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March 2004 Email Newsletter
Life on Mars / Violence on Earth


 Dear Friends,

As I write this letter, I am watching NASA announce signs of water on the planet Mars. As you read this letter, the mass consciousness, the field of humanity's shared thoughts, is shifting because of this news. The door is opening to a number of possibilities.

This shift is another step in our evolutionary journey home. The spiritual beings that we truly are emerge with small steps. The reality that we are not alone, and have never been alone, is coming into the mass consciousness of humanity. We, as a planet, are quickly progressing down the path of Unity or unified consciousness..

The violence we are witnessing in the world is the result of this same evolutionary movement. Now, I also ask myself, how violence could possibly be a sign of evolution.

The violence is due more to unconscious desire to hold us back from an expanding consciousness of Unity. Violence is a powerful way to disconnect people from each other. Violence affirms separation.

When people see or experience violence they often experience difficulty in grounding and feeling safe. They lose touch with their physical body and emotions. If the average person doesn't feel safe, they aren't going to try new things, including new thoughts.

Americans are flocking to be exposed to this type of traumatic violence in the new film, The Passion of the Christ. Those living in so many countries, or serving in the military in many countries, are also being exposed to the trauma of violence. Why?

Whenever something is new it is written about. Whenever something is about to pass away it is written about. The sun is most evident at dawn and sunset. So too the cycle of violence is entering its final, blazing moments in the sunset of our planetary consciousness.

As we move into the larger awareness of life elsewhere in the solar system, our minds, in this moment of comprehension, also grasp the placement of human life within a larger context. We are now living and breathing within the context of spirit. Because only spirit (or God, as some would say) links the water, and life on Mars, to the water, and our lives here on Earth.

The common thread of spirit is glowing through the dark of space.

Did you happen to watch the Oscars on Sunday evening? I did. I noticed that all of the nominated movie songs were based on traditional music. None were based on the rock music of the past century. Not one used structured rhythm. Sting played a hurdy-gurdy (a instrument dating back a thousand or more years, ones was probably used by Hildegard), I swore I saw an autoharp and a hammer dulcimer too. I heard Celtic and medieval modes, similar to those I use in healing concerts. All this, in the midst of modern culture. And as Lord of the Rings garnered award after award, the island nation of New Zealand's energy became more and more tangible to all those watching.

New Zealand is a very special land, an ancient land, and the quality of energy in her indigenous people, the Maori, is heartfull and strong. My own guide for sound healing, Atamira, is a being of the Hathor race who has been the spiritual guardian and teacher for the Maori since the last fall of consciousness 13,000 years ago. Atamira, as I found out recently, is also the name used by the Maori to indicate an altar, a sacred place upon which one stands to speak the Truth.

So with the world's attention on the energies gathered for so many years while filming on New Zealand, our mass consciousness is grounding itself (with the assistance of the secret healers of the Maori) into the energies of beauty, Nature, and Heart which they have known, always.

This grounding allows us to feel safe, even as we are being told that our reality is now changed. It allows us to find tenderness in the heart of another, even while we are besieged with violence all around us.

It is a fear of letting go that is behind the surge in violence. As our consciousness is shifting, there are past energies, not beings, but merely energies, that are released. Rather than move homeward, some are remaining in our planet, and in our reality.

Humans host these energies much too easily, as the human psyche enjoys doing what it knows best &endash; playing at the game of polarity. So the game has been translated into power over others, and victimhood. We get to play both roles. What better way to maintain power and victimhood than through violence?. Fear is the awareness that we are disconnected. When we are disconnected from spirit or from our bodies we don't hear what spirit or our bodies are saying to us. As a result we continue to maintain a state of alarm.

This state of alarm is worldwide at the moment. It is another aspect of the sunset of violence. It is also an aspect of us having to enter fully into our bodies. Only by entering fully into our bodies can we turn off the constant alarm. When we are present in our bodies, in our lives, in our planet, we can see, feel and know for ourselves that it is truly safe to exist.

Right now both the new reality (life exists in some fashion on all planets, spirit flows through all beings) and the old (we are alone, we must fight to survive) are present. Which one we gaze upon determines which one we believe.

Which reality do you wish to empower? When you call to mind the beauty of New Zealand, which reality do you choose?. Here is the service the Maori, and all of us connected to spirit are serving right now.

Our love and strongest blessings to each of you,
Norma and Atamira


For those of you who would like to receive a phone healing/reading from me, I will be available after March 10th. If you happen to live in central California, please consider seeing me in person this next weekend.

My website has new photos of me (already out of date, as I have lost another 10 pounds since they were taken in late January). I've added a section to the Bookstore called Healthy Body. There you will find the books on live foods and yoga videos that are a part of my weight loss. I am teaching the energy meditations I am using to balance my weight at my concerts, private healing sessions, and workshops.

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