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February 2003 Email Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As with all things, there are cycles. In this newsletter is information on the current pulls between power and love evidenced from this weekends tragedy, some thoughts on Hildegard and information on my current book-in-progress, as well as healing concerts, singing and chanting workshops, and private sessions. I'll be in Ann Arbor, Toronto, Cleveland and near Vancouver, BC and Seattle WA in the next few weeks. Event info is at the end of this newsletter, or see ITINERARY from my website,

It is no accident that the space shuttle exploded as it did on the new moon this past Saturday. Consider that the role of the new moon is to present to us the most feminine of energies, the potentiality of the void. Into this void we pour our intentions.

While the mind places intentions in the form of 'positive thoughts' easily enough, the energies of spirit respond most fully to the unworded yearnings of the heart. Those who died represented not only the US but many regions of the world, including Israel. Into the creative grail of the new moon was poured the focuses grief of two nations. From this will flow back a deeper understanding of power and love. Love unifies, and fear has no home in the unified field of love between two people, or two nations.

As I recall, Barbara Ann Brennan wrote that once her guide asked her if she wanted to heal with power or with love. From my experience power will heal more quickly at the outset, but love heals more completely. As Lahiri, one of the spirits who guides me says to me often: "The heart opens through grief and through joy. It is your choice as to which you use."

For me this weekend's event was a reminder of our shared humanity, and of our ability to share compassion. I do not know, nor will my guides tell me, what our future holds. I am told that as we love those closest to us, that love resonates around the world. As we close our hearts, so too the medium of true connection between people closes.

In this spirit I invite those who live nearby to gather for two events. This Thursday evening a free healing concert at the U of M Art Museum includes chants of empowerment and dancing by Christina Sears-Etter to the music of Hildegard. For those who wish to participate in the world sound healing day I open my home for a gathing at 11:30am on Friday, February 14th for an hour of meditation and chant. For those outside of the area, there are groups gathering in Canada and Florida for phone hookups. The focus words, for those who wish to join, are:

Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, Kyrie Eleison

May compassion be drawn through me, Oh God
May compassion flow through me, Oh Christ within
May compassion be drawn through me, Oh Beloved

These are ancient words, some dating from before the time of Christ, invoking from within ourselves the power that we know lies hidden. We each are healers. We each impact our bodies, our worlds. And so we can each heal our worlds, and our bodies.

The above is an excerpt from my new book on Hildegard's poetry. The translations will be mine, with commentary related to current day events. Expect to see it in a year's time....

In the changing of cycles, I am no longer writing a monthly column, and instead will write more for Sedona Journal (where both my own articles as well as channeled material from Atamira and Amano will appear) and continue this monthly email. Along with the book, that is quite enough writing! Most of these articles will also appear on the website.

As for singing, please notice that the workshops in Ann Arbor and Cleveland are different. If you have attended a Heart of Light or sound healing workshop these are complementary, but not the same.

For those interested in Hathor, or curious about channeling, a new article on how I channel and connect to my Hathor guide Atamira, and who she is - (What is a Hathor?)

I wish each of us the very best in this new moon, and offer blessings to each of you who read this,

Norma Gentile (with Atamira and Amano)




----------------SHORT UPCOMING EVENTS LIST-------

(complete info at




Ann Arbor, MI Feb 3-15

Toronto downtown, February 16-18 (416-873-1514)

Vancouver, BC - Feb 28 - March 3

Cleveland, OH March 9-10


-------------CONCERTS AND WORKSHOPS--------------

Ann Arbor Feb 6 concert U-M Art Museum (FREE) 7PM, come early for seating

Includes dancing to Hildegard's music by Christina Sears-Etter, and a showing of slides of Hildegard's paintings beforehand. Come early to see the paintings and check out the museum for seating. Meditation Pillows OK.


Feb 14, in Ann Arbor, MI 11:30am-12:30

World Sound Healing

my home, near Ypsilanti. Please email for directions or call 734-330-3997 to RSVP.


Ann Arbor Feb 23 2:30-5pm workshop on chanting and a channeled sound healing from Atamira - Crazy Wisdom 734 665-2757. $30/$35


Feb 28 or 29, north of Seattle, WA

Tentative date - workshop on connecting with your healing guides and using sound for healing.


Windsor, Ontario March 5 at 7:30pm

In Revelry of the Divine, Women Gathering - Women embracing their power - meditation, healing, chanting


Cleveland March 7 concert

Cleveland March 8 chant workshop &endash; learn to sing Hildegard's chants

both at Ursuline Sophia Center, 440-442-4160



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