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February 2006 Email Newsletter
Earthly Mire and Angel's Eyes

A quick events list, and then the newsletter. For those near Toronto or northern California, I'm coming your way soon!


Feb 19 The Conscious Singer: A Workshop on the Energetics behind Speaking and Singing with Spirit
Feb 21-22 Private Healing Sessions (only 3 spots left)

March 7 The Conscious Singer: (for American Conservatory Theater actors only)
March 12 Sound Shamanism (with emphasis on Singing/Speaking and land clearing) Held at a private space within The Presidio

March 13-14 Private Healing Sessions

Events also in Atlanta, Columbus Ohio, and private sessions in Michigan and by phone. PLEASE NOTE: The 5-day intensive with Matthew Fox and myself IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. See my Itinerary at for full listing and online registration.


February Newsletter

Earthly Mire and Angel's Eyes

O what great compassion
allows divine brilliance in earthly mire
So that those angels ministering with God
might see God in humanity.

-Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)


What if our perception of something changed, according to where we stood in relation to the object? A sculpture appears solid with the sun shining on it. Walk around to the other side of the sculpture, and it appears translucent, the sun shining through the alabaster, turning the solid marble into a glowing source of light.

So too, our emotions can be seen from at least two sides. At this point in time, we are bathed in the shared consciousness of humanity's emotions. All the grief, envy, anger and hatred are laid open to our own antennae. This began a week ago, and continues for another ten days.

The opportunity here is for us to first recognize our ability as a co-creator to experience emotion, and to let the emotion lead us to deeper self-discovery. Bathed as we are in the collective shared consciousness of humanity, each time one of us chooses to reflectively utilize an emotion as a tool of learning, that 'ah-ha' goes out to into the pool of emotional energy. Each time an 'ah-ha' of personal revelation goes out into the pool, a portion of the pool's energy is re-tuned. Each section that is re-tuned becomes more organized.

Imagine, what if the shared pool of anger was suddenly reconstructed by many people choosing not to simply be angry at another person, but to use their own awareness to understand why they are experiencing anger. Each time someone pauses and considers their anger, a bit of the pool is reorganized, or gridded, to reflect their consideration.

Their action of consideration might be seen as a message that travels into the shared pool of anger. It would become a part of what touched someone who tapped into that same pool of anger. In this way, people would not just experience anger, but also receive from the portion of the mass consciousness that resonates with anger a gentle reminder to look beyond it.

This is why we have access now to the emotional bands of the mass consciousness. We are, right now, setting new information into all of the pools of emotional energies that we as humans share. Each time one of us pauses and considers more deeply why we are feeling the way we are feeling, we create a new 'ah-ha' grid within that particular pool of shared emotions.

And yes, because we are bathing in these same emotional pools, it is easy to open beyond our own personal anger, sorrow or sense of injustice to tap into the larger shared pool of these same energies.

from Atamira:

Your job, therefore, is simply to recall the grandeur of spirit, within earthly mire. See with our eyes, the eyes of Angels, who serve you. We already lie often within you.

Love is a reflection fo the interconnectedness of all things. You are also a reflection of All That Is. Love yourselves, and that interconnectedness grows.

-Norma Gentile


If you would like to read the original channeling that describes this, please click here to go to the article on my website.


Norma will offer Private Healing Sessions in Michigan by phone or in person when she is not on the road.. Sessions are $165, one hour, recorded for you, To book an appointment time please call 734-330-3997. Leave the times of your availability for your prefered days.


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