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February 2004 Email Newsletter
Escorting Energies Homeward


Dear Friends,

Have you noticed a repeat on the energy of this past fall's Harmonic Convergence? You might be feeling a bit odd, or noticing habits or patterns that you simply can't continue now.

In the past few weeks we have passed through a region of space which accentuates certain types of emotional energies. As a result, the repeating energetic pattern of the Harmonic Convergence (linked to this month's full moon) is highlighting the corners of ourselves we didn't quit clean up all the way.

Many of these corners are deeply entwined with all of our parts &endash; our physical body is the aspect which is easiest to see, but our emotional, mental and spiritual parts are equally affected. All contain energies which are being returned elsewhere.

People ask why I use questions when I'm toning or healing, rather than tell energies to leave. It is because I know enough to know that I know nothing of the bigger picture. What I perceive is merely the side of the situation that my brain is dwelling on at the moment. As a result, I could easily make a decision that looks right, but ultimately does not serve the potential growth and journey of the client.

I ask questions not just during a private healing, but also while I'm singing a concert. During a concert I see clouds of energy above groups of people. As I sing, I ask the energies if they want to go home. Over and over, the room will fill with energies and then lighten up, as people feel safe to think, meditate, and allow the sound waves to pass into and through their bodies.

This lets my intention, to let all energies (guides, or angels, or others) go home, be a suggestion to each person's body. All one need do is listen, and as the mind quiets the body and emotions gently release old patterns.

I love using sound in this way, because it quickly goes beyond the expected results. As I hold my intention, I can see mental, emotional, and spiritual energies moving on. My awareness is on building the energies in the room that allow each person to move uniquely. One of my favorite questions to hold in my awareness while I sing is "what would this want to feel like?"

It is hard to imagine that sitting in a group can often be more powerful than working one on one. But the process of group energies combining often allows us to release deeply embedded patterns more easily. Before a concert even starts I usually notice groups of energy beings collecting in the room. Once people are seated, there are clouds of energies that form over different parts of the room. Although people may not know each other, invariably there were drawn to sit together to process out common points, such as grief due to recent family loss, illness due to stress, or sometimes the patterns held in the area or neighborhood they all traveled from.

I use four basic questions to flush up energies that no longer serve our body or our soul's journey. They are:

1---Is this guide, angel or energy in current time? If not release into whatever timeframe the energies perceive as current time.

2--Is this guide, angel or energy congruent with the male or female body in current time? (we often take on a parent's or spouse's guide as our own)

3---Is this guide, angel or energy in tune with the part of the soul legally incarnating?

4---Is this guide, angel or energy reflecting the series of choices that have led the physical body to this reality?

Now, I have explained the first three in previous newsletters (so please, don't write me, just read last summer's newsletters from the website,

The last question is new, and relates to the events that have been occurring since this past June.

Our 3-D bodies can only live in one reality at a given time. Every time we make a choice, there are a number of parallel realities created where other choices were made.

The portals between these other realities are opening to our spiritual awareness. Our soul may travel through these portals, gathering healing and returning to us with new insights from choices not taken here, in this reality. But our body remains here, just as each of our other bodies remain in its own reality.

As we are able to tether, or anchor our bodies more and more securely into this reality, our soul may venture further a field into alternate as well as parallel realities. If we are not grounded, we may experience fright or a scattering of our energies, as the soul is not able to reintegrate with our physical forms.

By focusing on each chakra (or the physical location that seems appropriate) and asking if the energies present reflect the series of choices that this physical body is built upon, I am honoring that there may be energies from choices not made, but strongly considered, that remain lodged in the body. This is inhibiting the guides or angels that are supporting our choices from supporting our bodies.

This is especially true around the lower back. I see that the guides supporting how our soul incarnates into our body lie there. As this area clears, the pathway and forward motion of this lifetime usually clear. Often the stumbling blocks become more visible, so that they may be turned over and mastered as stepping-stones.

If any of this has been helpful to you, I am grateful for the opportunity to be of assistance. I am in Cleveland, OH this weekend, and then home in Michigan (near Ann Arbor) for concerts and workshops and healing sessions. Please contact me if you would like to work individually, and I look forward to seeing many of you at the concerts very soon.

My best to each of you,



I desire to support the expression of Divinity through each person. If you feel drawn to be with me, please do. A listing of events, music from my CDs, and numerous articles on healing are freely offered at my website,


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