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March 2008 Email Newsletter
What's New and are we going back to the Old?
-Norma Gentile

 Dear Friends,

Please note a very special event.

Good Friday, March 21 at 7:30pm in Berkeley, CA
SONGS of SPIRIT: A Candlelight Meditation Concert
featuring medieval chants by Hildegard of Bingen and spontaneous songs from Spirit, accompanied by harmonic toning, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and schruti box, from the Indian tradition. Held at Unity of Berkeley, 2075 Eunice St. Berkeley, CA 94709 Free Parking in lot behind church 510-528-8844

Please let those in the San Francisco area know about it. My joy is to bring the inaudible voices of Spirit forward in my singing to bath each person present, and allow them to hear within themselves the voice of their own soul. The evening of March 21st is particularly potent. In addition to it being Good Friday, we have the natural influence of the equinox and a full moon. For me, this means great potential to listen, to heal, and to nourish.May you find blessing in this evening

Article -------WHAT'S NEW? and are we going back to the OLD?-------

What's New? Everything. Is this new going to stay? I don't know. We are riding a swinging pendulum. I feel it beginning to swing back to what I feel as an old pattern. While I can't change others (I've tried, it doesn't work) I can watch my own patterns and question the root of my own decisions.

Here is my list of how the old patterns of being with each other are creeping back into daily life:

A growing glorification on the ability to make instant decisions and take actions quickly. Actions are often taken despite a lack of understanding and knowledge of the situation. Actions chosen based on patience and communication are apt to be different. I am naturally afraid of the unknown. If I investigate and come to understand something or someone, I am more apt to realize how alike we are, and honor our distinctions, rather than fear them.

Hoarding wealth and goods out of fear of a future lack, rather than sharing money and resources that are currently easily abundant and available. I can share what I have now that I do not need, in order to support another in bettering their life. I can trust that when I need something in the future it will be available to me.

Believing that isolation shows power, when in fact it displays one's own distrust. Receiving the strength of many who would gladly help lets us build community. The unique facets of Spirit that we each are reflect the strength of our shared beauty and create a stronger community in which to live.

When I look out into my world, these are the principles that I see defining whether the New or the Old ways of being are at play. I cannot impose upon another, but I can chose for myself which way of being fits best.

I am continuing to offer Free Monthly Sound Healings through the Spirit of Maat e-zine. This month there is also an article, You have to go down to get up.

In order to manifest the New way of being, we have to ground into our physical bodies and learn to commune with the lower dimensions of Nature and Nature Spirit. This lets us grow into the next step of our evolution into the upper dimensions.

I have never seen anyone stand up without first putting their feet on the ground. Too often new age or new thought thinks of heaven as 'up'. That limits us to half of creation. By going down we can access the other half of creation, both in the lower dimensions and within our physical body's lower chakra system.

A new Podcast
Awakening to our Body's Natural Intuition
(an excerpt from the practitioner's Sound Shamanism Weekend)

This is a 17-minute Meditation to release pushy energies behind lower back (caffeine guides) followed by a short talk on the new direction of incarnation in souls of the Western culture and southern or indigenous souls. Also available as a CD on my podcast page.

The article and sound healing at Spirit of Maat, and the monthly podcast are resources of remembrance. Please listen, read, download and share them. All are offered freely. The podcast (and most of my music CDs) are available at iTunes as well.


And finally, please forward this to friends living near San Francisco, Berkeley, or Santa Cruz. Let them know about the special Meditation Concert on Good Friday, March 21, which is also within the equinox and full moon energies. It will be a unique and not to be repeated concert of both Hildegard's medieval chants and my own transmissions of healing chants from my guides, the Hathor Atamira and Archangel Michael.

(more info at

Good Friday, March 21 at 7:30pm
SONGS of SPIRIT: A Candlelight Meditation Concert more info....
featuring medieval chants by Hildegard of Bingen and spontaneous songs from Spirit, accompanied by harmonic toning, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and schruti box, from the Indian tradition

Saturday, March 22 in Berkeley
Private Healing Sessions

Mon-Tues, March 24-25 in Santa Cruz
Private Healing Sessions

For more info on my events, please see the
Calendar Page

Private Healing Sessions (phone, or in person in SE Michigan) available now until March 19.

April 26 Meditation Concert
April 27 Embodying Healing Sound Workshop
April 28-29 Private Healing Sessions

Madison, Wisconsin
May 18 Unity Church Guest Speaker 8:30am, 10:30am
May 18 Sound Shamanism Workshop 1:30-4:30
May 19 Private Healing Sessions

Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 30 Concert with Ruth Cunningham of anonymous4 (
Kerrytown Concert House)

May 31 Concert with myself and Ruth Cunningham of anonymous4 (Kerrytown Concert House)

Ottawa, Canada

Fri-Sun, June 20-22 Weekend Sound Shamanism Level 1 Workshop -in the cottage country on the river near Perth, an hour from Ottawa, Canada. Applying Sound and Energy Healing, part 1 -- with sauna, pool, live food and amazing energy. Spaces Limited. Register Now at,


-Norma Gentile

YES please pass this email onto anyone you think would be interested. Just be sure to include my contact info below.

Now you can Download or purchase as CDs Norma's podcasts or iTunes for podcasts and music

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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