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December 2004 Email Newsletter
The Healing Balm


Violence is the masculine, outward movement of energy
Self-sabotage is the inner, feminine movement of the same energy
Depression is the non-resolution of this energy
Resolution lies not in stopping this energy, but in transmuting it by meeting it with a quality of compassion, the Healing Balm.

Balm is an ancient term for that which sooths, that which gives comfort to physical, mental or emotional distress. It also signifies that which transforms. Do you recall the words of this spiritual?

There is a balm in Gilead
To make the wounded whole
There is a balm in Gilead
To heal the sin-sick soul.

The reference isn't to an herb or flower tincture, but rather to the presence of the healing power hidden within ourselves. For some that is the Christ, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I hear this as the feminine voice of compassion.

Hidden within each of us is the ability to express compassion. And in the moment of expressing deep compassion, we allow the consciousness of the Christ, the consciousness of unity, carried by Jesus, to enter the world. The balm enters through each one in each moment of compassion.

I have been noticing that my own conscious connection to spirit is stronger when I've been around people who desire to see their lives clearly. The energy simply vibrates within me, radiating out effortlessly. I become a conduit for spirit. Anywhere I am, spirit is.

The other day I heard Marianne Williamson speak. She is one of my favorite speakers, as she uses no notes, but speaks letting the focus come from those gathered. Her comments included the observation that "miracles arise from connection'. In energy terms, miracles happen because we are all connected. We don't' necessarily see or understand how All That Is (the consciousness of God) works. With our senses, we are just beginning to notice the fabric of connection we share with each other and with Creation.

When a miracle occurs, it is the result of movement through these shared lines of connection. A miracle is that which is unforeseen by human eyes, but known by the heart. When a miracle arrives, it is the heart that welcomes it. When you invite a miracle to tea, you invite it in through your heart.

At this date, early December of 2004, we are in limbo. It is as if we are at the height of a jump on a trampoline, suspended in mid-air. I feel the energies of the world's violence, and yet don't seem to be able to grasp them. By mid-December we will land again into the Earth, and how we land is being determined now.

Violence is all around. Sabotage is within. Resolving to never get angry again or to never do something unhealthy to yourself does not work. As humans, we actually need the root energy that turns into violence and sabotage when it is not expressed clearly.

That energy is Passion.

When our expression of Passion is disallowed by our beliefs, it turns into violence towards others and towards ourselves. Passion is a sacred creative gift that allows us to feel the spirit of God moving through us. We become the vessels through which spirit connects us, one to another. We become the hands that shape miracles.

Passion is not governed by the brain, but by the heart. By tracing the meaning of words I have come to understand how I myself take on cultural assumptions and beliefs. The root meaning of the word 'passion' is suffering. Wanting something so badly and not being able to have it is to experience passion. So there is an assumption, at least in my culture, that you can't get what you most deeply desire, and that passion is painful. The lesson then is to avoid passion.

But in the moment we avoid passion, we turn away from the very core energy of compassion. Again, look at the word - com (with or together) and passion. The only way to express compassion is to have already within us the doorway to passion fully opened. Both flow through our hearts. Personal passion opens the door, compassion fills it.

My guides have said that "money is the movement of spirit". Not that money is spirit, but that it reflects the motion of spirit. In the context of an interactive web of connectivity between humans, money is the result of what flows on that web.



Metaphorically, spirit could be electricity, flowing through a wire. When electricity moves, it creates an electro-magnetic field around the area it is moving in. That field, created by the motion of electricity, could be money. As electricity flows in a certain way, the resulting electro-magnetic field expands and contracts. So too the field of money we each live within can expand and contract, as spiriualt flows change within our lives.

Now I don't mean to insinuate that if someone doesn't have money that there isn't a flow of spirit. Many souls choose to divert the flow of spirit from creating money to creating other types of abundance in their lives.

When I am singing, my body and my heart open into a level of my own passion that is far deeper than with any other activity. I love providing healing space and writing and channeling. Anyone who has come to my home can certainly attest to my love of colors and painting. But it is singing that opens the doorway wide enough for the flow of spirit to move out to all these other parts of my life.

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon that links my opening into my own passion, singing, with making money. When I focus on writing or painting, as much as I love and enjoy them, my client load and income slowly dwindle. As soon as I notice this is happening, I make a point to sing a bit, and within 30 minutes the phone is ringing.

The pattern to me is clear; I love doing many things, but it is what I am passionate about that provides the depth and speed of energy flow for the rest to follow. When I allow my passion to flow, spirit flows within me. When spirit flows, money is generated. Passion is to spirit as electrons are to electricity. Passion is a building block of spirit.



During World War II, white women in the US entered the workforce. They adopted the false masculine that they encountered in the workplace. The false masculine mode of business is crumbling, and slowly people are releasing the mimicry of false ideals for their internal knowing. Clients are frequently coming to me as they are changing jobs, having found a new company or position that invites them to bring their intuition and passion to work.

Growing up during the 60's and 70's, I was taught, by example, that a day wasn't worth living if something wasn't accomplished. Accomplishments were measured by visibility and value to the parent or teacher who was doing the measuring. Creative acts of Passion didn't count! And I strongly suspect that I am not the only one who is unlearning this lesson.

Passion moves from heart to heart. It travels along the lines of connection we share. The balm of the world lies in each person turning-on their conscious connection to spirit by opening to their Passion. What are you here to do? If you aren't doing it, who is?

I welcome each person to offer themselves for just one hour or one afternoon to spirit. In just that time, allow yourself to follow your absolute desire and passion. What one thing do you most want to do? Whatever your mind tells you is not possible, or a waste of time, is most likely where your passion lies.

Don't let your brain tell your heart what to feel. Passion must be activated in order for Compassion (literally 'with passion') to flow. Compassion lies in the heart. The balm of the world lies in each heart. It is already present. Open the door. Welcome your true Passion.

May the true healing balm of the season be found easily within your heart.
-Norma Gentile


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