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Mid-February 2005 Email Newsletter
Dreaming Our New Reality

Anyone notice strong dreams in the past few days or week? Perhaps odd night-sweats, waking up and feeling out of sorts both during the night and in the morning? I thought I'd send this out, since so many people are noticing it......



Dreaming Our New Reality
(a brief mid-February newsletter)
Norma Gentile (with information from Thoth and Archangel Michael and Mary)

If you have a desire to gather in a group and be available to listen to spirit this weekend, I am opening my hone for a Gathering this Sunday, 2-5pm in Ypsilanti. I will be offering Private healings in Ypsilanti next week, and then in Toronto March 5 and 6th. During the March equinox (17-20) I have an oceanside weekend retreat for practitioners and advanced students near Cape Cod. I'll offer healing sessions just north of Boston March 21-22. For more information please see my itinerary.

One of the best things about traveling and being in touch with a broad range of people is seeing and hearing similar stories from people in many different cities and countries, all having the same experience at the same time. And yet all are seemingly not connected, except by Spirit.

Our dream-state has been unusually active this past week. Night sweats are a part of the physical body adjusting to new energies coming from the Earth. Our bodies act as channels, quite literally, for Earth and Heaven to talk with each other. This past week there has been a shift in the Earth. The information about that shift passed through our bodies as energy. Our bodies translated that energy during dream-state and passed it onto the higher dimensions, or Heaven.

The point here is the direction of the movement, from Earth to Heaven. Earth is leading the dance at the moment. The energy is also passing between us, moving along the interconnectedness of awakened consciousness.

Our angels and guides are working with us, often in the guise of dreams about our teachers or mentors, and the energy adjustment is passing through each one of us onto those we connect with. Sort of a nice way of honoring that we have a network, built by our own awakening, our own work. This conscious network is being utilized by those in the higher planes, who are honoring our free will, and honoring how we are choosing to use this free will. We are having these dreams because we are choosing to participate actively in the process of translating Earth energies into Heavenly energies. And we are passing the message about this work onto to others (friends, family) through our dream state consciousness.

Not coincidentally, our Sun has entered the sign of Pisces, a deep water sign, magnifying the power of dreams and taking away boundaries. The three co-existing realities that began late last fall will slowly merge into a single united reality by mid-March.

From now until mid-March (roughly when the Sun finishes its time in Pisces) we are in the midst of a psychic moving day. Each reality is sorting and choosing what to take with them, what to give away, and what it is willing to change. At the end of it all, some realities will concede to others, and externally we will notice certain beliefs and practices (political issues will be the easiest to see) moving. Issues that have been absolute on both the liberal and conservative sides begin to have more flexibility.

An image that came through in a recent channeling during a workshop was that these three realities look like three plays being rehearsed at the same time in the same room. One group got a bit louder and more boisterous, and the other two groups stopped to watch them. In this way the other groups gave their attention, and so their energy, over to the third play. Those in this third play I take to be the souls that insist on using their mind without their hearts and spirit. Many may also be conservative politicians.

They have never gotten all the way through their play. This is the farthest they have ever gotten in the script. And they want to see it through, at least a bit farther, although once the ending is clear, they don't need to finish it. Even though this play (reality) may be the loudest at the moment, it is only one of several. And even though it seems to be marching towards a certain destiny, the players will stop short of the end, according to the Ascended Masters who were speaking through me. Those that are creating with their minds alone need to see the result of their actions. As soon as their souls realize that their actions will indeed cause a certain outcome, they will have completed their soul's journey. They do not need to cross the finish line, just to see it.

Will that take the planet to the edge, potentially in the next few months or years? At this point the Ascended Masters are saying that we won't be as close as we have been other times. I guess there is an odd reassurance in their comment - although part of me is glad that I was blissfully unawake and sleeping through past close calls!

I appreciate all of you who write and let me know you are reading these newsletters. I anticipate continuing them, typically once a month, and will continue to post them on my website also. If someone you know would like to receive this directly, have them send an email to newsletter@healingchants.com to subscribe. The same process will get you off of the list.

Again, if you have a feel to join me for this Sunday's Gathering in Michigan, for the Weekend Retreat at the ocean near Boston, or to receive a private Healing Session, please let me know.


My best to each of you,


I desire to support the expression of Divinity through each person. A listing of events, music from my CDs, and numerous articles on healing are freely offered at my website, www.healingchants.com

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