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mid-December 2010 email Newsletter
Re-writing our Experience of the Great Shift
(Why are things so intense?)

Dear Friends,

Below is an article about the intense energies surrounding us from now until 2013. Related to it are the free healing concert and phone meditation. A new
Meditation CD / podcast is now out, which you may also find helpful. And if you have not yet done so, have a listen to a very special December sound healing with Tibetan bowls, harp and voice.(scroll down for it)

Most of the wounds that we who are incarnating into the Western culture experience express themselves as distortions in the lower three chakras of the body. The wounds in the our 1st chakra are particularly evident as we move into and through the year of 2012. This chakra has to do with the most basic instinct of survival; fear of not existing tomorrow. These sort of extreme fears come from wounds that our soul has experienced in multiple lifetimes. Many of these energies are not issues that will be resolved in this one lifetime here in the 3rd dimension.

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Tues, Dec 21 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Meditation Concert, one hour long (in complete candlelight)

PHONE MEDITATION Sat, Jan 1st at 1pm EDT (New York City time)
Stepping into 2011 with Courage and Compassion
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In order to help us clarify what of these survival issues are ours to work with and which to release, there are a series of eclipses from now (December 2010 through 2013. Each eclipse brings us to the point of experiencing fear, frustration, disorientation and unexplainable emotions as a way of helping us locate and release patterns of energetic distortion related to survival.

Many people who consider themselves to have followed a spiritual path believe that they have moved beyond the 1st chakra. But they haven't. The primary issue facing those living in industrialized society is based in the 1st chakra. Survival. Will the human race survive or destroy itself in the next five, thirty or hundred years? Will we make the transition into an Aquarian Age, which honors the strength of our shared collective consciousness, or will we perish trying to escape the cycle of change by creating artificial structures that will ultimately collapse upon us?

As long as what is done is best for one person but is not useful for another person, we are climbing upon the shoulders of another human as we try to escape and save ourselves. In this scenario many souls who have been incarnate in human bodies will make the transition into the Aquarian Age without their physical bodies. This has happened in earlier shifts and simply means more work for the soul upon reincarnating back into the physical (or near physical) dimension. One of my guides, Thoth, suggests that humanity will move its consciousness into a new type of physicality in the next thirty to sixty years. Those souls who incarnate will be returning to a physical reality, but it will not be of the same vibration as the one we have been exiting for several hundred years.

Many people have read about or have found their own memories of the last Great Shift about 13,000 years ago. Most accounts tell of a profound upheaval and loss of life upon the Earth near the time of the Great Shift. Electro-magnetic changes within the Earth were accompanied by physical Earth changes, including the physical re-location of the North and South Poles. Within this same emotional memory is the destruction of the continent we know as Atlantis, the lose of life by most of the inhabitants of that continent, and the survivors fleeing to other lands and seeding new civilizations around the world.

Is it no wonder then that as we have entered the energetic pattern of another Great Shift that our consciousness, both as individuals as well as our shared collective consciousness, is remembering the fear and tumult that accompanied the last Great Shift 13,000 years ago? Popular media attention upon the date of December 21, 2012 is bringing the current emotional energies associated with the past Great Shift into focus upon this date. Our human instinct is to grab hold and control the Earth so that she will not upend us as before! Our fear arises that those we love will perish in great chaos, and that all we know will again be gone.

But that was then, and this Great Shift is very different. Although our bodies and our collective consciousness are experiencing the same vibrations of change as 13,000 years ago, this Great Shift is also a shift back into a stronger connection to Spirit. The previous Great Shift was a movement away from the collective voice of Spirit into a time of exploring our Free Will. And during this time we explored our ability to create apart from God / Spirit / All That Is quite successfully.

I would say successfully because we are aware of much of human history in the past 13,000 years, and are able to bring that knowledge forward with us as humans into this present Great Shift. Bringing our knowledge with us as living human beings into the vibration of the new Aquarian Age (into which we are moving simultaneously) allows for our experiences while in this state of individuation to be shared with all conscious beings in all dimensions.

So often people have spoken about receiving information and insight from angels, guides or other Beings of Consciousness whom they perceive as helpers. Now we are able to be of service to all those beings who have surrounded and supported us in the past. Our experience of living apart from Spirit / God / All That Is and having Free Will to chose our own path brings a wealth of new energies and experiences back to the collective consciousness of Creation. It is like God re-examining God and finding something new.

For this reason I believe that many people are experiencing both a remembrance of the fear they experienced during the last Great Shift as well as an anticipation of returning home to a celebration. These two great currents of emotion are moving through our personal lives as well as our human society. And fear is abundantly reawakening within our 1st chakras.

Those who have followed my work may anticipate my suggestion for dealing with the reawakening of fear patterns within your own 1st chakra. Begin by noticing your fear and do not dismiss it. Turn and face it. Ask the fear if it is yours. Is it all yours? Is it in tune with your male or female body? Is it in current time? Is the time period that it believes to be its own time period this present moment? Allow it to move to wherever in the time line it belongs.

A pattern of thoughts or emotions cannot be changed when it is out of sync with its surroundings. A pattern can only change when it is in its own time period and connected to whatever or whomever it is meant to be working with and connected to.

Too often we sense patterns of deep emotion that were part of our soul's other lifetimes, and believe that we can fix, change or heal them by taking them into this life. But we cannot. The energies of the emotions we experience in each lifetime can only be changed within the context of that particular lifetime. We must therefore allow the emotional energies to return to their own time period.

When we address and heal the fear or other emotion that is within our lifetime here and now that same emotion receives a healing within its own time frame. It is similar to a chain of dominos. When you remove one domino from the chain then the movement stops and all the remaining dominos cease to fall down. When you replace that one domino, the motion that was begun at one end of the chain continues. In this same fashion the changes you make within this lifetime naturally affect all the other lifetimes of your soul. You need not consciously heal energies from other lifetimes within this lifetime. You need only heal those issues that your soul is presenting to you now to address.

As we move into and through this present Great Shift we need not re-experience all of the fear and grief from the last Great Shift. We need only address the fear that is naturally arising for us as humans in this time period. What portion of fear is really yours in this lifetime? What portion belongs to your body and your soul? Allow those portions that are not in tune with your body or your soul in this present moment to go to their own time frame or lifetime. In order for them to evolve, grow and healing they must be in place to receive the changes that are coming their way. Heal what is yours to heal now. That is enough.

My blessings to all,

-Norma Gentile

This essay comes from a live channeled phone meditation (Manifesting in the Aquarian Age) which is now available as a free podcast or at-cost CD. See the "Meditation CDs" page on Norma's website or below for more information.


Meditation CD #26 from October 10, 2010

Manifestation in the Aquarian Age

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 A Series of Meditations from Norma and her guides

1. Introduction to the Chakras in the New Aquarian Age
2. Two ways of Creating
3. Creating Sacred Space
4. Healing in the Aquarian Age
5. Meditation on the New Heart
6. Creating in the 5th dimension / Empowering the throat chakra
7. Pituitary and Pineal Meditation
to reflect how your soul embraces your body
8. Navel Chakra and Power Meditation
9. Our Two 3rd Chakras
10. The 2nd Chakra
11 Ancient Fears Arise in our 1st Chakra
12 Releasing Sacred Space, Guides and Helpers

We will cleanse, clear and recharge each of the chakras, including two newly emerging chakras, your panic tube and your navel chakra. It is your navel chakra that supplies the basic prana for all of the other chakras in your body. Your chakras empower your physical body. Completing this meditation allows you to have the energetic potential to engage with those energies coming into our planet in the next few years.

This is the energetic right brain portion to a series of written essays (fall 2010 &endash; winter 2011 newsletters, available at the website). Part of what the essays review is how, at this point in time, we are being called not to blame or point fingers externally, but to step forward using the upper heart chakra to know what it is that we need to do, to have the power to do it with the navel, and then to do it in commune with others using our collective connections in our 5th chakras. The guides wanted to create a meditation that places into the energy field of those interested the potential to do this. It is not just the mental theory of the written essays, but rather the energetic that now lies within you


ANN ARBOR - -- -- - Tues, Dec 21 at 7:30pm- - - -HEALING MEDITATION CONCERT
FREE TO ALL by donation
(The Day of a Full Lunar Eclipse on the Winter's Solstice) - -- - - - - -- - -Flyer Here

On this day there will be a Full Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse, and the Winter's Solstice leading us into the final stages of preparation for 2012. This is an eclipse you will feel. It is the first of a series of eclipses that open somewhat challenging doorways of deep emotions. These are opportunities for our personality to remember that it is the result of our Soul embracing our physical body, not the reverse! The more comfortable we are during these eclipses the more we are apt to be able to open the doorways leading to previously untapped resources of our own emotional energies.

This eclipse, falling iupon the energies of the Winter's Solstice, offers us the potential to open important doorways for us to move through in 2011. Doorways that we allow ourselves to open consciously on this day's solstice and eclipse give us access to new possibilities, new ways of seeing ourself and new ways of experiencing changes in our life during the transition into 2012.

Come, join me in an hour or so of quiet musical meditations reflecting this season, this year, and this doorway in our shared journey. Bring blankets, cushions etc if you like. Refreshments are apt to follow our musical meditation time.

Tuesday, December 21 at 7:30pm

Candlelight Meditation Concert
(on the Winter's Solstice Eve and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse)

This is a time of Sacredness,
devoted to deep inner healing,
nourishment and transformation.

Norma's classically trained voice and her natural ability to intuitively weave music and spirit together come alive in the candlelight as she sings. This evening includes thousand-year-old healing chants written by the mystic, seer and author Hildegard von Bingen as well as songs drawn through Norma from Spirit and her musical guides.

One hour of chant in candlelight followed by a reception

- audience- derived harmonic tones and chanting
- a choir of Tibetan singing bowls
- schruti box (a devotional instrument of India)

Concert Excerpts -

Replenish with Tibetan Bowl Choir
O Beata solo voice
Wafting Breeze with an Indian Schurti Box

donations welcome as cash or checks at door

Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth
704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor 48108
(Easy, free parking in the lot all around the building)

a song from this concert:
O Felix Anima

O soul, so fulfilled,
that your flesh,
which arose from the Earth,
stepped from this world
as a culmination of your journeys.

Hence divine knowing
was reflected in you,
as a crown.

And Sacred Spirit
gazed upon you as its home.

- (by Hildegard of Bingen, composed around 1140 AD)


Norma Gentile, sound shaman, holds bachelor and master degrees in music. She has recorded four albums of healing music, twenty-six albums of meditations and esoteric teachings on spiritual healing, writes for Sedona Journal, and provides monthly articles and sound healings for Drunvalo Melchizedek's online ezine She has been profiled by the Toronto Star Newspaper, Canada's nationally aired Radio One  program "Tapestry"  and NPR's All Things Considered (through Michigan Public Radio).  Listen and see her local events at her own website:

Restore your Spirit to perfect harmony with Divine Grace…It is beautiful.
~ Sonia Choquette

"Intimacy, Trust and abandonment in God"
&endash;Yoga Journal

She carries us to depths and heights that the soul yearns to explore and where Spirit and soul soar in unison. Hildegard is proud! ~ Matthew Fox


Saturday, January 1 at 1pm EDT (New York City time)
Now with International Phone Numbers!

FREE PHONE MEDITATION - - - - From 1/1/11 Forward

How will our Village Learn?

Lessons of Courage and Compassion

How would a village learn to read if the teachers amongst them hid their knowledge?
How do we awaken the Gifts within others? By having the courage to share our own Gifts.

Join me for an hour of shared meditation and insights from my guides, usually Archangel Michael, Mary and sometimes Thoth and the Ascended Masters. All are welcome to participate. There is no charge. If you are able to make a donation that helps me to offer this meditation and its edited version as a podcast freely to everyone.

(Recordings of previous meditations are available as
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- No mobile phones may be used when calling from Austria, Ireland, Italy or Spain. 

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Check: payable to Norma Gentile
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

from a live concert with Harp, Tibetan Bowls and Voice

Beginning in early November and running until nearly the end of January, our planet will be passing through a very dense area of space. It is a field of energetic debris caused by emotions, but these aren't our emotions. But the energies we will be encountering will open up and resonate our own emotions.

During this time we will have a much greater ability to clarify our own emotions. We will also have much greater access to those portions of ourselves that exist outside of our known third dimensional world. Music is one way to open a conscious portal between ourselves and these other aspects of our soul.
Here is an article that explores more deeply how music healing works, along with a sound healing from a recent meditation concert.

A Note on Phone Meditations and CDs of Meditations and Teachings:

As of today, I have 26 Meditations and Teachings recordings available. They cover all on different subjects, some are direct channelings from my guides, most often Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira, Thoth, Shesat or a group of Ascended Masters. Most of them invoke Sacred Space and then focus on an issue and provide time for your guides and angels to work with you energetically.

Many are drawn from the live Phone Meditations that I offer each month. About half contain healing songs or chants. All are offered freely as podcasts (you can subscribe directly on iTunes > Podcasts > Norma Gentile) or at cost CDs. At this time donations provide the funding for the free monthly (or so) Phone Meditations, the recording and editing process, posting them online and paying the monthly fee to maintain them online for free download. As of today, more than 40,000 downloads of these meditations has occurred. And chances are you have participated. Thank you! I know it is your energy that shapes each meditation and newsletter, and helps pull the information and insights that I share through me from Spirit.

I look forward to many more meditations, and many more downloads! And yes, please share these newsletters, podcasts and phone meditations with your friends, your email circle and others.

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Nov 6 Candlelight Meditation Concert
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Sunday, Nov 21 Evensong Candlelight Meditation Concert

ANN ARBOR Michigan
Tues, Dec 21 Candlelight Meditation Concert (Full Moon with a lunar eclipse on the Winter's Solstice Eve)

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March 18 Candlelight Meditation Concert (The Old Church)
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Private Healing Sessions
(offered in person or by phone)

I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
Read more about private healing sessions here

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