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December 2003 Email Newsletter
New Bodies / New Earth


During the time of the June 2003 solstice our bodies began a process of disconnection from Mother Earth. This was a natural part of our evolution and growth. As we released our grounding from the Earth, we were forced to find that there was another, and greater, source of energetic connection available to us.

In this way we found how to let the energies of Nature support us. Nature is the divine matrix from which all form, including the Earth, was created. The Earth herself chose to release us as infants, suckling from her breasts, and welcome us now as the growing spiritual beings that we each are.

The winter solstice marks the beginning of this new cycle of maturity, as we connect with the New Earth. This is both a connection into the new physical Earth, sharing the journey that the Earth is now taking, as well as one of new collective consciousness.

The connection our bodies have into Earth reflects the growth and change similar to that between a mother and infant to that of an older toddler. My guides say some of us are actually up to Kindergarten age! We are now capable of nourishing ourselves and learning for ourselves directly from Nature. The Earth is supportive, but more as a companion to our shared journey.

As a result a number of things are changing; primarily our bodies.

(This next section may lose a few of you, so just keep reading, and know that whatever you need to know you will understand)

Multiple Realities Exist Now!

Yes, it's a Star Trek moment here. What I've found the past month, and it is accelerating as we approach the solstice, is that people are straddling realities. By using the physical body and the part of the soul incarnating in present time, I can hold the single reality your physical body is in within my awareness. The other possibilities, probabilities, things that might have been or even that might be need to have all their energies in their own time frame, their own reality. In this way we each focus on what we can do here and now, and that which we can't heal will be healed in the other realities.

It's like we have the ability to pick up the dominos of our life. But when we forget to put them back, the string of reaction breaks. So pushing over the fist domino means only some of the chain falls down.

When we do let go of what simply won't be, or even future ideas of what should be, we put all the dominos back in place. Any motion or movement we then make from the here and now automatically goes out to all the other realities, past or future.

In order to connect into the New Earth, we need to understand that our bodies are now, already, multi-dimensional portals. The core of each of our chakras opens into multiple worlds, multiple realities. But the physical body can only live in one reality if it is tethered into the physical 3D world. And with the exception of a very, very few beings we each are all still tethered to some extent. If you need to breath to live, you are tethered to a physical body. If you need to eat or drink to live you are tethered to the physical body.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being tethered into the physical body. This is the primary form of healing right now. Without the body you would have no impact whatsoever into the world. You are the ones through whom spirit is capable of acting. You are God's arms. You are literally the body and blood of Jesus. Your consciousness is as His was. Hence, each now stands as the begotten Son/Daughter of God.

No two persons shall be alike. No two Begotten Children shall have the same reality. Each physical, mental, and emotional body has its unique frequency. The sum of all consciousness is the New Earth. Each human being's complete package of body, soul and spirit is part of the New Earth. Gaia, the soul who clothed herself as Earth, is an equal partner to each. She is within the New Earth also. Gaia can only step into her New Earth as we each step into ours.

Sacred sexual energies are the connecting link between our new earth bodies, the collective New Earth, and the spiritual core of Creation. When we allow ourselves to access our hearts, our bodies and our spirituality simultaneously, we are allowed to open and experience the divine portal between Earth and Heaven.

As above, so below.

The reality we each choose is reflected in the heavens, the energy which surrounds and swirls with the universal life force. As we choose, we create both heaven and earth.

As a part of this shift, I have found it most helpful to let our bodies ground into water (reflecting the energy of Nature) rather than Earth. I am also finding that re-tuning 8th chakra (above and below the head and feet) to Nature rather than Earth energies, releases dependence on food for sole nourishment. (see Breatharian Solstice Gathering below for more info on this process, or article Nourishing ourselves from Nature on website).

Aligning the major chakras in the pranic tube, and re-seting the core of each chakra to this new Nature energy lets New Earth/New Body emerge. This changes eating patterns, and drops most chronic illnesses down in intensity. I find I can do this with most people within a few private sessions. I will teach how to do this in the Practitioner's Intensives in Ann Arbor, Portland, and Toronto.

If you live within a few hours of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan area, please consider joining me for a SOLSTICE GATHERING with the BREATHARIAN Elitom Ben Yisrael. Elitom is the Breatharian that I have been working with over the past month. Together we will offer meditations and energy work to all present.

Sunday, December 21 from 2-5:30pm in Ypsilanti, MI
Gathering on the Solstice in my Home
with special guest Elitom Ben Yisrael (

Elitom is a Breatharian. He drinks 2 cups of juice a week, and no other water or food. He is also (I believe) a walk-in. People report (and I experienced it also) that just being in his presence rearranges their light body so that they begin to experience breathing energies in as food.

As I have worked with him over the past month I have seen my own shifts. I want to offer this to others, in an intimate gathering, and utilizing the power of the solstice. Elitom's intention is that by teaching you, you will be able to teach and empower others.

Experiential guided meditations with both of us, to help your bodies begin to shift from solid energies (food and water) to more subtle energies for nourishment. There are many ways to make this shift. Elitom will be sharing his personal experience of the transition to Breatharianism. Norma will share her insights on utilizing new balances of the chakras for feeding the physical and subtle bodies.

For those coming, please wear comfortable loose clothing and bring a meditation cushion, water, and whatever else to make yourself comfortable. Snacks of live and raw cookies and foods will be provided. Suggested Donation $30-$55, you decide. 734-330-3997 or Please specify number planning on attending.

Since beginning to work with live foods and the Breatharian meditations (which we will be sharing) I have lost enough weight that I am giving away my large size clothing. Dawn Farm is in particular need of clothing, especially larger sizes, kitchen and bathroom linens, bed linens (single only) and vacuum cleaners that anyone else might have also. Bring whatever you wish to donate with you, and we'll take it to them. or call (734)485-8725.


Many blessings to each of you,

-Norma Gentile for complete Itinerary


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Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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