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Release Intensity. Find Stillness. It's that simple. Sort of...
plus a new healing song

Dear Friends,

We are nearing the completion of (what I feel to be) the most intense emotional and mental cycle of the year. This year's influx of Sacred Masculine energy during the Sirian Portal (in mystical cosmic terms a sun in the constellation named Sirius is the 'father' of our solar system) was coupled with a number of other astrological alignments that have kept this portal of energy open much wider and longer than is typical in its annual cycle. Yes, the current fixation with the country of Syria may have a resonance to this same astrological alignment. However, the country itself has been in transition for years. It is only now, during the cosmic Sirian Portal that we are noticing it. Mostly because Syria, like all of us, is being affected by the cosmic call to leave behind the non-sacred masculine and explore the newly emerging Sacred Masculine whose energetic presence is heightened during July and August.

The intensity we feel during these months is due to the flow of Sacred Masculine energy into our solar system. By about mid-August each year it begins to overflow from the Divine Feminine chalice of wisdom that we have built collectively for hundreds of years to receive it. We become overwhelmed by its abundance. What overflows from this chalice has the potential to still be used in a sacred manner by those whose consciousness understands the balance of masculine 'doing' and feminine 'being'. But more often what was the gift of Sacred Masculine energy from our cosmic 'father' becomes simply energy that we perceive as goading us into doing things in a rash, impatient and careless manner.

By late August of each year our shared consciousness has already contained what it can within our Divine Feminine chalice.  This chalice is a metaphor for the recognition of Divine Feminine principles such as patience, perception and nourishment. In a few decades we will have fashioned a large enough chalice of Divine Feminine energies within our shared human consciousness to catch and contain all of the Sacred Masculine that this annual Sirian Portal alignment offers us. For now we must let the earth receive all that that we cannot.  

For this reason it is important to feel the stillness within your own body and let all action be driven by your internal voice of spirit. During this time frame external world events are very loud and chaotic, tempting us away from our inner connection to spirit. There is nothing like a big party or a neighborhood street fight to draw attention and focus away from completing your own tasks! Knowing where you need to be and what is yours to do is an ongoing learning process. The more you can tune into the stillness of your own spiritual energy connection it becomes much easier to feel what is indeed yours to do as a part of your souls journey and what action actually draws you away from your souls journey. Generally I find that if I am feeling that I am not finding my body center or toes easily I probably need to pause any plans and take the time to become more fully aware of my body.

I have just uploaded a new meditation,
FULFILLING YOUR PROMISE to ALL OF CREATION with three new healing songs just for this period of time. Based on the phone meditation of August 20, this is both informative and deeply relaxing.

Also below is a new sound healing video and audio -
JOY - from a recent meditation concert

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This Sacred Masculine energy boost has dismantled some of the weaker elements of my website, including sending my ancient (by internet standards) 15-year-old web HTML writer up in smoke! (insert deep sigh here, RIP Claris HomePage3, complete Adobe Suite of same vintage, and lots of memories). I have started working with designers and tech type folks to update the entire 700+ pages of my website over the next year. If you are good with HTML5 and have an interest in helping please let me know. There is plenty of code to update.

Part of this transition will be visible in the newsletter. And in a NEW MOBILE APP that let's you directly access the monthly videos, healing songs and audio meditations on both iDevices (iPhone/iPad) and Androids. If you want to help me test the app, it is currently available at You can download it onto your phone now by clicking on the 'share' option. On my iPhone that looks like the share option at the very bottom of the screen, NOT the larger (and more obvious) share option within the app screen. Click on your browser's 'share' option and select to put it on your phone. That should do it! Once on your phone, play with it, and use the 'share' option inside of the app to share it with friends.

Oh, and FACEBOOK notes...I will continue to post basic info there in between newsletters.

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Facebook notified me in June that my content is violating their standards. After daily emails with them for two months it seems that I am not allowed to advertise, and my posts are placed in the lowest priority for anyone to see. Since the psychic energies behind FB look to me like a whirling ball of energy I am going to wait and see what changes happen in their system. It will most likely resolve itself over time. Or become moot. Meanwhile, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter ( and go directly to my Facebook pages if you feel like catching up with me between newsletters.

May the blessings of our shared Divine Mother and Sacred Father be with you,

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a song from Norma's last concert --
(a song for the completion of a creative cycle)

As the Meditation Concert nears its close, all of the healing has been completed. Those energies, even guides and angels, that no longer walk the same path as that of the souls assembled in the room, have been released to follow their own evolutionary path. New guides and angels now populate the room, surrounding and supporting each person. Here is that song of welcome remembrance uniting and reuniting each person with those guides and angels who walk with them along the journey of their soul now.

- - Click Here for a list of Norma's monthly sound healings, available as mp3 and video

Get the healing power of a Private Session with Norma's Meditations
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Meditation #40 from August 20, 2013

Fulfilling Your Promise
to All of Creation

Bringing Your Unique Vibration into the Earth


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Your full potential is a promise made by your soul to All of Creation. According to this promise, your only task is to bring the unique vibration resulting from the union of your body and soul into the Earth now. As your soul embraces through the body, not just the mind and heart, those qualities of energies that you agreed to create for all of us are more palpable, more available, and more generously offered to All of Creation.

When your soul is fully engaged into your body, there is a palpable frequency of energy that is generated. Your soul emanating through your body and generating this energy is what you agreed to bring to this lifetime. It is your soul’s promise to Spirit. Each one of us has this responsibility. Fulfilling this promise usually begins with a longing to simply be still. Here are a series of mediations and songs to help you do that now.

This meditation includes many healing songs. More of these songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings or Recordings.

New! - Free Songs, Chants, Sound Healings, Meditations and Videos
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Ode to Day Improvisation from live healing oncert (Portland, 2012) for voice and schruti box - video HD - video (mobile) - Audio mp3 only

An improvisation on Ave Maria (by St. Hildegard of Bingen) with tambura and voice

O vos flores - You who are Rose Blossoms (voice and harp)
Medieval Chant by St. Hildegard of Bingen, accompanied by harpist Gordon Johnston of Ottawa

Renewal A sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl and Voice
(with multiple photos capturing Spiritual Energies in the room as I sang)

What are You here to do Now? Two sacred geometry mandala videos

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This album invokes your personal connection to Archangel Michael and provides a unique healing for you each time you listen to it.

This is a live recording of a healing concert. The focus is the opening of the heart to Sacred Masculine energies held within the Earth. These sacred energies provide a surround and suppport for the feminine, especially as it relates to the women living in the Middle East, and their emerging Divine Feminine power.

Healing Chants
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Featuring Harmonic Tones, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and a small woman's choir  

- chants of the mystic Hildegard von Bingen
- new chants by Norma Gentile
- spoken poetry of Hildegard
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A Note on Phone Meditations and CDs of Meditations and Teachings:

As of today, I have 39 Meditations and Teachings recordings available. They cover all on different subjects, some are direct channelings from my guides, most often Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira, Thoth, Shesat or a group of Ascended Masters. Most of them invoke Sacred Space and then focus on an issue and provide time for your guides and angels to work with you energetically.

Many are drawn from the live Phone Meditations that I offer each month. About half contain healing songs or chants. All are offered freely as podcasts (you can subscribe directly on iTunes > Podcasts > Norma Gentile) or at cost CDs. At this time donations provide the funding for the free monthly (or so) Phone Meditations, the recording and editing process, posting them online and paying the monthly fee to maintain them online for free download. As of today, more than 40,000 downloads of these meditations has occurred. And chances are you have participated. Thank you! I know it is your energy that shapes each meditation and newsletter, and helps pull the information and insights that I share through me from Spirit.

I look forward to many more meditations, and many more downloads! And yes, please share these newsletters, podcasts and phone meditations with your friends, your email circle and others.

Private Healing Sessions
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I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
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