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March 2005 Email Newsletter
The New

Things that should have finished long ago are ending now. Whether or not we are ready to let go of them. Death reflects the need to release the old in order to make room for the new. As one who has stewarded souls at death, I know there is great joy in the soul at the moment of crossing into spirit.

In this Newsletter:

1. THE NEW - an article about the energy of today and tomorrow, March 31-April 1

2. THE RIPENING FRIUT - a channeled message from Mary

3. Events - April 10th Home Gathering in Michigan

- May 7 and May 10 in Tampa, Florida

Notice old cycles and patterns from months or years ago cropping up this past week or so? You aren't alone. This is part of how we experience patterns as they release; we see the 'backside' of the pattern. If we hold onto the pattern, it gets stuck. If we acknowledge that it is old, and there might be a little bit left, we keep it moving.

At this moment in time (8pm EST, Thursday, March 31, 2005) the three realities that have been coexisting in our world are collapsing into one single reality. This will take a day or a few days. During this process we experience the sensation of past issues arising as we choose what to take into the new single reality, and what to discard.

For many weeks we as a planet have been dragging our collective feet about discarding certain issues. Some of these collective issues come to focus in people who have, at a soul level, agreed to give them a face. People who give external focus to these issues serve to remind us to look inward for what within ourselves is awakened, and ready to change.

When I look at the US national newscasts, I see these patterns in the top stories. For more than a week, there has been an obsession with Terri Schiavo, the Pope, and Michael Jackson.

What do they all have in common? Each represents an aspect of collective consciousness that we are discarding as we move into a single reality.

They are all out of time. Each one reflects a reality that no longer exists in the new singular reality. It is as if each one has been pulled forward into this time line. In the case of the Pope, it feels as if he died a few months ago. In the case of Terri Schiavo, it is as if she died 5 or 6 years ago, and in the case of Michael Jackson as if he disappeared from public view two or three years ago.

Everyone perceives psychic energy in his or her unique way. There is no one explanation. When I watch the newscasts, I feel like I am watching a review of past news. And then I feel the distance from my current time to the time that the news show is talking about.

In all three cases, there is a sense of a stretching out of energy. It's like a rubber band, with one end held in the time period of origin, and the other stretched tightly to reach into this moment of time.

I wonder what this is showing us about the rest of our world? What else doesn't belong here?

My own learning and knowing about energy rules says that what I give my attention to grows. So as we all give attention to these stories, they grow. I wonder then, from what is our attention being diverted?

This is not a 'super secret plot' sort of wondering. It is merely an observation. If I am, for example, transfixed upon an external event, how able am I to notice the similar inner event in myself?

The energy currents that are pulling these people into the spotlight are also pulling past currents of our own lives forward. If we look at what is surfacing from the past in ourselves, then the public figures will have done their work.

In the Pope I see our own ability to stand and know ourselves as sacred. He represents the old way - to get to God you worship another. Where in myself am I putting another person or institution before my own inner knowing and prescience? The Pope gifts me by bringing up the old pattern externally, so I can feel it and readjust my own internal world. As he passes, I bless him for helping me see this in myself.

Michael Jackson brings denial to the stage. How blinded by the spotlight of our own lives are we that we do not see? Where in my life can I learn about myself, by deeply listening to other's consul? What do I not want to see, that my close friends can see so clearly?

Terri Schiavo brings issues of fundamental trust. Do we trust in life and death enough to let go and let those around us behave according to their own journey? As we judge others, we feel the pressure of their energies against us, pushing us to behave as they do. As we notice the judgments we have towards others, and laugh about how silly we are to live another's life for them, the pressure subsides. They focus on their life; we focus on our own lives.

If this isn't clear, try this analogy - if energy moves in one direction, then it moves equally in the opposite direction. This is a simplified version of Einstein's "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". When I think someone is not doing something right, that thought becomes energy. That energy arrives at their body, and voila, a wave of equal energy comes back at me, saying that I am not doing the right thing. If one of us catches it, it stops. It not, we continue to hit the energy ball back and forth, adding to it with each pass. In time even the mention of the person's name brings up the energy. What to do but avoid the person and situation! Or start to dismantle the beliefs that have been built about how the other person should live, should behave, should do things. It only takes one person to dismantle the energy ball, piece-by-piece, belief-by-belief.

This is the gift that Terri Schiavo has offered - trust. Trust that the decisions you make for yourself reflect yourself. Trust that others are making the decisions that fit their own soul's journey, even if the decision is simply where to have lunch. Let them be. This is an act of love; to allow others to create and dis-create their own lives, even if we believe they are creating pain in the process.

We each have the right to create pain as well as joy in our life's journey. How often Lahiri has reminded me that my heart opens through joy or sorrow, and it is my choice which to create. Trusting that each person can choose for themselves empowers them to choose the finest path available to them in the moment.

Let the past current come up to your awareness. If they are kicking and screaming, it is time to ask someone in your life to empower you to change them. They are only visible because you are indeed ready to let them go, and step into this new single reality.


My best to each of you, and blessings to all who read this,
-Norma Gentile, with Atamira (Hathor)



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