this rebalancing. It is an ongoing learning process, to reflect more and more the spirit that we each are. And to understand that imbalances in the physical body may sometimes be a call for further development of self-care and inner listening.

I bless each of you who have taken the time to read and comprehend these words. The energy of the Magdalene, which many associate with that one particular Mary, has sat with me as I wrote.

-Norma Gentile

----------N O R M A ' S I T I N E R A R Y ------------------------------

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