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February 2007 Email Newsletter
Cancer as a Gateway

Dear Friends,

As you know, each month (or so) this e-newsletter focuses on a different topic; from energy healing or sacred sound to Hildegard or whatever is most prominent in my awareness. I do this with the belief that whatever the topic I share might somehow come into view in your world also.

This e-newsletter contains information on cancer. Please keep in mind that I share this information from my perspective as an energy and subtle energy healer. Anytime the physical body is involved I feel it is important to include physical treatment. Please do not use the information contained here, or anywhere on my site, in place of treatments or consultations with trained professionals in the medical field. It is my desire to offer additional thoughts and experiences, widening the scope of possibilities and adding to the general knowledge base of both eastern and western medicines.

There are many excellent books and articles on cancer, including Holistic Healing and alternative treatment therapies. If you have found a book that you would like to share, please email me the title, author and what you found most helpful, and I will post a list on my website. You will find this list, along with suggestions for supportive foods, water, yoga and more now at

What I am sharing here is based on my own experiences, watching and learning from friends and clients who have traveled this road. I dedicate, and am grateful to them, for sharing their journeys with me.


A note on DISEASE

from Archangel Michael

Adjustments are made constantly in life. Everyday you chose white bread or wheat, paper or plastic, the expressway or to go through town on your way home. Most of these choices have little or no visible impact on the remainder of your day, your week or your lifetime.

And then there are those choices which seem to suddenly be life-threatening. Chemo or no chemo. Surgery and radiation or just radiation and wait. Cancer has become the word which most resonates with fear in your culture. Fear immediately places the physical body in a state of distress. So before any of the loving intention of these words can reach you, please breath easily and know that what is offered here is meant to retune and recalibrate your body and awareness to feel cancer as a possibility, a gateway, a choice that you didn't mean to chose, and an opportunity to change many things you did chose, both consciously and unconsciously, up until this point in your life.


How Diseases Grow

Diseases don't have a single cause. Usually there are two or three causes which intersect in one area of the physical body. The first cause is usually a long-term underlying pattern, perhaps a birth issue or hereditary factor, something the soul agreed to work with in order to overcome the pattern or learn more about the expression of being human as a result of having to express itself through the pattern. Type 1 diabetes and heart disease, as well as some types of cancer are examples of inheredited, underlying patterns.

A secondary cause is often artificial &endash;being exposed to chemicals, a lifetime of unhealthy or imbalanced foods (such as those saturated with fats or chemical fertilizers) or smoking or even breathing city air. This in itself the body will shake off and cleanse, given the opportunity to breath fresh air and take in organic fruits and veggies. The medical model suggests that the effects of smoking, even for long term smokers, is nearly reversed after just a few months of not smoking? Pretty amazing, these bodies are!

The third factor in disease acts as a single match that ignites the underlying issues into a blazing fire. The final factor could appear to be small. It is often blamed as the 'cuase' of the disease, but in reality it is merely the ignition switch. Typical third factors causes include weeks or months of stress in family or work, a bad bout of flu, or even a car accident. Third factor causes tend to be create symptoms that draw attention to a single area of the body or to a particular disease. It isn't that this one last factor is causing the disease all by itself. It is merely the final straw that reveals the deeper underlying patterns that have been taken on by the body and soul over the course of the lifetime.


The Role of Fear in Disease

Releasing the natural human response to this word, which is fear, is imperative. Why? Because anytime you are in fear you are not in love. Anytime you are in fear you are not connected to spirit, nor to your body. Fear is a perfectly appropriate response to motivate movement. Once that movement has been motivated, assuredness and confidence take its place. As you read these words, please allow those who support you, walking with you and besides you, to place any lessons into your heart, that you might understand internally what is most useful for your own learning process. Because healing is ultimately learning, not with the mind, but with the heart and body.


Cancer sits on a three-legged stool

from Norma
At the level of subtle energy, I see cancer has having three main causes.


When the soul desires greater growth, it will begin to pour more life-force into an area of the aura or physical body or general life that represent that type of expression. Cancer can therefore be seen as a desire for new expression. A balance that is not what the soul desires can occur in all of these at once, or primarily in one aspect. The soul desires to learn and to grow and to experience what it is to be human. Each of these is a quality of humanity.



from Archangel Michael:
Cancer is creative life-force thwarted. it is the essence of your creativity turned aside. The development of cancer indicates a misstep in choosing the direction and release of your creative talents. You can choose anew &endash; that is the basis of unconditional love, and your right as a creator being. This is what you are learning to do now.

from Norma
If one of the underlying patterns you carry, such as heredity or toxic exposure, includes cancer, your life force may use that as a basis for its new cell growth. In this case it is not merely releasing the toxin, but also addressing how you want to be creative and expressive into your life.

(For a more please see the March 2005 newsletter, Life-force and Cancer, at



Love is never a one-way street. Cancer calls us to honor the flow of love in both directions.

Often I've seen people struggle to keep doing everything they are doing and not reveal to their friends or co-workers that they are undergoing chemo or radiation or even have a cold. This ability to 'toughen up' and 'not bend under pressure' is oddly rewarded in our society. But ultimately, what do we learn and how do we grow more deeply in love with ourselves or others if we don't reach out and ask for their support at the very moment we most need it?

Bringing intimacy into balance requires that we release old patterns of being self-sufficient and capable. Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it ia sign of feeling safe enough to receive. The journey of cancer requires leaning to receive. Not just at the level of grocery shopping or giving a few sick days to a co-worker, which are a great start, but at deeper and deeper levels. If you are in the midst of cancer, your journey may involve a new learning about how you have created connections with others, and the newly awakened potential to create loving connections with people now. You are learning to receive at deeper levels from others, because you are asking for help at these deeper levels.

Creating intimacy is a type of creativity. It is also the basis for building loving cords of connection between your own body and the physical bodies of others around you. When you do not ask for help, you deny others the possibility of learning and feeling compassion in their own bodies. When you do ask for help, you open the doorway for them to have a deeper experience of both their humanity and their spiritual selves.

Learning to receive at deeper levels of intimacy happens because you ask for help. Let yourself be surprised. Others will support you, and gladly. As you learn to let this support seap into your life, and into your body, you feel the act of surrendering. In meditation and many spiritual practices, the art of surrendering to spirit is paramount. Knowing the safetly and support of spirit happens when we realize we can't do it ourselves. Let others help, let others support. They will receive back into their lives new wisdoms as a result.


from Atamira

We would speak for a moment of compassion. Compassion is the healing balm to cancer. It is not a compassion of thoughtless affirmations, pink lights and happy thoughts. We offer a compassion of understanding that as creator beings your own power has brought you to create cancer. Again, cancer is the result of thwarting the flow of your own creative energies. As that flow is restored, your life, your joy, and quite possibly your body are restored.

For energy healers, this means allowing what you have learned about leaning into spirit for support to come also from those in form around you. Ask for help, just as you ask for us to be with you. Invite those souls in form in your life into your life at a deeper level. Here is the learning and healing for your heart. Trust those in form, as you trust those of us not in form.

Do what you know to do, and step into what you don't know how to do.



Dr. Bernie Siegel, in a lecture I attended over twenty years ago, defined two types of patients with radically different outcomes. There were the easy and complient patients who showed up for office visits, did their chemo, never took extra time or had extra questions. They behaved well and never made the doctor late for lunch. Then there were the 'difficult patients'. They had questions. They brought in new ideas, wanted more information and more answers and more time and kept doing non-medical things like meditation and yoga and tai chi. They took more time and effort on the part of the doctor to treat. They made him late for lunch. They were also, according to him, the patients most apt to walk through cancer and out into their new lives.

As I've watched how people react to cancer, I've noticed two groups also. My groups go like this:

Those whose first reaction is trying to hold onto the past behaviors, foods, lifestyle, and activities that helped create the cancer. Questions like "Do I have to change my diet?" or "Does this mean I have to excirsise?" are prime examples. Sometimes it's finances. "I can't afford that treatment" or "That just costs too much". Anytime we are dragging our heels about letting go, and our soul has decided that yes, we must let go, the soul will continue to create circumstances to force us, the personality, to let go.

When we let go of whatever it might be we are letting go of, there is a realization that we really were ready to change that aspect of our life. Here is what I hear people say who have come to the realization that they want to let go:


"This is a wake-up call."

"I've known I needed to stop smoking / eating poorly for awhile now"

"I can't keep working without playtime"

"I am doing for others before pleasing myself, and it hurts me"

"I want to let go of all of this."

"Who am I now?"

"I wonder who I am becoming?"

Feel the quality of energy behind these last statements. This is the quality that in my experience replenishs the body. Not just from repeating these phrases or using them as a mantra. They spring out naturally from within someone's body when their personality is ready to use cancer as a gateway to learning and expressing a new aspect of themselves. It might be a new road of their soul's journey. What exactly that journey is, not even they may know at the time. I wonder, who are we each becoming? How can our souls become more expressive through our bodies? How can our daily lives be an expression of our soul's journey?

Larger questions await us all, each with our own answers.


Some Final Thoughts on Healing

When we address a stone, it becomes a stepping stone. Anytime we dismiss a stone, it becomes a part of an energetic dam.

Anything you notice you can change. If you don't notice something, you cant' change it. Why would Spirit, or God, or All That Is, give us the ability to create change, without giving us the ability to know what to change?

Notice the stones in your field. Don't keep walking over or around them. Ask for help in moving them. Look for assistance in new areas of your life. Do what your heart is drawn to doing &endash; and do what you have not yet done for yourself. The time is now. Cancer is life force thwarted. Don't let the expression of God, All That Is, or Spirit be thwarted in you. We deserve what it is that God, All That Is, or Spirit desires to express through you.

My appreciation to each of you who reads this, and gratitude for your participation in the web of life.



For additional thoughts and health resources please see my Healthy Body Bookstore Page at:




Saturday, February 10, 10-5pm in my home
Opening the High Heart into the Universal Heart - an experiential Workshop

As described in the December 2006 newsletter, opening the High Heart and traditional Heart chakras allow us to step into a new Heartspace of creation and co-creation. We will use meditation and toning, with some guided words from Archangel Michael or others, as is helpful.. We will also be exploring some new tools within this Universal Heart, and what that might mean to us as individuals and healers in our world. This is new material from Archangel Michael. Please bring a dish to pass if you like, or a simple snack or drink...there is always an abundance, and I'll provide some live food also. To register:

$95 at door or online at the Itinerary page. Please RSVP for directions and more info.


San Francisco Bay Area (click for flyer)

Sat, March 17 at 8pm, Berkeley, CA
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls and more. Unity of Berkeley

Sunday, March 18 from 2-5pm Santa Cruz
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Opening the High Heart into the Universal Heart
An experiential Workshop Pilates Center of Santa Cruz
For info: Diana Chapman

Mon-Tues, March 19-20 Santa Cruz
Private Healings


CHICAGO - EVANSTON (click for flyer)

Sat, March 31 at 8pm, Evanston (Chicago) IL
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls and more

Sunday, April 1st from 2-5pm
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all.
Heaven meets Earth Yoga Center

Mon-Tues, April 2-3
Private Healings

COLUMBUS OH April 13-15 (click for flyer)

Friday, April 13 at 7:30pm, Dublin
Meditation Concert of Medieval Healing Chants of Hildegard
Candles, Chanting, Tibetan Singing Bowls at St. Patrick's Church

Saturday, April 14 2-5pm Columbus, OH
Sound Shamanism and Healing:
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all Gentle Wind

Sunday April 15
Private Healings



VIRGINIA (speaking at the Virginia Hospice Conference)

May 2-4 Portsmouth
Private Healings

May 5 Richmond VA
Private Healings


ATLANTA May 11-14 click for flyer)

Fri eve, Saturday day, May 11-12
Sound Shamanism and Healing Workshop
Beyond the physics and into the metaphysics of us all.

Saturday, May 13-14 Private Healings



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