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March 2001 email Newsletter

During a number of conversations recently people are commenting about that weirdness a couple of weeks ago. L Like being in a deep well.

My guides are saying that yes, that was a time of major clearing, and that in particular we re-experienced energy from old habits and emotional ties with other's that weren't healthy clearing away. In other words, we saw and experienced things as they were leaving.

And it is apt to happen again in early to mid-April.

The point of saying this is to help all of us remember to ask several important questions when we are feeling depressed, lethargic, or overwhelmed.

1. Is this really mine?

2. Is this in current time?

3. Does this want to move on?

And then taking a moment to concentrate and imagine it moving onto wherever it most needs to go to in order to continue growing.

A good friend of mine serves as my astrological reference person. I've been seeing that there is a major energy pulse on March 24, and the energy 'time-line' stops on April 24. That to me symbolizes that we have the potential to step out of our linear time-line on April 24, and that the potential to do so is strong.

By clearing whatever comes up in each of us we help lighten the load that keeps us tied into this time-line. This makes it easier to shift over.

The shift may be accompanied by a dramatic event (emotional energies are strong and help to provide motion for a shift). For months now my guides have been saying that there is a direct relationship between power and oil and the profane masculine. This relationship will wane as the need for the influence of the sacred feminine grows this spring.

How well we do at clearing out the old and making the shift in April will determine how we approach the summer solstice and eclipse on June 21.

Give me a few days and I'll have more on my website,

In the meantime, here is my itinerary for this spring. To get full information on the events please see my Itinerary page,

Blessing to you,


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