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February 2005 Email Newsletter

you may wish to see also Stillness, Grief, Tsunami

Dear Friends,

First a personal note to let you know that I will not be on email from February 7th until at least February 11th. My computer, including my address book and email, will be taking a week off for a tan and logic board replacement in the sunny California repair depot of Apple. To reach me between Monday, Feb 7th and Friday, Feb 11th please leave a message on my voicemail, 734-330-3997 at any time. Be sure to leave your phone number and a complete message, even if we have worked or spoken before, as I won't have access to my database. I may be a little rusty, but I will call you back as soon as I remember how to use a phone….


Archangel Michael sat with me as I wrote this. All of humanity is in a change point. Poised as we are, shall we leap in faith or freeze in uncertainty at what is coming?


from Michael:

"Courage is the ability to act without need of verification from an outside source or authority. It is the ability to know from within, and to turn to the wisdom within for guidance. Courage is saying what you mean, doing what you know is yours to do, and allowing others to do likewise. It is a foundation of the ever-growing Sacred Masculine element of your world consciousness."

from Norma:
I sang a concert last month in Portland, Oregon. The dedication was to Spiritual Bravery. The dedication, given to me by the Ascended Masters and Thoth was "to the flourishing of the Sacred Masculine; that which wields power with compassion, speaks truth with the sword of virtue, and whose strength arises as a grace from the grail of the Divine Feminine."

Notice that the Sacred Masculine is birthed out of the womb, the pool of energy, which is the Divine Feminine.

Here is where the world stands today. We have given birth to a profane masculine which neither serves the Divine Feminine nor prepares the way for the Sacred Masculine. It serves only itself.

This quality of consciousness is about to pass away. But first it needs to know that it cannot create what it desires. It needs to complete the game it has begun, and realize that it simply will not reach the goal. We are bystanders. The game will play itself out.

At the moment that all those beings playing at this game realize they and the game itself will not reach the desired goal, the game ends.



from Mary:

"The gentleness, compassion and oversight of Spirit is with and within each of you. The waves and uprisings of grief that are moving across the face of the earth are a part of releasing more compassion from the hearts of humanity. In the moment of grieving, your heart is unshielded from the compassion of God. And so, we ask you again, will you open your hearts in joy or in sorrow? Either will allow God to enter in."

from Norma, with Michael and Mary:

Our cycle here in the First World (Canada/US/Europe/Australia etc) is one of grief. Death will continue to be a constant companion for the next several weeks, as it has been already for many weeks. With the passing of each friend, each well-known actor or political figure, we grieve at an archetypal level. This larger grief pattern is accessible to all. And so is the heart opening which it engenders.

There is a moment of stillness, of surrender, that we experience upon learning of the death of a loved one. It is a moment out of time, when we hear nothing, know nothing, but simply exist. In that moment we are egoless. We are in a stillpoint.

How many times in the past three weeks have you felt this? Perhaps it was someone you knew who died. Perhaps it was one of the many actors or the comedian Johnny Carson whose death touched you. Each of these moments has given you a chance to move differently. How did you move out of each of these moments differently?

I know I can't answer precisely the number of deaths I've experienced. I do know that over and over with each death I have felt myself go into this stillpoint, and step out more assured, more certain of my own physical existence, and more determined to do what is mine to do as long as I am here.

There is a clarity tonight which I attribute to this series of deaths, and to seemingly imperceptible shifts that I made in stillness, and chose in that moment of reengagement. They have added up to perceptible change.


from Michael:

"Along with these imperceptible changes, are changes in the grids and fabric of earth. Yes, the tsunami was the Earth form needing to change as a result of the spiritual growth of the soul Gaia. The shape of the Earth shifted, as did the rotational speed. What was considered a constant is no longer!

"This was done as a precursor to other physical land shifts. Recall those that knew to run or seek higher ground as the tsunami struck, and those that were drawn to it, even sitting down and awaiting the inevitable. "


from Mary

"When you yield your body, it may have a sense of ease, and of stillness. Your culture has lost its ability to 'be still, and know I AM God'. Where does God reside? Not in your mind!

"God lives through the human heart, and finds expression in the human body. The stillness, found deep in the body, is the Divine Feminine grail from which the Sacred Masculine arises. All men and women have this ability, to manifest the deep silence of womb (belly, hara) and the action of the true Sword. What results serves God, Spirit, and All That Is.

Be still, and Know that I Am God.

"The half of God that resides within you, the I AM, lives not in your mind, nor in your heart. It lives in the very center of your being, of your physical being &endash; in this place lie the still waters, and the knowing of the truth of each moment."


A meditation to find your body's StillPoint

Just beneath the navel is the human body's center of balance. Placing your hands palm over palm, let them come to rest underneath your navel. This is most likely your hara, or body center. Feel as if you can move your awareness down from your head inside of your body, through your throat, and past your heart chakra. Sink all the way down until you are in the center of your body, behind your hands. At this point your spinal column is curving forward. You can feel the spinous processes, the little bones that stick out from the core of the spinal column, in the backside of your lower back. The spinal cord itself is deep within your body. Wherever your hands lock in, here is your still point.

What is it here that beats energetically or creates chatter and distraction in your mind and thoughts? This is not you. Go ahead, ask it if it is you. Notice what happens. It insists it is. Or perhaps it moves, intensifies, or changes. In all these cases, it is showing you that it isn't you, and it is responding to your attention. Steward the beating energy, the chatter, the thoughts even of not being able to do this, by appreciating them, and giving them permission to move onto their next learning step.

When your physical body is in danger of death, this place sounds an alarm. Stand too close to a high cliff, consider a risky traffic maneuver, and this point of your body lets you know that the body is in danger. A physical sensation resonates from your enteric nervous system to your brain. Your mind may make up reasons for your sudden discomfort. It is here that we make our mistakes! Sit with the discomfort, and learn to hear what your body is saying, not what your mind is telling you. As you develop the stillness here, you develop your ability to know discern true physical danger.

As a child I grew up body surfing and swimming every day in the Great Lakes. At the moment I heard about the water pulling back out of the bays in Indonesia, I knew that a great wave would follow. Anyone who has spent time near a lake or ocean knows that the larger the pull back of water from the shore, the larger the oncoming wave. The really big waves will pull so much water underneath them that they may delay in coming, having sucked up several waves in front of them.

In these moments, while the water was flowing out of the bays, a few people did recognize what was happening. Others were caught in the eerie quality of the moment. Some sat and waited. Perhaps this was their soul's journey and a choice. Many most likely did feel their bodies sound the alarm, but their minds were overwhelmed with the power of the moment, and did not hear clearly.



from Mary:

In love, there is no safe, but there is balance. When you feel the eerie quality described above, know that yes, something is occurring in your physical world. Attend to your surroundings, and do not make excuses for what is happening. Focus each day on stillness, and you will hear more and more clearly the true motion to take, especially in emergencies of your world. Focus on that moment of stillness that each death brings. Know that this is a gift, to feel such deep stillness, over and over again. With each experience of this StillPoint, you can step anew into your world, and your choices.


A note from Norma:

The rise of artificial stimulants in the First World is a part of our not being able to hear the alarms ( and the 'it is OK) messages from our bodies. Caffeine and oh so many drugs create a disconnect. The way we are raised can create a disconnect. If you are constantly feeling a level of stress, or a sense of alarm, it is possible that your body is on constant alarm mode &endash; because you aren't connected to it.

Use the exercise I outlined earlier in this newsletter. From there, I have found that I can often help you reconnect to your navel/hara/body center so that the alarm gets turned off. The result is far less tension in the body, and a sense of being able to truly know when you are danger, because you can feel when you aren't in danger.

As always, my gratitude to all of you who make this possible by pulling through the information from Michael, Mary and all those on the other side.

Our joined blessings to you,
-Norma (with Michael and Mary and others)

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