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April 2001 email Newsletter

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the spring weather, wherever you live. I'm happily at home for a few weeks, doing private sessions and a sound healing workshop in Flint this Saturday, then a concert and workshop in Washington DC the end of this month. (please let your friends in the area know)

I have received a number of questions about current events, especially regarding George W. Bush and what I've been saying about holding him in love.

Right now we are in a window, between March 24 and April 24, of a particular type of energy that coalesces right in the space that the earth is passing through. Remember that the entire solar system is rotating and moving through space, so we don't pass through the exact same area twice.

This area has a background energy which accumulates here, much like mist will hang in low-lying areas near the ground in the early morning. This energy that we are passing through helps to manifest those things that are somewhat fearful to us. This is a means of helping us know what we do fear, and facing it. It is not strong enough to create or manifest overwhelming fear, unless we give into it and see only the fear.

Odd as it may sound, this can be viewed as a test - are we really ready to have what we think we want? How clearly aligned is what we are striving for in the outer world with that for which our heart sings? Is whatever gives us greatest joy the very goal of each day?

Now, George W Bush.....well, if you are still reading this email then the next section probably won't seem so strange.

When I look at Bush I see a physical body shell, but the soul isn't present. The shell can be run by anyone. The energies that come through the shell are those that are called through it. If we send fear and hatred toward the shell, that will be matched by like energies coming through the shell. If uncomplicated energies, such as unconditional love (not 'peace' or 'save the earth', just love) are offered, the other energies will not come through the shell.

When love is offered without judgement, there is no resistance to healing. When healing contains subtexts ('peace' or 'save the earth') the energies coming through the shell bounce off of these very subtexts, and perpetuate themselves. It is only through the offering of unconditional love that energies created out of judgement dispel themselves. And in a larger viewpoint, I might surmise that evil is simply energy bound into judgements. Love is that same energy released from judgement.

If you are curious about more of this, stay tuned. I'm writing and expect to post several new articles on the website this week.

Thank you all for your feedback and participation. As always, if you would prefer not to receive this monthly email just let me know.

My best to you,


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