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February 2002 email Newsletter

Dear Friends;


There are times that allow us as humans to step out of the reality we have created. In these times, which may be moments or hours, days or even a week, we have the opportunity to remake those choices that we never even saw as choices.

Tonight as I write this there are flashes of blue, green and yellow lightening in the night sky. I am accompanied not by a radio, but by an ongoing symphony of low creaking, the rustle of tree limbs, and explosive booms. This has been going on since noontime, yet I still find my body tensing, waiting to hear where the next tree falls.

All but three of the dozens of trees around my house are now spread like arboreal angels across my snowy earth land. This summer the gardens I began underneath them will be richer for this, But for now I mourn the loss of their green living presence. And I am in awe of the power of nature to cull out all of the weaker branches and trees, to point out to us humans the folly of living a life based on artificial powers such as electricity. In a few hours nature has dismantled the electrical grid for miles around me. As a result the electromagnetic fields created by the movement of electricity through the wires has ceased.

As I sat in meditation this afternoon I felt the openness of the air, or more literally the ether of heaven, which supports the planet. Freed from the constraints of the electrical grids, a beautiful land energy was within my awareness. I simply asked it what it wanted to feel like in my neighborhood. Then I wondered to it, "How do you reflect unconditional love, and support those of us humans who live here?" The answer came in floods of images, ideas, and energy sensations in my body. No voice of heaven, but rather a series of replies that will take me many months to understand and verbalize.

Spirit speaks to us in so many ways. Without the noise of traffic, the distraction of TV or the background hum of a furnace, there is a quality of deep silence that allows me to hear the energy of spirit. Gentle hums, and higher tones, mix and match and dance in my ears. These delicate sounds are easily overwhelmed by the simplest of sounds &endash; even by my own breathing!

Bit by bit we have the opportunity this winter to shift and change and reconnect with more of who we truly are. We are shifting at levels of soul that our conscious mind perceives as immutable. But it isn't. The conscious mind is tied into the part of your soul incarnating now. How could it know or reflect that aspect of your soul waiting in the wings to enter?

Life patterns that we want to shift are always connected to these deeper exchanges of incarnation by parts of our soul. I am finding in my own meditations and in healing sessions that this is the arena to take advantage of now. I do not know what form future energies will take, but I do notice a strong shift in the middle of February, much like a re-grounding of whatever shifts we create spiritually in the next 10 days.

Just as nature's ice storm is providing a needed tree trimming, so that stronger and younger trees may flourish in this next season, I anticipate that new journey's are opening to all of us.

During my time in Toronto last fall I had the privilege of meeting Rick Vassallo, an outstanding energy healer, channeler, (Ammano) and down to earth host and producer of Toronto's metaphysical 'talk' radio show. His background training includes reflexology, meditation, massage and psychotherapy. We are finding that combining our energies (and channeling) is much like completing a circuit. There is a fullness and a grandeur to the combined energy field that allows deep and balanced work. As he is a channel for Ammano, and I for Atamira, it makes sense that they step through us more fully when the other is present.

For this reason we will be offering combined healing sessions in Toronto (Feb 11), Ann Arbor (Feb 13/14) and Cleveland (Feb 17/18). Rick's training and recent channeling includes information on cording between couples, so as a special offer we are opening the sessions up to couples to work together, lying side by side on double massage tables. Couples can address shared issues verbally, while Rick and I work to help the shared cords and auric energies clear and come to balance. In this way the relationship energies that are shared may also support each partner's personal growth.

Combined sessions for couples are 75 mins long, $145, and recorded for you. Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome, as are couples that may be family members (mother and daughter, for example) The price for combined hour-long sessions with both of us for an individual is $135 US, or $185 Canadian. Sessions with either of us singly is also $135 US, for an hour. Please see the itinerary for sign up times and phone numbers in each city.

May you rest easily into the ocean's waves, and allow yourself to be blessed by the shifting tides.

(with help from Atamira)



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