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March 2007 Email Newsletter
Courage is Standing in Your own Truth

Dear Friends,

For those who feel drawn to work with me, I am doing Private Healings by phone and in person (Michigan) from now until March 14, and then again March 23-29.  For private sessions, I trust your guides and my guides and invite Michael to join us.  I also invite you to attend an event when I'm in your area. 

Private Healings    March 8 - 14 in Michigan and by phone
Berkely Santa Cruz, CA  March 17-20  Concert, Workshop and Private Healing Sessions
Private Healings   March 23 - March 29  in Michigan and by phone
Chicago - Evanston   March 31-April 3 Concert, Workshop and Private Healing Sessions
Columbus, OH    April 13-15 Concert, Workshop and Private Healing Sessions
Portsmouth VA   May 2-4 Private Healing Sessions
Richmond VA   May 5  Private Healing Sessions
Atlanta    May 11-14  Workshop and Private Healing Sessions
ORLANDO, FL   A workshop is brewing 
SPAIN  A concert and workshop fall 07  

For more information these events please see my Itinerary page

You can now listen to Sound Healings from past events and portions of radio interviews on my website. Here is one example:

And there are now many free clips of healing chants from my CDs


Please feel free to pass this on to others, as well as the newsletter that follows.



Courage is Standing in Your Truth


In this time between the two eclipses, we stand in the tunnel of change.  Perhaps you notice that things are moving quickly, but overall in a smooth manner.  I notice that the energy of Nature is very accessible and present.  For me, it is a light energy mist which permeates everything and everywhere.  Not quite visible, but nearly palpable as a scent that I can inhale. 


I also notice that my old habits feel more and more out of place.  Each one of them feels like a big oversized couch that I'm insisting on getting through the doorway of a new sleek home. I find myself pushing, and in that moment realize that it is the couch (the old behavior or habit) that is blocking my way.  A sense of humor is most useful in these moments!


One aspect of this time (or most any time between eclipses) is a sense of slipping between past behaviors and their newly improved versions.  Particularly in the areas that effect our courage.


Thoth on Courage

Courage is your word for the heart-in-action.  Open your heart, and you will see written within the story of not just this lifetime, but also all of the story of your soul.  The journey you undertake is not one of learning so much as one of understanding.  When you understand, you create a sphere around you filled with compassion.  In this lies courage.


from Norma:

The word 'courage' naturally came into the English language from the French and before that from Latin.  It arrives 1300, and is used as a counterpart to the word bravery.  Courage, coming from the Latin 'cor' or 'heart' is juxtaposed with bravery, meaning to do battle.  Courage then is not initially associated with fierce battle, but with a more feminine motion of empowerment and emotional expression.


from Thoth:

We draw your attention now to courage.  It is in your personal courage that you find the passion to stand in your own knowing of what is true.   Perhaps this is the best explanation of spiritual courage; one of standing true.  Anyone who stands true emits the quality of their truth as a frequency of vibration.  Just as your radios tune into different stations, each a unique vibrational frequency, so too your consciousness scans and chooses which frequencies it wants to tune into.


More and more, your world is listening to the chaos of fear.  Remember, fear is merely the resultant of not being connected to Spirit.  Terror is the vibrational frequency created by human bodies when their life force is tuned to fear.  Nearly a third of the adult human population of Earth is tuned to fear, and creating the frequency of Terror. 


Fear is the separation of you from Spirit.  That separation occurs at each and every level. It can occur within any or all of the major chakras.  It can occur in an organ or bones or even a cell within your body.  It can occur nearly to the point of complete separation, or just a small percentage.


When your body is in fear, the form of Earth is not nourishing your lower chakras.  When your heart is in fear, all that surrounds you, including people, seem to be mistreating you.  When your mind is in fear, you spin with thoughts out of control.  Fear comes from separation.  What grows as a result of the separation is less important than what is creating its growth.


from Norma:

In the time between eclipses (March 3-19) we are on a moving walkway.  Do nothing, and you move.  Walk a bit, or move at a quick pace, and you seem to literally fly.  This is the gift of the ⤜tunnelâ¤? we are in.  Courage let's us step forward and take advantage of the natural movement and opportunities.  Courage lets us chose that lesser trodden or lesser known path, if it is truly ours to walk.  And courage tells us that our fear is not the fear of separation, but the anticipation of wearing our garment of Truth more openly.


Window between eclipses are the perfect time to shed the old and make space for new to enter. When we carry past habits onto this moving walkway, it's a bit like my trying to fit an oversized couch through a small doorway.  We try to juggle the habit this way and that, but to no avail.  We must chose to either continue to hold onto the habit and remain where we are, or to drop it and step onto the walkway of possibilities.


from Thoth:

Here is the action of courage.  Feeling your strength is an act of courage.  Letting yourselves stand in your Truth is an act of courage.  Courage is the heart-in-action.  The result of courage is the expression of Spirit.


Chose to express Spirit.  Allow spirit and all of us who dwell within Spirit to express with you.


May all who read this be equally blessed,

Thoth / Shesat and Norma


You are welcome to forward this e-newsletter.  Please include the events in case someone wishes to contact me.  Thank you. Norma Gentile



San Francisco Bay Area (click for flyer)

Sat, March 17 at 8pm, Berkeley, CA
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls and more. Unity of Berkeley

Sunday, March 18 from 2-5pm Santa Cruz
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Opening the High Heart into the Universal Heart
An experiential Workshop Pilates Center of Santa Cruz
For info: Diana Chapman

Mon-Tues, March 19-20 Santa Cruz
Private Healings


CHICAGO - EVANSTON (click for flyer)

Sat, March 31 at 8pm, Evanston (Chicago) IL
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls and more

Sunday, April 1st from 2-5pm
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all.
Heaven meets Earth Yoga Center

Mon-Tues, April 2-3
Private Healings

COLUMBUS OH April 13-15 (click for flyer)

Friday, April 13 at 7:30pm, Dublin
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls at St. Patrick's Church

Saturday, April 14 2-5pm Columbus, OH
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all Gentle Wind

Sunday April 15
Private Healings



VIRGINIA (speaking at the Virginia Hospice Conference)

May 2-4 Portsmouth
Private Healings

May 5 Richmond VA
Private Healings


ATLANTA May 11-14 click for flyer)

Fri eve, Saturday day, May 11-12
Sound Shamanism and Healing Workshop
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all.

Saturday, May 13-14 Private Healings



A workshop is brewing &endash; it will be a weekend, no date yet, but coming this spring. Please be in touch with the organizer,

For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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