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Winter Solstice 2002 email Newsletter
Sacred Union

Dear Friends,

As we enter into the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, we also enter into a new creative energy. As much as the popular attention is focused on this being the longest night, tomorrow is actually the beginning of the lengthening of days, and so the celebration of the return of the light.

Many people have been observing a deeper cleansing than usual since the fall equinox. This year on the winter solstice, and for several years to come, we are exploring what the Divine Union of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine create.

This union of masculine (the mental, the mind under spiritual direction) and Feminine energies (the heart, tuned to spirit) gives birth. As both elements are of a sacred nature, that which is born is also sacred. As either element is of a worldly nature, that which is created is of a worldly nature.

The result, or child, of the union of our masculine and feminine natures is our physicality. It is our body, our physical living space, our work, and our world. How we create with our mind and heart is reflected in how we create with Father God and Mother Earth.

As we give our thoughts or attention in any direction our divine or worldly masculine is acting to pattern our feminine energies. This truth is particularly potent in these days surrounding the winter solstice. Here it is that we set the grid, the Sacred Masculine, from which we will create in this coming year.

I invite us all to explore how we might consciously move more deeply with spirit into what is in our own sacred hearts and divine minds. Allow the Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine to bring forth the new light, within and without.

My blessings to all,
Norma Gentile (with Atamira and Amano)

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(Phone sessions are available when I am not traveling)

Florida (Tampa, Bradenton areas) Dec 28-30
Ann Arbor area January 4-10, 16-20, (Many Hands Healing Jan 18)
Chicago/Evanston area Jan 13-14
Portland, OR Jan 27-28
Cleveland, OH March 9-10
734-330-3997 or to schedule an appt. in the US

Toronto downtown, February 16-18
(416-873-1514 or to schedule a session time)


Evanston, IL Sunday Jan 12
Unitarian Church 847-864-1330

Portland, OR Jan 24 concert - The Old Church
Portland, OR Jan 26 workshop Opening to Life Center
503-257-7623 / advance discounted tixs at New Renaissance Bookstore

Ann Arbor Feb 6 concert U-M Art Museum (FREE)
Ann Arbor Feb 23 workshop Crazy Wisdom 734 665-2757

Cleveland March 7 concert
Cleveland March 8 chant workshop &endash; sing Hildegard
both at Ursuline Sophia Center, 440-442-4160

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