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 February 2001 email Newsletter

Hi everyone,

As you probably know I'm on the west coast at the moment, getting ready for events in Portland this coming weekend. I just arranged some events in North Carolina and Washington DC for April which are included in the itinerary portion of this email. I am still hunting for some other interested churches/bookstores in the region. I

ve also agreed to do another workshop and private sessions in Chicago the end of March. And I'm looking forward to reconnecting with those of you in both of these areas soon.

As for current events, I'm sure we've all noticed the energy situation. While it seems unrelated, my own guides keep pointing out to me that there is a possibility to shift the situation in April, and that it has to do with holding the new president in the "cradle of love". Forces that shape our behaviour are easier to acknowledge if they are loving, non-invasive, and supportive. Creating out of unconditional love allows for the greatest possibility of change. More of this is in the article entitled "Healing Connections" on the site.

Thanks to all of you who sent me feedback on my Caffeine article and their own experiences with America's drug of choice.

As always, if you'd prefer not to receive these emails just let me know!

Take care!


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