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March 2002 email Newsletter

Dear Friends,


For the past two weeks I have been enjoying the 'transformational cold' that many have shared throughout the US and Canada.

I find that for each cold or flu there is a pattern of release. This particular cold seems to help us release cording at both the heart and throat chakras. My belief is that this is preparing us for new cords of relationships, particularly in areas of creation.

I see the throat chakra as being pivotal in creating group consciousness at a conscious, not dream state or subconscious level. We are clearing out old patterns in the traditional 5th chakra which relate to karma (which is no longer fixed, as once it was thought to be) and agreements that were valid when we incarnated, but aren't feasible now. I see (and feel in myself) that these cords are released as we cough. For some people it is merely a dry cough &endash; just a physical reaction to help shake out the old energy.

In the heart space releasing the old cording usually relates to releasing past ways of relating to those you are closest with &endash; lovers and family members. By releasing the old grudges, the out of time image of someone, the anticipation of who they are and how they behave &endash; we open to allow ourselves to experience the new growth in that person. And as we do that, what we actually do is allow ourselves to find a new way of seeing them, and seeing our own self.

Within this newly cleansed heart space is your spring garden. This garden contains the possibilities of newly created friendships, and freshly re-created relationships with those whom you love.

Opening and releasing the old cords from the heart chakra deepens our abilities to create. As we can feel our own heart space more deeply and intimately, we can allow another to touch us here. And when another touches our heart, we begin to create together. God is present whenever two or more are gathered. Or whenever you allow someone to touch your heart.

May your creations be blessed and fruitful!

-Norma (with Atamira)



A live concert recording, appropriately titled HEALING CHANTS is being finished as I write this. It will be available by the end of April. I

This CD is based on the healing concerts that I've been doing throughout the US and Canada over the past year. It includes the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, 2 chants of my own based on her poetry, spoken blessings and translations.

The focus of this concert CD is the opening of the heart to sacred masculine energies which provide a surround and support for feminine intuition, especially as it relates to the 5th or throat chakra, to open. More info is on my site,

f you would like to receive a copy in your mailbox just send a check, payable to Healing Chants, to PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Orders placed before April 1st get a discounted price of $15, including postage and packaging, per CD. (After April 1st the price is $16/CD, plus $1.50 postage/packaging).

Be sure that your address appears clearly on your check, and include an email or phone number just in case.



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