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April 2004 Email Newsletter
What is in Your Name?
(and preview info for the spring's eclipses)


I was thinking about the power of how our names are pronounced by others. This may seem trite, but in my own experience I have learned that how a name is spoken set up what is drawn out of a person.

When I speak a person's name out loud, a bit of their energy appears in the room. When I speak an enlightened master's name out loud, their spiritual energy fills the room.

From experience, I have found that mispronouncing the name of a spiritual master will cause their energy to dull or weaken. Calling their name again, with the correct pronunciation will cause their energy to clarify and sharpen in the room.

While teaching with a friend, I noticed that he would clearly pronounce his non-English name for the audience, and they would instantly mispronounce it back to him. As each person called his name, his aura dimmed. When I intentionally called his name, being sure to use the pronunciation he himself had offered, his aura brightened So did his smile.

So what is in a name for us mere mortals? Everything.

As children, how our family's pronounced our names drew out facets of our personalities. In my own case, I was given an Italian first name, and a Sicilian last name. Growing up in the American Midwest, both names were pronounced with a twang. My first name, Norma, was spoken with a nasal 'Nur' followed by 'm' and the vowel sound found in the word 'cat. It was painful to hear my name called aloud.

It wasn't until I was in college that I heard my name pronounced correctly. Imagine my surprise when a name I thought was wretchedly ugly suddenly lilted off of the tongue of a native speaker. For several years, this (decidedly gorgeous) man would break into song, singing my name to opera arias, whenever he saw me in the hall.

At the time it was exhilarating and a bit overwhelming to hear my name sung aloud in the corridors. And perhaps a bit over the top for the other thousand students whose names weren't being sung!

But hearing my name over and over again, pronounced as it was intended, and with a bit of fun and humor, pulled out of me a whole new energy. And so it is with our friends, and with guides and angels and Enlightened Masters. When we speak someone's name, we are calling forth an aspect of who they are.

I'm noticing that more and more people are taking spiritual names. The spiritual names are often the names of the guides working with the people. When the physical person is given the spiritual name, they take it as belonging to themselves, to their body and personality. Regardless of whether the name comes from an external teacher or an inner guidance, it is wise to ask what the names evokes.

If a physical person is called by the name of their guide, the guide comes and overshadows the person's physical body. If this is repeated daily over many months, the person's energy field becomes secondary to the guide's' energy. But the guide has no desire to actually enter the body. As I have said before, most spiritual guides don't know what a red traffic light means. They aren't good at driving cars. They are great at helping with big life lessons.

In several cases where I've witnessed this occurring, the people have became more and more ungrounded, less able to function in the world, and depressed at living 'in a fog'. When I have had the opportunity to work directly with them, I have called out their birth name, in order to invoke the original energy of their soul. As a result, the energy of the aura which pertained to the physical person moved forward, and the spiritual energy receded.

It was then up to the person to decide if they wanted to engage into this life, and let the guide truly be the 'back seat driver', or if they wanted to relinquish control of their body. A major aspect of this decision was changing their name away from the spiritual name.

Having witnessed how repeatedly calling someone by their guide's name can bring that guide into overshadow them, I also noticed that calling on the name of a guide when we are conscious, brings that energy into support us.

What is the difference between being overshadowed by a guide or having it support us? Our intention. Guides respond to not just our calling their names, but the emotional impulse in our hearts at the moment we call them. This emotional energy is the energy that opens the portal between our world and their worlds. When we call out with an underlying intention of wanting to fix something, we get a lower level 'fix it' guide. When we call out asking for support, we get a guide that doesn't tell us what to do or how to do it, but simply lets us feel that we can do it.

When we choose a spiritual name which is actually the name of our guide, some portion of us does not want to be in form. As friends use the guide's name, rather than our own, we have less and less connection to form.

Not all name changes or spiritual names are inaccurate. Only the person making the change knows if they are engaging into the world or detaching from it as a result of the name change.

I once watched an Enlightened Master teach. Very patiently he listened as students struggled with his chosen spiritual name. I carefully spoke with the students about pronouncing the spiritual name. Yet again and again the Master's name was not clearly pronounced.

Upon reflection, I came to understand that there was a safeguard in place around the Master's name. The ability to call this Master's energy, by speaking his spiritual name, was limited only to those who truly had an agreement with his guides to do so. The thousands upon thousands who know the name and speak it daily would be a constant and overwhelming pull on the Master's energy while he is in form.

Can you call upon those who have died? Yes, absolutely. People that we knew who have died are frequently a very large percentage of our support staff of guides and angels.

Enlightened Masters are to me people who remain in form but have the spiritual maturity to ascend at any time. Many walk on the Earth today. Some are recognized, most aren't. When someone asks if a friend or relative is alive or has crossed over, I can usually tell by having them call their name. When you speak someone's name from your heart, a bit of their presence will enter into the room. If you feel more than a bit of their energy, either they are an Enlightened Master, or have crossed over into the next world through death.

from Archangel Michael:

"Be still now, and listen. Your world is made of love, and yet that same energy can be shaped as you would desire. This is the plan of your self will &endash; that your heart's desire shapes all things out of love, but not necessarily shaping them into love.

"Sound is for you a gift from the Angelic realms. Those who minister and live amongst you who hear the tones of love in silence know this gift. The crude sounds of your world are but a muddy reflection of the glorious timbres of creative tones we exist within. Yes, each of us exists within sound. Here is the gift to humanity which you (plural, meaning many of you) bring; that through sound you create a seat in which guides and angels might come to rest in your world. It is as if the portals of the worlds open, and your sound is a brightness of light which we follow. Curiosity is not limited to humanity! What beings can create such brilliance, and not yet breath this same brilliance into their hearts?

"We would speak with you a moment of upcoming events. This spring brings with it a serious challenge to many governments. Remember, as difficult as it seems, each and every government reflects some aspect of the consciousness of the people it governs. Elected leaders play their roles because they are chess pieces on the world board. If you seek to change your government, seek that change first in yourself, and then amongst yourselves as you relate to your friends, neighbors and family members. If you have elected a George W to the White House, you have him in your own heart and home too. Remove those qualities you find offensive from your own home, and they will be removed from the White House."

Eclipses &endash; Two sets of eclipses occur this year, each a portal of two weeks apart. This spring is a Partial Solar Eclipse on April 19 followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse on May 4. Quite frankly, there are a number of intense planetary cycles paralleling each of these eclipses, that have balancing motions into this fall's equinox (September 20).

We are still in the stage of setting up what exactly these eclipses are going to bring into our world. The first eclipse feels like a closing to a long cycle, begun last fall. The time between the two Spring eclipses, April 19 and May 4, reads as empty, or void. It is a place of choosing. The second eclipse on May 4th will begin slowly &endash; the energy of this eclipse will linger for weeks afterwards, letting us choose and re-choose how we are viewing something.

Expect to have unclarity around what is and isn't true in May. While the media may spotlight this unclarity as weakness, I would see it as our planet literally swaying back and forth between different options of realities. The easiest metaphor would be to a child who has to choose just one piece of candy in an old fashioned candy store &endash; we will choose one thing, then another, then yet another. I suspect we will land into a single reality again on or about the summer solstice June 20th.

This is a warm-up for the coming years. More and more we will divide into multiple realities, gather up information and experiences, then choose a single reality into which we will ground or create a single, shared reality.

This is a part of becoming familiar with how creation feels outside of the 3rd dimensional box we are currently living in. Remember, we are already in dimensions above the 3rd, and now we can access those experiences.

For those interested, I have been guided by Thoth and Archangel Michael to open my home for a GATHERING on Sunday, May 16th. We will be meditating, chanting, and I will invite Thoth and / or Archangel Michael to come through me. Information is below.

Thoth has also asked specifically for an hour to speak through me while I'm in Toronto the weekend of April 15-18. For those in the area, I will be channeling the Hathors and doing sound Friday and Saturday, then opening to Thoth on Sunday. Private Sessions are available afterwards, please see below.

And for those in MICHIGAN THIS WEEKEND I am singing at the newly constructed geodesic dome north of Detroit. Space is limited, so please see below for reservation info.

My best to each of you,

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